Short Stacks #2 // Dutch Edition // From Fairytales to a…Violent Child?

On occasion I pick up some short stories and novella’s by Dutch authors. Some of these you will know as they are known internationally and others are only known here. I also read a bunch of these as I receive them free during book weeks when I purchase a book. However I don’t often like those so I won’t be sharing them.

short stacks infoPages counts are calculated based on aprox. 250 words a page. Especially that last one cut off at 180 pages is iffy at best. Some novella’s are over 200 pages. But this is just meant as a guideline. 

short stacks 2.png

Title: Kort en Gelukkig by Marijke F. Jansen
Release Date: 2017
Type:  Novella

A very quick with fairytale reincarnations. It is an easy read and very funny at moments. But it’s shortness is also the downfall to this story. I missed depth and because there was no room, the second storyline did not get enough attention.

Title: Het Juiste Spoor by Marieke Nijkamp and Corinne Duyvis
Release Date: 2018
Type: Novellettas

An interesting combination of two novella’s by Marieke Nijkamp and Corinne Duyvis.
I would rate Marieke Nijkamp’s story 3 stars. I’m not a fan of changing pov in the middle of a chapter like that and with a novella it feels even worse. It also tries to be a mystery but I found what happened was pretty clear from the start. However the topics that are adressed, sexual assualt, rape within a relationship, the harm that causes and the responses society gives are very important.

Corinne Duyvis story I would rate 5 stars. It is in the same world as On the Edge of Gone and our main character has all kinds of physical dissabilities like an open back and scolioses to name only a few. It was interesting to see how the new situation on Earth impacted her and how the group of survivors regarded those with dissabilities. As weak. Not worth it. They wouldn’t survive. It was heart breaking to read but I love how our main character responds to it. She kicks so much ass.

Title: Terra Nova by Ursula Visser
Release Date: 2017
Type: Flash Fiction

A very surprising sci-fi story that is set far into our future. An android is on a secret mission to Earth (who had become uninhabitable) with a special kind of load. I found it very intrigueing and something I would love to read a more in depth story of.

Title: De Zilveren Poort by Cliff Riemens
Release Date: 2016
Type: Novella

A very interesting start to what was meant as a series of novella’s set in this world. However there doesn’t seem to be a next one out? Which is a shame because it does have potential and the ending did made me want to read on. I liked our mc well enough who had to change from thief to soldier all of a sudden.

Title: Incendio by Tess Gerritsen
Release Date: 2014
Type: Novella

Of course most will know Tess Gerritsen for her Rizoli & Isles series (that was also adapted into a tv show). But in 2014 she wrote this novella especially as a book week present for the week of the thrilling book. I haven’t often liked these kinds but this was such a gem that surprised me.

Incendio drew me in from the start. The conflict the mother had about her child grabbed me. It made me think. I wanted to shout at her partner and the doctor for so easily discarding the violence. It made me feel for the main character and made you side with her. As the story continued though, even I felt nibbles of doubt about the main character. The ending initially felt like a bit of a cop out until I got to the last chapter. It sealed the deal.



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