Time to Crunch Some Numbers – Reading Statistics 2018

Now that we have left 2018 behind us for almost 2 weeks already it is time to start looking back in a different way to the reading year. At the end of the year I already talked about my stats regarding finishing series, pretty decent, and now I want to look back at some of the other stats. I also like to look and see how they are compared to the year before, percentage wise anyway.

Previous Years

2015 // 2016Β  // 2017

Onto the Charts of 2018


Of course I have to start with the ratings of the books. As you can see I mainly rate books 4 and 3 stars. With reading 200+ books I also ended up with some mediocre books. I even read more 2 star books than I did 5 stars books. I’d like that to be better in balance in 2019 to be honest. Less 2 star reads please.

Compared to last year I certainly read less 5 star reads percentage wise. And quite a bit more 2 star reads. I do think that is sometimes the hazard of requesting some more unknown kind of books over on Netgalley for instance.

Release Dates

I read a bunch of new releases this year. With netgalley and some pre-order I kept reasonably on track with them. This chart is pretty similar to last year percentage wise so that is interesting to see. I seem to like the mixture I get with these kind of release dates.




Adding on to that here you can see how I did on backlist books in general. Well over 50% so I am pleased with that.

Format books

Compared to last year I read less ebooks which is interesting. I think that might also have to do with the library where I clearly got a bunch of my books as well. So more physical books. Unfortunately that wasn’t good news for my phsyical tbr haha.



I read more male authors this year. Where before I’d have female authors well over 50% that is now not the case. I don’t think that is nessecarily a bad thing but I do think that reading more by female authors is still important. Males have dominated for so long already.

Target Group

My adult reading slipped a little downwards. Not because of young adult. That went down too. But because I read more graphic novels and manga this year. I don’t think that is a bad thing haha.

stats diversity

This is the first year I tracked my reading with diversity and clearly it needs a lot of work. I do sometimes have the tendency to pick up the more popular titles and let us be honest, they aren’t always very diverse. That is something I need to work on when I buy books too. It is more worth it to buy more diverse books.


My reading of standalones went a little up but I read less novella’s than last year it seems. I am overal pleased with this though I wish I finished a bit more series than I clearly did.

stats Pages

I thought it would be interesting to track my amount of pages read this way this time around. Clearly I read books mostly with 300-400 pages. The high amount for 0 -200 is mostly because of the graphic novels I read. I would like to have a bit more books over the 400 page mark next year but we shall see.

Where Do I Get My Hauled Books From_

See. It isn’t just my fault I end up with so many books. Here is the proof! I won like 1 book so that is where the 0% comes from haha.

Format hauled books

I’m glad there is an amount of ebooks there though it is mostly from freebies and review copies. I still don’t buy a lot of ebooks. I guess because I don’t really need to this way. And obviously paperback is most because those are just cheaper. Though I know I have been buying some more hardcovers last year.

amount of books

And lastly here are two graphs about the amount of unread books and the amount of owned books (downstairs). I also added previous years just to show how things have grown. My unread books went through the roof last year. Whoops.

23 thoughts on “Time to Crunch Some Numbers – Reading Statistics 2018

    1. I love seeing stats too! I made these with canva.com. where you just have to make a free account and have an empty sheet, click on the graphic you want, choose colors and just fill in your stats. Easy!

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  1. Did I ever tell you how much I love graphs?! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    It’s funny how we think we are reading one way and then we see a graph and say, oh… That’s why I wanted to figure out how to track my read self-pubs and indie authors. I have a feeling I might not be reading as many under-the-radar books as I once did. 😒

    You did have a BOOM in acquired books last year. Ha ha. You did phenomenally with your backlist reading though! 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you might have mentioned it once. πŸ˜‰

      Yes it is always interesting to see. That is a bit harder to track I think yeah. It isn’t always easy to see who is self-publishing and indie either.

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  2. Nice charts! I love how many you’ve done. That’s a pretty in depth look at your reading numbers!
    Reading more graphic novels and manga is definitely not a bad thing πŸ™‚

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    1. Me too. I have a booklet where I write down what I want to keep track off and leave enough space so I can mark behind each. I fill it in every 1 or 2 books. That way I keep pretty decently track of these. But I know others like to use spreadsheets.

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  3. Ik vind het steeds zo knap hoe gedetailleerd jij dat allemaal bijhoudt. Eerder zag ik bij Marcia ook dat ze de verhouding tussen mannelijke en vrouwelijke auteurs had opgenomen in haar terugblik en daar ben ik zelf ook wel nieuwsgierig naar. Misschien moet ik dus nog maar eens door mijn cijfers heen gaan terwijl ik jouw overzicht in mijn achterhoofd hou. Of niet, want tja, dat is natuurlijk weer minder leestijd. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha. Ik maak begin van het jaar altijd een lijstje met dingen die ik wil bijhouden en na elk boek ga ik streepjes zetten waar ze horen. Kost dus gelukkig niet zo veel tijd. πŸ˜‰

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