2019 Goals & Intentions for Reading, Social Media and the Blog

For the most part each year I tend to have similar goals. Read so many books, read these books, finish series. You’ll see these down below.

Last year I also did beat the backlist. Unfortunately the element I liked about it, the interactive part, fizzled out half way through and I don’t think I’m signing back up for it. I also did the Library Love Challenge. I didn’t care about what level I was with that anymore either. However for myself I am going to keep track of how many books from the library I read. I just like knowing that bit.

Realistically, looking at the amount of books I have as a goal and the other goals, I wouldn’t be able to fit them into that amount but one must have some nice goals every now and then.


Goodreads Challenge – 60 Books

You might think I am weird for setting this back on 60 after I read so much last year. However I feel like I read so much because I kept the pressure so low on myself with just 60. Merijn is also getting older and he already stopped napping in his bed. So I already have less time for everything. So if I hit more that is great, but if it is 60 that is fine too. I can’t do everything. I wish I could.

Kopie van Reading Challenge

Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi – Complete all three sections

My own reading challenge with the bingo cards. You can read more about it here. I’ll update it in my monthly wrap-up every 2 months or so.

Reading Challenge(76)

Mountain TBR Reading Challenge – 36 Books

Level Mt. Vancouver. Read more about it here.

Reading Challenge(80)

Retellings Reading Challenge – 10-15 books

Level Elemental Witch. Read more about my sign-up here.

reading challenge(81)

Harry Potter Goard Game Reading Challenge – Acceptable

Even more last minute than the retellings reading challenge is the Harry Potter Board Game that I saw last night. It is hosted by Noura from The Perks of Being Noura. I will be printing out the board game and seeing how far I can get without focusing on it too much since I have my own year long reading challenge to get to. Because of that I am trying for Acceptable which is about 161 points of 644. I might get more but we’ll see. Anyway, it will be fun in any case!

Reading Challenge(65)

15 TBR in 2019 (No New Releases)

1 Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
2 The Silver Tide by Jen Williams
3 Wildcard by Marie Lu
4 Tawny Man 2Β  by Robin Hobb
5 The Awakening by Amanda Stevens
6 Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
7 The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
8 The Poppy War by R.F. Kang
9 Legendary by Stephanie Garber
10 Jade City by Fonda Lee
11 Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova
12 Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng
13 City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty
14 Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee
15 Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria

5 Series to Read from Start to Finish

1 The Summoner by Taran Matharu 0/4
2 And I Darken by Kiersten White 0/3
3 Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness 0/3
4 Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb 0/4
5 The Riyria Revelations by Micheal Sullivan 0/6

10 Series to Finish

1 Warcross by Marie Lu 1/2
2 Timekeeper by Tara Sim 2/3
3 The Others by Anne Bishop 6/7
4 The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare 1/3
5 The Copper Cat by Jen Williams 2/3
6 Demon van Felswyck by Jurgen Snoeren 1/2
7 Tawny Man by Robin Hobb 1/3
8 The Graveyard Queen by Amanda Stevens 5/6
9 The Witches by Terry Pratchett 1/6
10 The Witches of New Orleans by J.D. Horn 2/3

Read 5 Classics

I have this goal every year. I just like that little motivation to keep reading some classics every year.

Read 5 Books by Dutch Authors

Same here. I want to motivate myself to keep picking up books by Dutch authors as well. Otherwise it just tends to fall away. This time it doesn’t have to be from my own shelves.

Read Pre-Orders within 2 Months

I liked this goal last year. It held me accountable for those pre-orders and it gave an interesting insight into my behavior with them.

Devour Your TBR

Kathy from Books & Munches did a themed tbr every month last year and this year there is a goodreads group for us to join in at with all the fun. Last year I always heard about these too late and now I can prepare months in advance so that is great. I won’t join every month but at least Fantastic February, Sequel September, Owntober and Remember November.

Reading Challenge(65)

Social Media and the Blog

I am keeping the goals low for here. Overal I’ve noticed there is no point in getting too worked up about things regarding followers. So I never really work towards it as I do my reading goals. But I still wanted to put this here.

Get 1k Twitter followers

At the moment I have 700+ followers over on Twitter. An amount I never thought I’d have. I’m quite pleased with that already. Getting to 1k would be pretty great too though. Maybe this year.

Replace the Photos

If you follow my wrap up posts you’ll have read that flickr is curbing the free accounts to a 1000 photos as of January 8th. And I had many more than that, especially of Merijn. I worked hard to get a lot of those photos of there which flickr made a LOT of work. And I haven’t managed to get all the photos replaced. So that is something I am continuing with this year.

21 thoughts on “2019 Goals & Intentions for Reading, Social Media and the Blog

  1. I love all your goals! This is the first year I’ve set a Goodreads Goal, and I’m keeping it to a humble 50 books. Like you, if I pass that number, great, but I don’t want to stress over it. I really like the Retellings Challenge, I may check that off as I go through the year just to see how far I get.


  2. I set my Goodreads challenge to one book again, just to use it as a counter. The book totals are so unreliable. Someone had their totals on their blog and they read about twice as many books as I did, but their page count was only around 200 pages more than mine. And like I said, last year I had a 30 book difference, but taking it in average page numbers it was only nine books difference. So some of the times GR was telling me I was behind, I might actually been on track or ahead! 😏

    I think the book I’m reading now is the first book in the Rain Wild series. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like her writing style, but it quickly grew on me. πŸ“š

    I would like to read the entire Chaos Walking trilogy this year, too. πŸ‘βœ¨

    I wish I could get back up to where I was in followers on Twitter before tRump happened. Ha ha. I honestly think publishers look more a IG followers now, so I definitely need to work on that. I haven’t even hit 200 yet. 😝

    I am going to do the HP challenge. Most of my extra volunteering duties don’t kick in until September, so I’ll have some extra reading time. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. It would be great if we could have a pagetracker somewhere alongside the books. Now you can’t see it as easily as the amount of books we read until the end.

      At least you aren’t missing out on those followers though if they like tRump. πŸ˜›


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, so many challenges! Is it not too stressful, or is it just an extra element of fun for you? In any case, I wish you good luck, and I hope you can smash all your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is mainly an extra element of fun. Figuring out where I can fit a book and seeing what I am accomplishing on bingo cards and such. I also like to support people by doing their challenges so I find it hard to pick haha.


  4. Verdorie hΓ©! Ik ging mezelf geen extra leesstress bezorgen door mee te doen aan reading challenges. Enkel die van Goodreads en verder niets. Drie keer raden wat ik daarnet heb opgeslagen … ja hoor, de zeven levels van het Harry Potter Board Game


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