Going to Hogwarts – Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge Update

One of the reading challenges I found rather last minute was Noura’s Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge. I haven’t entirely prioritized it. Mostly I’ve just been looking to see where I could fit books as I go through each level. But since I hit the actual board game part that starts at level 5 I figured I’d share with you what I read and how far I’ve gotten.


reading challenge(81)


level 1 and two


Store Prompt Book Points
Madam Malkin’s Bookish World to Revisit The Winter of the Witch 1
Flourish and Blotts Bestselling Book X
Ollivanders Book with Magic A Pinch of Magic 1
Magical Menagerie Animal on the Cover Shadow of the Fox 1
Apothecary TBR Book You Need to Read The Crown Conspiracy 1

Total Points: 4 out of 5


House Prompt Book Points
Ravenclaw Book with Blue on the Cover The Girl in the Tower 10

Total Points: 10 out of 10

level 3

Level Three:  COMPLETED

Subject Prompt Book Points
Astronomy Sci-Fi / Dystopian Second Star 5
Charms Middle Grade Cogheart 5
Dark Arts Villains or Anti-Heroes Down Among the Stick and Bones 5
Defence Against the Dark Arts Dark Fantasy X
Flying Around the World X
Herbology Self Help X
History of Magic Authors First Book Wintersong 5
Potions Choose a Book with Your Eyes Closed X
Transfiguration Book with Shapeshifting King of Scars

Total Points: 25 out of 45

level 4


Subject Prompt Book Points
Arithmancy Book with a Number in the Title X
Care of Magical Creatures Book with Magical Creatures The Wizards of Once 5
Divination Takes Place in the Future Vengeance in Death 5
Muggle Studies Contemporary Book X
Ancient Runes Historical Fiction Firestarter 5
Astrology On a Different Planet X
Cartomancy Tarot Cards and Fortune Telling Ceremony in Death 3
Dream Interpretation Books with Dreams and Visions The Golden Fool 3

Total Points: 21 out of 34

Level Five:

  • New Term: First book in a series/duology / Slayer  ( +10 )
  • Name in the Goblet of Fire: Recommended by a friend ( )
  • Letter from Snuffles: Mystery ( )
  • Dobby is Free: Free choice / Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon (+10 )
  • Wizard Chess: Book with a contest ( )
  • Golden Egg: Book with dragons ( )
  • Eat you’ll feel better: Treat yourself! buy yourself a new book! ( )
  • Free Space / Red Sister ( +10 )
  • Luna Lovegood: Diverse reads / The Outside ( +10 )
  • Black Lake: Book with sea creatures/mermaids ( )
  • Harry Potter: Chosen One ( )
  • Fred and George: Funny book / Good Omens ( +10 )
  • Yule Ball: Fairy Tale retelling ( )
  • Neville Longbottom: Brave character / Nyphon Rising ( +10 )
  • Hermione Granger: Empowering ( )
  • Hedge Maze: A maze or a labyrinth ( )
  • Free Space A Thousand Beginnings and Endings (+10 )
  • Fleur: Romance ( )
  • Book from a Jar ( )

Total Points Round 1 (7 blocks): 60
Total Points Round 2:

Level Six:

  • Newt Scamander: Author with your initials ( )
  • Cursed Child: Play ( )
  • Extendable Ears: Audiobook ( )
  • Lavender Brown: Chick Lit ( )
  • House: Based on your House ( )
  • Fantastic Beasts 3: Book to movie in 2019 ( )
  • Beedle the Bard: Male author ( )
  • Fantastic Beasts ( )
  • Percival Pratt: Poetry ( )
  • Avada Kedavra: Horror ( )
  • Accio: One word title ( )
  • Sybill Trelawney: Female author ( )
  • Pottermore: Book club book ( )
  • Crimes of Grindelwald ( )
  • Dumbledore: Book by a favorite celebrity ( )
  • House Cup: Goodreads Awards winner ( )
  • Advanced Potion Making: Backlist book ( )
  • Molly Weasley: Book your mom loves ( )

Total Points Round 1 (9 blocks):

Right now I am kind of stuck on level six because I rolled what is bolded and I don’t think I have any? And trying to roll something else. Well what is based on your house suppose to be?

Goal Grade: Acceptable (161 or below)
Overal Points: 120 /644
Reached Grade: Acceptable.

5 thoughts on “Going to Hogwarts – Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge Update

  1. Wait. What? Hahahaha! I missed a lot of information somewhere. I don’t remember having all of this the link. 😱 I’ll have to go back and check. I was going to put this in a challenge update at the end of the month with everything else, but yikes, that’s going to be too much info in one post. 😯

    You are doing brilliantly! 🏆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Een boek gebaseerd op je huis geeft je nog vrij veel speling hé. Je kan er eentje kiezen waar de kleuren blauw en zwart in voorkomen, eentje met blauw in de titel, een raaf op de cover, een boek waarin een bibliotheek of boeken centraal staan, …. Heb je elke maand één fase gedaan of bekijk je gewoon per uitdaging welke vakjes je kan invullen op basis van de boeken die je dit jaar al las? Ik dacht eens te kijken of ik veel zou kunnen afvinken maar weet niet goed hoe ik er aan moet beginnen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm ik kan het inderdaad ook gewoon lekker makkelijk kiezen met de blauw kleur.

      Ik heb elke maand, tot ik vast kwam te zitten dan toch, gekeken waar wat paste maar dan wel op volgorde van de levels zeg maar.

      Liked by 1 person

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