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Winter is Coming… / #IronTomeAThon Sign-Up

If there is one thing I have been enjoying a lot lately it has to be read-a-thon’s. There is something so nice about being able to motivate yourself through prompts and reading together with others without it being the same book.

And this one I had been waiting on since Aimal first talked about it.


The Iron Tome-a-Thon is a read-a-thon focused on reading adult fantasy, created and hosted by Aimal from Bookshelves & Paperbacks. Aimal’s is one of my favorite bloggers so of course I am jumping right on board this.

The read-a-thon has a group book, point system, house choosing and prompts. So there is a lot to find in here. The point system is by how many pages you read. The prompts you can fill in yourself except the one for the group book. If you want to know more details you can find the announcement post here.


It took me a little to decide as I went back and forth between House Stark and House Targaryen but in the end I decided for…

house stark

Sigil: a grey direwolf on a field of white
House words: β€œWinter is coming.”

Prompts and TBR

Castle Black
Read the Group Book
The group book is The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. I’ve been meaning to read this, but I have been intimidated so I am glad I can read this with others now.

Read a Book Set in (Partially or Fully) Cold Environment
I think this is a bit of a stretch but I am going with Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb. Its the third book in the Tawny Man trilogy and I think the environment is largely a cold one.

King’s Landing
Read a Book About or Involving Royalty, Politics or Government
I’m going with The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson here. I’d like to think this has a bit of all haha.

Read a Book Inspired by a Non-Western Setting, or Read a Book by an Author of Color or an Indigenous Author
So here I am either reading City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty OR The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang

Read a Book About or Involving an Institution of Knowledge or Training
Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence should fit here.

Read a Book About or Involving Dragons
The Priory of the Orange Tree is a big brick with dragons.

Read a Dark/Grimdark Fantasy or Read an Urban Fantasy
So inbetween a bunch of big books I am picking a lighter one. The Awakening by Amanda Stevens, the last book in The Graveyard Queen series. It is technically a paranormal romance but set in an urban setting and it has been shelved as urban fantasy on goodreads.

If I get through these and my arcs I might pick up a few more adult fantasies like Year One by Nora Roberts, Jade City by Fonda Lee or Child of a Hidden Sea by A.M. Dellamonica. But not likely. Have you seen some of those bricks?

Read-a-Thon Spread

12 thoughts on “Winter is Coming… / #IronTomeAThon Sign-Up

  1. Hallo, Hallo Annemieke,

    The way you’ve filled out this list of reading choices is making it easier to sort out my own! I was really lost in the midst of this readathon — in fact, I *missed!* how we could read a book about #dragons!? Ooyyy vie. I’m going to follow in your stead – I’m going to re-borrow PRIORY and see if I can tear into it whilst I know I’ll be reading Night’s Edge as well – I want to begin the first before the close of June but I want to finish the 2nd in July as I have MAGE to read before August — so in some regards, I’ll have a trifecta of Czerneda to read!! πŸ™‚

    Think I might try to write out a list tonight based off yours… as something just *clicked!* with me tonight and I’d love to run with it!! I’ll drop back and give you the link once it goes live sometime in the next week/or/two πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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