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I Represented House Stark // #IronTomeAThon Wrap Up

For the month July I participated in the Iron Tome a Thon (adult fantasy) as hosted by Aimal from Bookshelves & Paperbacks. It was a lot of fun!

I think all in all I did pretty well. I managed to finish 2 books I had already started, read 6 books completely, dnfed one book halfway through and am still making my way through another one. So not too shabby. I did change a few things around in my tbr which had to do with me getting an e-arc of Jade War. I was meaning to make time for that one too but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Prompts Prompts Explanation Book Pages Points
Castle Black Read the Group Book The Poppy War 544 544
Winterfell Read a Book Set in (Partially or Fully) Cold Environment Fool’s Fate 804 804
King’s Landing Read a Book About or Involving Royalty, Politics or Government Priory of the Orange Tree 804 804
Sunspear Read a Book Inspired by a Non-Western Setting, or Read a Book by an Author of Color or an Indigenous Author Jade City 495 495
Oldtown Read a Book About or Involving an Institution of Knowledge or Training Grey Sister 390 390
Valyria Read a Book About or Involving Dragons The Rage of Dragons (DNF) DNFed at P246 of 579 245
Asshai Read a Dark/Grimdark Fantasy or Read an Urban Fantasy The Awakening 350 350


No Prompt Book Pages Points
Gods of Jade and Shadow 210 of 340 210
Bitter Twins 376 of 612 376
Sword of Kaigen (Currently Reading) 234 of 649 233




Did you participate in the iron tome a thon? How did you do?

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5 thoughts on “I Represented House Stark // #IronTomeAThon Wrap Up

  1. Ik heb net meegedaan maar ik heb wel een goede start gemaakt voor de NEWTS van Bookroast. Dit tempo ga ik waarschijnlijk niet volhouden maar ik ben wel benieuwd waar ik uiteindelijk ga terechtkomen. Momenteel ben ik aan Charms bezig (gewoon een Acceptable – The Creatures Vault) en aan een Acceptable voor History of Magic (Wild Country!)

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    1. Mijn start voor NEWTS is heel langzaam maar het afgelopen weekend was dan ook heel druk en ik ben nog een beetje aan het bijkomen. Ik heb E van Charms en E van nog iets (geheugen he) gedaan. Ik doe het niet helemaal op volgorde haha. 😉

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