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Books on My Summer TBR 2019 / #toptentuesday 194

We are coming at the midway point of the year and that means Summer is upon us! Like every quarter Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks us what our TBR for the season will be. What books do we really want to read in the next 3 months?

I’m not home when this posts. I will try and link up through my phone but I won’t be able to jump on by. I’ll be doing that later this week ❤

Reading Challenge(65)

Looking back, I had a reasonable ambitious tbr for spring. There were 12 books on there. Ten first reads and two rereads. I read the two rereads and then read another four. That leaves six.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Books I read of My Spring TBR: A Thousand Beginnings and Endings / Good Omens / The Copper Cat Trilogy / The Final Days of Magic

Reading Challenge(65)

As for this Summer, that will be a whole different ball game. Merijn will have far less grandpa days, no pre-school and as he will be turning 3 he will also likely be napping even less. This all means a whole lot less reading time for mom. I was only going to pick 5 books for this tbr but meh why not just go for 10 anyway.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge
This was a gift from my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary and seems like a great book to set my teeth in during Summer.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel The Awakening (Graveyard Queen 6) by Amanda Stevens
15 TBR in 2019 / 10 Series to Finish
I think it is time I finished of this series.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelHis Majesty’s Dragons (Temeraire 1) by Naomi Novik
It is time. I have the first 7 books. I can no longer avoid this.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive 1) by Brandon Sanderson
15 TBR in 2019 / Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Fool’s Fate (Tawny Man 3) by Robin Hobb
10 Series to Finish
I keep stalling on finishing this trilogy. Bad me.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor 2) by Mark Lawrence
Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge
I read the first book earlier this year and bought this right after finishing it. I just haven’t had time to pick it up yet.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelBitter Twins (Winnowing Flame 2) by Jen Williams
Wyrd and Wonder
As this post I should already be reading this for the continued readalong we are doing, left over from Wyrd and Wonder.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Sword of Kaigen (Theonite Companion) by M.L. Wang
Year of the Asian Reading Challenge
This lovely book I won from the author in May and I’ve only heard good things so I really hope I can get on this one

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelPerido Street Station (New Crobuzon 1) by China Mievelle
Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge
As I was researching what books i could read for certain prompts for my reading challenge I came across this book and found a translated one in my libraries online catalogue. So here we are. My interested was piqued.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe Emerald Storm (Riyria Revelations 4) by Michael J. Sullivan
5 Series to Read from Start to Finish
Its about time I get near completion of this. After this one just 2 more to go. ❤

Do you want to read any of these books too?Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

38 thoughts on “Books on My Summer TBR 2019 / #toptentuesday 194

  1. Great list! I’m listening to the audiobook of Grey Sister right now and I’m enjoying it much more than Red Sister. 🙂 The Priory of the Orange Tree’s on my TBR too, and I need to check out Temeraire at some point!

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  2. Great list! I want to read Priory too but it’s just so big it’s hella intimidating. I guess the same can be said for Way of Kings but I just love Sanderson so it doesn’t seem as intimidating? Lol happy reading 🙂

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  3. That is a great anniversary gift! Your hubby is totally killing it. 😉 I bought a Kindle copy, and I’m looking forward to reading Priory, as well. Temeraire is NINE books long?! My goodness. I mean, I’ll have to read it eventually, of course, because dragons, but man is that daunting haha. I hope it’s good! I haven’t read The Stormlight Archive yet, but I’ll be picking up Mistborn next month, so yay for Brandon Sanderson! Happy reading.

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  4. Not only did you pick 10 books, you pick a lot of HUGE books! Haha its a great list tho! I have been meaning to read the Temeraire series forever too, and I just bought the first book, so maybe I will actually get around to it 😀

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  5. Hallo, Hallo Annemieke,

    Congratulations on your son’s third birthday!! 🙂 I can’t wait to be a Mum myself – I’m hoping to adopt a sibling group of boys in the future. Unsure if I ever shared that with you previously? I keep forgetting your a Mum!

    Although I focused on talking about #MyYASummer for this week’s TTT I’ll be hopefully getting back into PRIORY this July as I’ll be making an announcement about the #IronTomeAThon (for July) lateron this week for which PRIORY is a part of it! (big smiles) You might remember, I attempted to read it for Wyrd And Wonder this year but 5x migraines did me in! 😦 I’m still trying to finalise my final review for the event, compose my wrap-up to run this end of June and talk about how I pushed forward the final reviews into either a) this Summer or b) our mini-event #SpooktasticReads this October!! (bigger smiles)

    Even TTT was delayed this week due to an epic horrid flood + plumbing diaster in the bathroom which encroached on my room, the living room, kitchen, laundry room – lets just say it was at least half the flat covered in 3in of not the kind of water you want in your house? Aye…. better days are ahead.. I can feel them! One blessing – despite the stress and the hard work to clean/launder/fix the house back to rights, I was left with horrid back pain but I’m still #migraine-free which is something in of itself, right?

    I want to read Novik’s series as well. I just need to sort out when to read it – still thinking I need to *keep!* all the lovelies of #dragonfiction ready for W&W Y3!! lol Except for PRIORY, of course. What a sweet anniversary gift for you!!

    All the others are #newtomeauthors – so I’ll have to await your notes/reactions.

    Here’s to an epic lovely #SummerReads fest for us both!!

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    1. Well he doesn’t turn 3 until the end of August but thanks 😉 Oh that is so cool. No you haven’t!

      Ugh reading between that is hard but with such a tome, there is no way. Nooo. I hope everything is fixed and there is no smell hanging in the flat? Please take it easy with yourself. ❤

      Haha I mean dragons are a 100% wyrd and wonder. And Temeraire is around 300 pages so a really quick read.

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  6. Ik kijk zelf heel erg uit naar Wild Country van Anne Bishop. Dat boek kreeg ik cadeau van mijn lieve schoonouders en ik ben aan het twijfelen of ik het nu al zou lezen of het zou sparen tegen augustus vermits ik het dan voor één van mijn prompts zou kunenn gebruiken. Dilemma’s, dilemma’s … Hopelijk kan je deze zomer toch nog wat leestijd vinden zodat je werk kan maken van deze leeslijst. Hier ligt het lezen plots weer wat stiller. Maar misschien komt het binnenkort weer wat meer op gang. Eerst even wat meer energie bij elkaar sprokkelen. 🙂

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