Books I Want to Reread This Year

One of the things I did last year was reread more. Obviously I also read more. However I just gave more time to rereading than I had in previous years and I think that is an accomplishment on my part. You see, I want to reread favorites. I just rarely make time for it. I don’t think this is unfamiliar.

Between review copies, mountain tbr, blogging and life commitments it is hard to balance those things. Let alone add in a reread. Even so I think it is important for me to reread. To revisit something familiar and settle into a world where I know what is coming, where I don’t have to think too much about things. Because what comes with blogging is that dang critical eye.

Rereading might also get me to write reviews for books that I read before I started the blog or just never reviewed on here before.

So let us move onto the list of books I’d like to reread this year.

The Copper Promise and The Iron Ghost ( Copper Cat 1 and 2) by Jen Williams
I really want to read The Silver Tide, the third book in this series. But it has been a while since I read the books (well end of 2017) and I read them in Dutch from the library. So I got myself physical copies to reread.

Invocatie (De Demon van Felswyck 1) by Jurgen Snoeren
I read this first installment of the duology in 2017. Last year the second part came out but it is huge and I think I want to refresh my mind with what happened in the first book. I also want to see how I feel about the problematic content in it now.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
I’ve been wanting to reread this for a while but haven’t made time for it at all.

Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorcerer Royal 1) by Zen Cho
This was my favorite book of 2017. With the new book coming out this year I just want to settle back into this world.

Matilda by Roald Dahl
I think it is about time to reread this one. I haven’t read it since I was pretty young myself. It is time.

Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children 1) by Seanan McGuire
I just want to reread this one before I jump into books 2 and 3.


Are there any books you want to reread in 2019?

24 thoughts on “Books I Want to Reread This Year

  1. I’m thinking about rereading the Harry Potter serie this year.
    And I also want to reread Stoner by John Williams, but I’m not sure I’m going to reread this book this year.
    Honestly, I don’t have the habit to reread books except from the Harry Potter serie which I reread from time to time.

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  2. I feel like 2019 might be the year of reread for me as well. I really enjoy rereading, but when you are a blogger, it can sometimes be hard to justify picking up those books. I love The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I hope you get a chance to reread that one. I have tentative plans to pick up Sorcerer to the Crown. I can’t wait to fall back into this world as well. Good luck picking up all of these!

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  3. I don’t make time for re-reading enough. I want to re-read a darker shade of magic next month because it’s our book club book. I would love to visit worlds again. I just have to make time for it!

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  4. Funny how most of us need to make rereading a goal in order to actually do it. [At least, I do or I simply forget about it. Or feel too guilty towards all my unread books..]

    In saying that, I actually vowed I’d be rereading all Shadowhunter books this year. I also want to reread “It Only Happens at the Movies” because I remember LOVING it but I never came around to writing a review? And writing one months after feels wrong so.. yeah.. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  5. Brilliant goal. I am wholeheartedly with you on this – I haven’t reread that much the last few years, and I think I’d like to. You’re right, it’s a very different experience and hell yes there are books I regularly reference and love that I read so long ago that I’ve never reviewed so I love the idea of using that as a bit of a spur to get me started. Ocean at the End of the Lane and Among Others are book I read and loved the year before I started making serious notes on each read, and both are books I feel I’d like to write about. And The Secret History. Oh – wait, this could get out of hand fast ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Haha yes once you start going others keep catching your eye. The Ocean at the End of the Lane was one that unexpectedly stayed with me after reading it so I am curious how I’d feel about it now.


  6. Ik wil vooral verder gaan met het herlezen van de Harry Potter boeken. Vorig jaar las ik The Chamber of Secrets en The Prisoner of Azkaban en ik hoop daar dus dit jaar mee verder te gaan. Verder staan er vooral nog heel veel ongelezen boeken te wachten waardoor herlezen er niet altijd van komt.

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  7. Love your list!!โ€จI often donโ€™t make a list of books I want to re-read because re-reads often happen spontaneously. But Iโ€™ve started creating TBRโ€™s now so Iโ€™ve been planning some re-reads as well. Iโ€™ve re-read a Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet in January and the Valiant by Lesley Livingston and. Havenโ€™t planned a re-read for February because there are too many other books I need to read haha. In March though, I want to re-read a book but Iโ€™m not sure yet which one and in April Iโ€™ll be re-reading the Kiss Quotient with someone from Instagram. And there are probably a lot more re-reads thatโ€™ll follow in the months after.

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  8. Oh woops you reminded me that Sorcerer to the Crown has been on my shelf for uhhh years I think? I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet ๐Ÿ˜… Maybe 2019 will be my year haha. Hopefully you get to reread all the books on your list! ๐Ÿ™‚

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