If You Enjoyed This Tv Show/Movie Than You Might Like This Book – Times 5

In 2018 I did two different kind of if you liked this kind of topics and you all seemed to like it. I’m slowly collecting these as I go and as I remember things so I can’t promise any of you all that this will be a very frequent reoccurring thing. But they might pop up more.

For this one I decided to go with tv shows or movies that reminded me of certain books. Or even the other way around. I think many will have heard of these tv shows and movies but less likely will they have heard of these books. So I thought this was a great way to promote some more unknown books again.

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If You Liked(1)

Firefly // Revenger

Both are set in space and take place almost completely on board a ship. We visit various planets and both have to make money through perhaps not quite so legal ways…

If You Liked(4)

Supernatural // Bones and Bourbon

Demons. All the demons. The gritty supernatural feels are all through both these, though Bones and Bourbon is more inclusive with more than just unknown species… The brother relationship is important in both stories. Both make you laugh.

If You Liked(3)

Meet the Robinsons // The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

Both try to find their family in very different ways but with some sci-fi mixed in. With both you truly feel for the main character.

If You Liked(2)

Hidalgo // The Demon Race

Both take place in the desert and deal with a race. Granted The Demon Race is more supernatural but I think if you enjoy the race elements or the setting of Hidalgo you could enjoy The Demon Race for sure.

If You Liked

Sleepy Hollow // Shutter

Both take a twist on known stories and mythologies. Sleepy Hollow plays with the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the four horseman. Shutter takes on Dracula/Vampires and Van Helsing. They both kind of dabble into the occult and have a very creepy atmosphere.


14 thoughts on “If You Enjoyed This Tv Show/Movie Than You Might Like This Book – Times 5

  1. Good call on Revenger for Firefly fans – strong sibling relationships, teenage girls being pushed past their limits, tight crews, and of course the focus on semi-legal space treasure hunters and space pirates all have that cross-over vibe!

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