5 Things I Can’t or Won’t Do Even Though I’m a Bookworm

You know the lists. The ones that list an x amount of things that only (hardcore) bookworms do or like or understand. I don’t know about you but some of those can make me feel pretty disconnected from being a lover of books. Like if you don’t tick those boxes that you aren’t one. Or that you aren’t enough. Or it can feel like that.

So I am here to share with you some of the things these lists mention reasonably often that I don’t or can’t do. Because that is okay too.

Reading Challenge(65)

1 Read in the car for longer than a chapter

I don’t have motion sickness but I do like to be in control. Being a passenger does not make me be in control so I want to keep my eyes on the road so I can warn my driver of impending doom. You know, like a good passenger should. Reading does not go along with that.

2 Stay up past my bed time to finish a book

As I get older, past the ripe age of 30 now, I need my sleep more and more. Staying up to finish a book is not a thing I can get away with these days, even more so now we have a toddler that likes to get up super early. #nonenthusiasticyeay  I have to force myself sometimes to read an hour before bed time when I go to bed early.

3 Always have a book in my bag

I don’t have a book in my bag. I don’t have the time to read when I am away most of the time and most things in my bag have to do with wiping noses, fingers and butts these days. Though to be fair, I never was one that always carried a book in my bag. Only if I knew for sure I would be having time, like if I took the train to my then still boyfriend (but now husband) would I have a book with me. I don’t see the use of having a book with me if I can’t read anyway.

4 Judge people by their book shelf organisation

Hey, whatever floats your boat. If you want to put the spines of books to the back because you find the pages more aesthically pleasing, please be my guest. Just don’t expect me to do it to my books and we’ll get along just fine.

5 Getting angry at dog-earing books

As long as it is your own book you can treat your book any way you like. You paid for it. You own it. I won’t judge you for it. I won’t get angry for it. But library books or books you loaned from others, please respect in what the the owner would like it back. ❤



Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelAn extra question to you all. Every year I do a book shelf tour and this year I’d like to start that off with any questions you might have regarding my shelves and the books I own. Please fill in any questions here. You can totally leave it as a anonymous question.

34 thoughts on “5 Things I Can’t or Won’t Do Even Though I’m a Bookworm

  1. I love this post! Sometimes we need a reminder that you don’t need to tick off an entire checklist of habits to be a booklover. One should really never let me read in the car unless they want me to throw up. I’m usually okay with motion sickness in the car (especially in the front seat), but don’t push my luck… During the week, I don’t stay up past my bedtime to read either. I know I’ll have to get up early for work, and being a zombie at work really does me no favors. I do pretty much always have a book in my bag though…

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  2. I don’t meet a lot of the standards that these lists usually make up either.
    I dog ear my books on occasion, I sometimes go days without reading, people need to just enjoy books however they like. I can’t help but compare myself to the lists, but I usually get over it very quickly.

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  3. I must be a bad bookworm, too, because I only do the second one. If I don’t have to wake up early, I’ll read for most of the night. I only get irritated at folded pages when people do it to borrowed books or books they plan to sell back to the used bookstore. I don’t enjoy flattening out bent pages.

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  4. It’s impossible for me to stay up late these days, too. Sleep is important, so I’m glad you’re not skimping on it. 🙂

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  5. This is a lovely post! I don’t read in the car, either. Motion sickness, hurck. Also, not staying up late to read is a GOOD thing. Don’t be like the rest of us that do and then wander around as brainless zombies the next day. You’ve got a good thing going. Don’t ruin it. xD

    Oh, no, I would definitely judge people for putting their spines to the back of their bookshelves. xD I mean, I’m not going to say they can’t. Or say anything to them at all. But on the inside, man, on the inside, I’m definitely side-eyeing them, because that’s *weird* and how do you ever find books that way?!

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  6. My reading habits have definitely changed over the past few years in response to my adulting responsibilities. I used to do a lot of the things that we think of as “typical bookworm” things like staying up super late reading, having a book wherever I go, reading at every opportunity but I don’t really do any of those anymore?

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  7. I’m the same with being in cars, ha ha! When I go on long car trips I can’t sleep when someone else is driving, so I end up being exhausted when we get there. 😴 I can’t read in the car or on buses anyway, so I usually have my small Kindle with headphonesfor audiobooks. 🎧

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  8. Oof I’m the same with most of these. I don’t actually always take a book out with me because I’m scared it’ll get wrecked?! But I always have my iPod so like…kindle access if needed hahah. And I can’t read for motion sickness and I no longer care how *other* people treat their books. But I have strict rules for how mine are treated. 😂I never used to stay up late to read either tbh…except a few days ago I did for a book I was so loving. And I promptly regretted it the next day.😂I’m too old omg.

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  9. Blijkbaar heb ik toch weer een aantal overeenkomsten tussen ons beide ontdekt. Gisteren heb ik in bus naar Antwerpen weer proberen lezen en ik werd weer binnen de kortste keren misselijk. Op de terugrit heb ik het opnieuw getest (want tja, ik blijf dat dus maar proberen in de hoop dat het ooit wel lukt) en toen had ik het weer aan mijn been. Langer wakker blijven om een boek uit te lezen lukt me ook niet. Als ik te moe ben kan ik me immers toch niet langer focussen en ik heb nu eenmaal voldoende slaap nodig. Al helemaal vermits ik er elke nacht een x-aantal keren uitmoet en dus sowieso al veel nachtrust kwijtspeel. Een boek neem ik enkel mee in mijn tas wanneer ik weet dat ik ergens ga moeten wachten. Dus wanneer ik met de trein ergens naar toe ga, of in de wachtzaal, of bij een kapster wanneer mijn haar een kleurtje krijgt, … Bij die laatste twee maakt het me totaal niet uit zolang ze de bladzijden van mijn boeken niet omplooien of mijn kast gaan reorganiseren. 🙂

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    1. Ja ‘s avonds lezen vind ik sowieso al moeilijk omdat ik dan moe ben. Ik heb mezelf wel eens gedwongen in het verleden om tot 9 uur te lezen zodat ik niet te vroeg ging slapen haha.

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  10. Oh man, same! I also really can’t stay up late to read, I need my sleep! And judging people on what they do with their books (organizing, dog earing, notes, whatever) is just bull, why would anyone spent energy on that!? I never understood it.

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  11. I actually agree with these! I can’t remember the last time I stayed up to read a book, because it’s literally been years hahaha. I can very easily put down a book so I can go to sleep.

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  12. Sometimes I feel such a bad bookworm because my bookworm habits are awful. I don’t stay up until 3 or 4 a.m just to finish a book nor do I always have a book with me (I usually only take my Kobo out with me if I’m catching the train).

    Happy readings! 😉
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

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