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Favorite Books in the Last Ten Years Per Year / #toptentuesday 190 // #wyrdandwonder

Looking back on the last ten years is an interesting thing. On a personal level I got a lot of things. I graduated, got my first job based on my bachelor, bought a house, got married and got a kid. But I also got a burn out and depression. So there is that.

Reading wise it is also interesting to look back. I didn’t really start back into reading until 2013. And even in those years it wasn’t that much. Not like now. So getting the topic of favorite books released in the last ten years for top ten tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) was a bit tricky. But I still managed to make a bit of a list. All is fantasy of course. Not anything that was released in those specific years because I could not tell you that. I didn’t keep track for a long time and I didn’t care.

Linking this up with the month long fun Wyrd and Wonder fantasy event.


In this period I did not pick up a lot of books to be honest. Its a bit of a haze. These are about the 5 books I can remember reading well in that period. The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks and the first two books from the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. Funnily enough I actually read The Golem’s Eye before The Amulet of Samarkand. Why? Because I just came across the book at random and at the time cared less about order than I did about finding a book again to grab my attention.


2013 Was the year I only read 10 books but it was still more than I had read in the years before. I discovered The Lunar Chronicles and found Indigo Springs that I really enjoyed. In 2014 Angelfall was the book that captured my heart of the 70+ books I managed to read. 2013 Was really just the year that prepared me for all the reading.


2015 Was the year that I started my blog in May and I for sure had a bit of a young adult year. I finally finished the last book of the Bartimaeus series. And I read the Seraphina duology almost back to back. Six of Crows was of course the hit of that year and one of my favorites as well.


I continued on with some of my favorite series in 2016. Continuing on with the Six of Crows duology and Lockwood & Co. But I also diverged into more adult again with The Others by Anne Bishop.


This year I found some more diverse reads for me to enjoy. It was a great year for some of these. Sorcerer to the Crown and The Epic Crush of Genie Lo are for sure books that are on my ultimate top favorite books of all time list.


Last year I struggled to name specific favorites and so I just named books with 5 and 4,5 star reads, not in an order. As I picked these 3 now I realize that these do stand out to me, each for their own reasons. It also supports the idea that I have been balancing out my reading more between adult and young adult. When I pick up adult I also tend to love it more because I think I know better in that target group what I am still looking for.

Is there anything you can take away from the favorites you’ve had in the last few years?

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52 thoughts on “Favorite Books in the Last Ten Years Per Year / #toptentuesday 190 // #wyrdandwonder

  1. I have to confess: like you, I had a year where I didn’t read that many books either. The main reason why I only listed my top 7 books of 2017 was that I had only read about 10 books. I certainly have surpassed that this year though!

    This is a great list. So many good books here.

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  2. Great list! Cinder, Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom made my list this week, too. I loved Foundryside and The Fifth Season – I think I might treat myself to a re-read of Foundryside before the release of Shorefall next year. 🙂

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  3. This topic is so fun because seeing all these books and remembering when they came out, and how many reviews there were in the blogosphere- it’s like memory lane. And I love Robin Hobb’s stuff.

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  4. Excellent picks on here! Foundryside was a hot contender for my 2018 (but I couldn’t resist Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward), and Written in Red was my pick for it’s release year in 2013 – that series is too near and dear to my heart not to be on the list somewhere!

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  5. I’m a very diverse mood reader Haha. Sometimes I love fantasy, other times I rather read romance or contemporary.

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  6. Angelfall is one of those books that has kept catching my eye since it came out, but which I’ve never quite got round to reading. Maybe I should do that!

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  7. I knew you’d mention Bartimaeus. 😉 That’s funny that you read them out of order, though. I ended up doing that with Lord of the Rings. I blame my youth and inability to pay attention to details. So I read The Two Towers first and was properly confused. xD I know I keep saying it, but I really need to read Angelfall. Maybe when I finally catch up on all these ARCs that I somehow got behind on lol. Definitely need to pick up Lockwood & Co., too. Great choices!

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  8. Mijn eerste reactie was ‘Wat een leuk idee’. Meteen opgevolgd door ‘maar dat ga ik mezelf niet aandoen hoor’. Je weet hoe goed ik ben in het kiezen van favorieten hé. Maar wanneer ik er 3 per jaar mag selecteren moet ik het misschien toch maar eens een kans geven.

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