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Dancing out of July 2019

July was so hot with a week with 40 degrees celcius. I was sure I was going to melt. But there were also more car troubles, lesigh. But at least as this posts I will be at Deventer Book Market~

Reading Challenge

The Numbers

# Read 60 Books
Read this month: 15
Total: 91/60

Blue means read for #Irontomeathon

  1. Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia / 4 stars // ARC
  2. Jade City (The Green Bone Saga 1) by Fonda Lee / 5 stars // ARC
  3. The Cage by A.M. Dellamonica / 4 stars // Novellette
  4. The Awakening (The Graveyard Queen 6) by Amanda Stevens / 3 stars
  5. The Bitter Twins (The Winnowing Flame 2) by Jen Williams / 5 stars
  6. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon / 3,5 stars
  7. Spellcaster Academy: Magical Realism Episode 1 by Jennetta Penner / 3 stars // ARC // Novella
  8. The Poppy War (The Poppy War 1) by R.F. Kuang / 4 stars
  9. Warp Gate Concerto by Dorian Graves / 4 stars // ARC // Novella
  10. Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu / 4 stars  // ARC // Graphic Novel
  11. Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestors 2) by Mark Lawrence / 4 stars
    X The Rage of Dragons (The Burning 1) by Evan Winters / DNF // ARC
  12. The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti (Hidden Sea Tales 0.2) by A.M. Dellamonica / 3,5 stars // Novellette
  13. Twice Magic (Wizards of Once) by Cressida Cowell / 4 stars
  14. Fool’s Fate (Tawny Man 3) by Robin Hobb / 5 stars
  15. Kingdom of Souls: The Last Witchdoctor by Rena Barron / 4 stars // ARC

Average: 4 stars

Reading Challenge(74)

I was thinking that the last few months of the year (starting around October I think) I am not going to put my updates for this here so it will be a surprise in the reading challenge wrap up if I succeeded my own reading challenge or not. Also I desperately need to go by everyone who signed up to see if they posted some updates. I’ll try and carve out an evening for that soon.

Fire Breathing Dragon: 16/20
Prompts Completed This Month: ghosts / grimdark

Complete Alien: 8/20
Prompts Completed This Month: alien

Generic Robot: 10/12
Prompts Completed This Month: Over 800 pages / Disability

Total: 34/52

Read more about my own reading challenge here.

Reading Challenge(76)

Level: Mt. Vancouver (36 books)
Read this Month: 5
Total: 37/36

So as you can see I completed this reading challenge. Woohoo. I am moving the level to Mt. Ararat for 48 books which I think I can reach by the end of the year for sure.

Rules: Books Owned Prior to 2019 / No Library Books / Rereads can count (but not in the last 5 years read)

Reading Challenge(2)

⌘ Well July seemed to start okay with driving around in my new car. Too bad the speed meter malfuctioned and after I got it fixed a small pebble made a tiny crack in my front window. To say I went kind of down for the meltdown would be an understatement. I was not expecting MORE car troubles and I really need you all the cross your fingers I don’t have any more this year because the amount of money spend on cars is INSANE.

⌘ I also ended up getting my meds upped. I had weird days where it felt I didn’t take my meds when I did. And I have been restless, more easily panicked. So i upped them. Of course we had to had the heat wave then. Lesigh.

⌘ Merijn went to my parents for a week at the end of July, where we headed into August. He had loads of fun. I had a lot of good rest.

⌘ The saddest thing of July however was that we lost Grace from the book blog Rebel Mommy. She was well known in the book blogging community and she lost her battle with cancer. My heart goes out to her family.

Reading Challenge(3)

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Wrap Ups and Other Memes
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David Mogo, Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okunbowa // Arc
Jade City (Green Bone Saga 1) by Fonda Lee
Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia // Arc
The Bitter Twins (Winnowing Flame 2) by Jen Williams
Little Witches by Leigh Dragoon // Arc
Warp Gate Concerto by Dorian Graves // Arc

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Go Prepared to Deventer Book Market
Book Haul #45 – Hello Ebooks

Reading Challenge(4)

what i watched july 2019

Womens World Cup Football
Go The Netherlands. We came in 2nd~

Extant / Season 1 / Ep 4-13 / Finished
This was a super interesting sci-fi show. It slightly dragged in the middle but there is so much to love here.

The Crossing / Season 1 / Ep 1-5
A sci-fi show I discovered amongst the kpn on demand tv shows. It has a really interesting concept of time travelers coming to our time to live their lives as their time is ruined.

Love, Simon / Movie
I finally got to watch this and I really liked. I had the same feels as with the book. However I don’t like what they did with Leah AND how Simon hurt his friends. He didn’t do the things like that in the book and had more respect for them.

Peter Rabbit / Movie
I watched this with Merijn. It was still a bit too much for him but it made me laugh.

Spiderman: Far From home / Movie
When Merijn was at my parents we went to the movies. We both really liked this one.This Peter Parker is just too adorable. I liked that it was so much about him trying to find his way being spiderman and being iron man’s successor.

Into the Spiderverse / Movie
It was very different, like a comic. Yet I appreciate all the variations from the original spider man. Miles is so much love ❤

Reading Challenge(6)


⌘ Louise from Foxes and Fairytales shared 50+ LGBTQ+ Retellings. She also shares some of her 5 star reads that has under 250 goodreads ratings.
⌘ CW from The Quiet Pond tried out some dishes from the ya anthology Hungry Hearts. And Varian is sharing YA SFF books with FF romances.
⌘ Aentee from Read at Midnight shared her review of Jade War AND free phone wallpapers.


Reading Challenge(7)

⌘ I am participating in the Newts readathon. I hope that I will be able to get to my 10 books but to be honest I won’t have as much time. Only by luck.

⌘ I am going to try and visit a few of the blogs that signed up for my reading challenge during an evening and see if they posted some updates. If I am tagged I go look anyway, but it’s been hard going by everyone if they don’t tag me.

⌘ At the end of the month Merijn will be turning 3. Can you believe it?

Reading Challenge(8)

This monthly wrap up will be linked up with the monthly one by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. This so we can blog hop to each others wrap ups easier.

22 thoughts on “Dancing out of July 2019

  1. Boo on the car troubles. Hopefully that will be all the troubles. 🚗

    I still need to do my challenges updates! I will let you know when it goes up. 👍✨

    I have to look at the wandmaker N.E.W.T.s requirements. I don’t know if I can do them this year, but we shall see. ⚡

    I also cannot believe Merijn will be three. 😯

    Here’s to a better and cooler August, but I know you have already had a better start. 💜✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved Gods of Jade and Shadow! It was so unique! It wasn’t something I wanted to speed through either. I wanted to savor every word. I’m happy to see you enjoyed it as well! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was amazing. I watched it with my son and cried so hard at the beginning!!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope your car troubles get better! You’ve read some good books this month! Fool’s Fate is AMAZING!! Love the Tawny Man Trilogy ❤️ Jade City, the Book of the Ancestors series, and Mooncakes are on my TBR. Best of wishes with the Newts readathon!


  4. I really enjoyed The Poppy War as well! And I’m seeing The Priory of the Orange Tree on a lot of July wrap-ups. Still so curious about that one. Good luck with all your readathons!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Huh, het gaat echt zo bizar snel. Drie jaar al en dat terwijl je zwangerschap en zijn geboorte nog zo vers in mijn geheugen zitten. Zo stom ook van die nieuwe auto. Dan kijk je er enorm naar uit om van al die problemen en extra kosten verlost te zijn hapert de nieuwe plots ook. Hopelijk blijft het hierbij jullie hebben het maximum aan car troubles al wel bereikt dit jaar.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Fingers crossed you don’t have anymore car troubles. I’ve had a ton of car trouble this year so I understand the feeling. I’ve also been slacking on keeping up with the reading challenges I host. I’m looking to host again in 2020 but I definitely want to make it better for me and others to participate. I can’t believe Merijn will be 3! Time passes by so quickly.

    I hope August is better for you and that you succeed in the NEWTs readathon!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far so good this August! I think next year I am going to have a goodreads group for at least one of them. It is easier to interact with the people that want to interact I think .


  7. Merijn is going to be 3 already? I remember when I first found your blog that he wasn’t walking yet! I do hope you have no more car troubles! I’m also wishing you a fun trip to see your parents this month. Excellent reading month, despite all the heat and car issues.

    Liked by 1 person

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