How About Some #WyrdandWonder Instagram Story/Twitter Templates?

So on occasion I get random ideas. Some are okay, others are great and others I need to do right away because I am that inspired. It happens. As I was browsing instagram stories for a bit at the end of April I suddenly realized it might be fun to create some fantasy book bingo templates that can get posted in stories, and post them during Wyrd and Wonder.

Of course these aren’t just for those that are doing Wyrd and Wonder and of course it doesn’t have to be only answered during this month. They will be posted in my stories and I’ll make them accessable through the button on my profile of templates. Though I’ve come to realize that the sizing isn’t ideal and they might work better for Twitter.  If you don’t have instagram, but still want to participate feel free to use Twitter or a blog post.

Basically these bingo cards are to show which books you’ve read. You can cross them off or mark them in any other way. If you like you can also mark what books are on your TBR. I went with books that are familiar/well known to me and divided it in target groups. There is also an empty template if you want to fill one out yourself.

Linking this up with the month long fun Wyrd and Wonder fantasy event.


My Anwers

template bingo adult fantasy(1)


template YA Fantasy Bingo(1)

Which books would you use to fill in a bingo like this to see what others have read?

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel(1)

6 thoughts on “How About Some #WyrdandWonder Instagram Story/Twitter Templates?

  1. Misschien moet ik zo eens een TBR-bingo maken en er aan het begin van het jaar enkele boeken op zetten die ik de komende maanden zeker wil lezen. De kans is echter groot dat ik dan vervolgens op het moment zelf toch weer een ander boek uit de kast haal. 🙂

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