Doing My O.W.L.’s for Healing Purposes // O.W.L.S. 2019

Last year you might have seen a lot of movement around a magical readathon created by Book Roast over on Booktube. Basically she created a readathon based on the O.W.L.’s exams and later on in the year she created one on the NEWT’s exams. Last year I saw it too late and I was busy with other things to fit it in. But she is bringing it back this year and you can watch the announcement video here.

This year she is adding on an extra element and that is that you can choose a career and focus on your O.W.L.’s for those. You can really make it as hard or easy for yourself as you want. Some careers only have 3 subjects, others have 10 or so. It really depends on what you want to do.

Kopie van Kopie van Four Years

The career I decided to go for is Healer. I like the idea for this career and it is a bit challenging with eight O.W.L.’s.  There are five predetermined subjects to take and then you can choose three more. I’ve gone with a mix of review copies and books on my more immediate tbr that fitted with the prompts.

Mandatory Subjects

Herbology / Plant on the Cover
For this prompt I am going with The Bone Gap. My lovely purple cover has some plants on it.

Charms / Age-Line: Read an Adult Work
Picking an arc for this, The Outside.

Defence Against the Dark Arts / Reducto: Title Starts with an R
Red Sister. I know one person who will be pleased I am reading this haha.

Potions / Next Ingredient: Sequel
Here I am picking another arc I need to read which is The Final Days of Magic, the conclusiong to the Witches of New Orleans.

Transfiguration / Sprayed Edges or Red Cover
Here I want to read Stronger than a Bronze Dragon. Its not a complete red cover but I think it has enough to count. Fight me.

owls readathon 2019.png

Chosen Subjects

Ancient Runes / Retelling
Going with Slayer here. I am super curious about this one.

Arithmancy / Work Written by More Than One Author
Well it s about high time that I finally pick up the anthology A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. I’ve had it on my immediate tbr for far too long.

History of Magic  / Published at Least 10 Years Ago
There was only one author who would for sure qualify for this and that is of course Terry Pratchett. For now I am going with Good Omens but there is a chance I might also pick up one from the Witches arc here. It will depend on my mood. I really need to read Good Omens.



24 thoughts on “Doing My O.W.L.’s for Healing Purposes // O.W.L.S. 2019

  1. Best of luck with this readathon! I’m going to be taking part this year again and I’m really looking forward to it. 😀 I always hear such good things about Bone Gap – I may have to check that one out.

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      1. I haven’t! I’ve decided to be an absolute martyr this year and try and get all 12 O.W.Ls. We’ll see how that goes…

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  2. This sounds so interesting. I’m not one for readathons because I’m a slow reader and never have the time (also bad with restrictions since I’m a mood reader) but I want to know more. Some of the subjects and what you can choose are a little confusing but I’ll watch the video to try understand and maybe take part. Is this a readathon over a specific time period (month) because it seems like a yearly think like real OWLS and trying to study for them haha


    1. It is a month long but you can also choose a career with only 3 subjects for instance so in that way you can really figure out something that works for you I think. Have you been able to watch the video. 🙂


  3. I watched the announcement video a while ago and intended on doing it, but totally forgot about it, so I have to go and check it out! ⚡

    I love that you picked healer. 💙✨

    I am curious what you will think about Bone Gap. 📙

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  4. I’m so excited for this readathon! I also heard about it too late last year and I can’t wait to participate this time around. I can’t believe I didn’t think of reading anthologies for arithmancy; I was thinking more along the lines of collaborations between two authors, haha. Great idea and great post! Good luck with your O.W.L.s 😉

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    1. It was the first thing I thought about though when I added Good Omens I thought about switching it out for that but it works out this way fine. 🙂
      Good luck to you too!

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  5. Ik heb het filmpje ondertussen gezien en de prompts en wizarding careers klaar staan om af te drukken. Nu me nog eens een keertje rustig neerzetten en nadenken over welke boeken ik voor welke opdrachten zou kunnen lezen.

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