The Dark Curse / Spellcaster Academy Episode 2 // Book Review


Thank you to Jenetta Penner for the review copy in exchange for an honest review 

 Book: The Dark Curse (Spellcaster Academy Episode 2) by Jenetta Penner
Release Date: August 30th 2019
Tags:  Young Adult / Magic School / Fantasy / Curses / Romance
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Just when Josy though things were getting better at the Academy… there had to be a curse.

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The Dark Curse is the second installment to the Spellcaster Academy Episode style series, in a way a series of novella’s. Where I found Magical Realism a decent introduction to the series I think The Dark Curse was a step up.

The Dark Curse dives more into the life on campus and the relationships that Josy is creating. Especially her relationship with Aspen is progressing along quite a lot. Who by the way is quite a cutie pie. I like how their romance is progressing and I hope that twist at the end won’t go the usual way as it does in most young adults. Miscommunication is the worst.

But most of all I enjoyed this installment for getting more answers surrounding Josy’s Morelli background. While there wasn’t a whole lot of action in the magic department, there was still a lot going on in terms of setting up the background of this world. I’m glad that there was a nuance given to the Morelli as a whole and they aren’t just the bad of the bad.

Josy’s magic is also not progressing at all. While she managed to lash out in the first installment, she still can’t access her magic very well and really needs the education the academy offers her.

I am curious to see where this series will be going.

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