Six Reasons to Pick Up Sorcerer to the Crown NOW

While I ussually don’t make extra blogs about books specifically after I have reviewed them, some books undeservedly fall beneath the radar in the blogging world. This is Sorcerer to the Crown for me. More people need to talk about this gorgeous book. I initially rated this book 4,5 stars after reading it but as the months passed the book and the main character just stayed in my head and became the absolute favorite of my reading year in 2017.

So I am here to give out some more attention to this great book with a list of reasons why you should be picking up this book right now.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThis books main character is a black man, a freed slave, who ends up in a place of authority in a historical fantasy. It deals with the struggles he faces. If that is not enough to make you pick up this book I don’t know what is. We need to see more poc in historical fantasies.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThis is a historical fantasy I really loved. I’ve talked before about how I struggle with historical fiction sometimes but there was no struggle with this. As far as I can tell it is also historical accurate.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelZachary, the main character, is a cinnamon roll. Seriously, he is the cutests and sweetest main character I have ever read about.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe magical world building has some wonderful imagination. Cloud surfing, anyone?

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelThe sequel, The True Queen,  is coming out soon. March 12th 2019. So you still have about a month to pick up this book and read it so you can jump right on into the next.

sorcerer to the crown covers

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelSorcerer to the Crown has the best covers.


If that isn’t enough for you however I am linking some reviews down below. From myself and some other bloggers.

Mine // A Kernel of Nonsense / Miriam Joy Reads / Rich in Color / Hazel Gold / Geek Feminism / Pretty Terrible

Book Information

Title: Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorcerer Royal 1) by Zen Cho
Release Date: September 1st 2015
Tags: Fantasy / Historical Fantasy / Magic / Sorcerers / Cloud Surfing / Diversity / POC / Freed Slave / Historical Britain


19 thoughts on “Six Reasons to Pick Up Sorcerer to the Crown NOW

  1. I feel awful that I haven’t read this yet! I actually requested The True Queen but I heard it’s a standalone, so I’m going to read it first (crosses fingers that it works!)😁


    1. I’ve read the first chapter of The True Queen yesterday, and it already has a spoiler for the end of The Sorcerer of the Crown. So I really advice reading Sorcerer to the Crown first. The True Queen is set a little bit after Sorcerer to the Crown and while it focuses on new characters they are returning back to the same society.


  2. Het boek ligt dankzij jouw tip al klaar in mijn boekenkast. Dat is al een begin hé. Ik heb het trouwens in de derde cover maar de eerste vind ik eigenlijk nog mooier. Zodra ik het gelezen heb laat ik je zeker iets weten hoor.

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  3. This is amazing and I’m so glad you made this post. It’s making me want to drop everything and reread Sorcerer to the Crown right now. I love Zacharias as well and would love to see more PoC MCs in historical fiction. Thank you so much for including my review!

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  4. Sorcerer to the Crown has been on my bedside table for the longest time. I definitely don’t see many people talking about it, but what little is around have all been very positive. I’m going to read this soon! Sometime this year, hopefully.

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