New to Me Authors in 2018 / #toptentuesday 171

Like every year we are talking about new to us authors we read the previous year for Top Ten Tuesday (as always, hosted by That Artsty Reader Girl).  I think it is hard not to read authors that aren’t new to us each year with the amounts some of us read. There are also so many new authors coming to the publishing scene and so many old ones left to discover.

I deciced to cut this list into two. One are authors I’ve heard of before but didn’t read before 2018 and the others are authors I hadn’t heard of before 2018 either.

Authors I’d Heard of Before

Robert Jackson Bennett

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: Foundryside
I had heard quite a bit about this author based on his previous trilogy but I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing those books. When i got the offer to take part in the blog tour I jumped at it and I am glad I did because it became one of my favorite reads of 2018.

N.K. Jemisin

How Many Books Read: 3
Which: Broken Earth trilogy
Of course I had heard of Jemisin before. Who hasn’t? But it took me forever to pick up the books I had of her. Earlier this year I purchased books 2 and 3, and with the buddy read I did with Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense I finally managed to read a book. I now know I need to read so much more by her hand.

Alice Hoffman

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Hoffman is a pretty well known name, not in the least for me because one of my blogging buddies mentions her from time to time. You know who you are haha. So when I got the chance to pick this book up from the library I did. I think this is an author that will be a bit of a hit or miss seeing her writing style.

Megan Crewe

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: Ruthless Magic
I have been following Megan Crewe’s newsletter for a while. I think she was a part of a giveaway once and so I ended up following her newsletter. I’ve always been interested in her books but didn’t get around to them. When I got approved for Ruthless Magic on NG I finally had enough motivation to start a book by her. I liked it somewhat and I am still curious about her earlier books.

Kiersten White

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
Again, NG here provided me with the motivation to finally pick up a book by her. I liked it enough to purchase her previous trilogy right after finishing.

Authors Completely New to Me

C.L. Polk

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: Witchmark
I hadn’t heard of this author or this book until bumped into the cover on NG. It drew my attention and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Alexandra Christo

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: To Kill a Kingdom
Okay I should have heard of this author because she was previously a blogger like us. Which is just great that she has managed to get published like this.

Lola Dodge

How Many Books Read: 2
Which: Spellwork Syndicate book 1 and 2
I’m so happy I found these cozy fantays reads through NG. They are so much fun.

Dorian Graves

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: Bones and Bourbon
Another book I’m glad I found through NG of a great and talented author.

Jane Yolen

How Many Books Read: 1
Which: How to fracture a Fairytale
You know I think it is kind of sad on my part that I hadn’t heard of this author before as she is clearly well published for many years. But I hadn’t. Now I have.

Have you read any of these authors before?

52 thoughts on “New to Me Authors in 2018 / #toptentuesday 171

  1. I have a sample of ‘Foundryside’ on my Kindle Wanted to try the author for a while – even ‘City of Stairs’ is still on my radar although I didn’t like the sample. I feel like I need to read a little more to make up my mind.

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  2. Great list! This is the second list I’ve seen Lola Dodge on so I need to check her out soon. I love N. K. Jemisin too, I’m hoping to read her other two series and her short story collection this year, and Foundryside ended up being my first read of 2019 and I can’t wait to read more Robert Jackson Bennett!

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  3. Love how you broke down your list and I see a few here I’ve been wanting to read. So many people love Foundryside so I don’t think it will be much longer before I end up giving it a try. I also need to give Witchmark a chance and think it will be used for a choice on your reading challenge!

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  4. Robert Jackson Bennett and N.K. Jemisin are two of my favourite authors so I’m glad that you enjoyed reading books by them for the first time in 2018. I’ve read Kiersten White’s Conqueror’s Saga trilogy, but haven’t picked up The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein yet, so hopefully later this year I’ll get to it.

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  5. Kiersten White, yes, I read the Supernaturally books, and even though you think you won’t like them, you might because they are about beings you like, they aren’t about ghosts and the romance isn’t too bad for Paranormal Romance. They have the “police force” you were talking about at one time. Ha ha. 👍✨

    Alice Hoffman. 😇

    Honestly, I didn’t know who N.K. Jemisin was until a couple of months ago, and I still don’t know that much. 😊,

    I know about Witchmark from you! 🙌🙌🙌

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    1. Yeah knowing the police force thing is definetely a reason for me to pick those up haha.

      Totally try out her Broken Earth books. I think you could really enjoy those!


  6. I had absolutely NO idea that Alexandra Christo was a blogger just as well, wow! It’s so great that she got published, I really enjoyed To Kill A Kingdom. Lovely list! 🙂

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  7. There are so many authors I love on this list! I am super excited you were inspired to finally pick up Jemisin’s work. Will you be reading her Inheritance trilogy as well? While they aren’t masterworks the way Broken Earth is, they are incredible still. I love her writing.

    Which of these authors do you hope to read more of in 2019?

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    1. Yes I want to but I only own book 2 at the moment so I need to get the first book first. I also have book 2 of her other series or duology. So I need to get the first one of that as well.

      For sure N.K. Jemisin, Robert Jackson Bennett and Kiersten White. And I am eagerly awaiting the new releases of C.L Polk and Lola Dodge. I haven’t seen anything announced for Dorian Graves yet but I would totally read that too.

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