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My Year in Books 2018 Over on Goodreads

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Like every year Goodreads creates the your year in books infographic. It sums up some information about your reading year. And you can click back to previous years. Esther from Bite Into Books created it as a meme last year and brought it back for the year of 2018. And totally tagged me on Twitter for it. That I am posting this in 2019 means nothing! Wink.

If you want you can find my direct year in books on goodreads here.

your year in books 2018


your year in books 1
I read 60.022 pages across 202 books.
The average length for the books I’ve read was 297 pages.

That average length obviously has to do with some graphic novels and the pop-up guide I read.

your year in books 2

The shortest book I’ve read was Harry Potter: a Pop-Up Guide (5 pages).
The longest book I’ve read was The Passage (994 pages).

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The most popular book I’ve read was Animal Farm (2,446,139 other readers).
The least popular book I’ve read was De Zilveren Poort (1 other reader).
your year in books 3
My average rating this year was 3.4
The highest rated book on Goodreads I read was Harry Potter: a pop-up guide to hogwarts with a 4,83 average.
That average is a bit discouraging. I seem to be going lower each year again. I hope next year I can get that up again.
My first review of the year 2018 was Deadly Sweet.
My last review of the year 2018  was The Nutcracker.

22 thoughts on “My Year in Books 2018 Over on Goodreads

  1. Wow 200 books! Good for you. You have a wide range of pages in your books. 900 pages! I could never read something that long. I get bored. I prefer three 200 page books to one 600 page books.

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    1. I think it is all about finding the right kind of book. For me anyway With some books I don’t even notice how long they are and I can just fly through 600-800 pages.


  2. I also have an average rating of 3 point something last year… I think this year though, I’ll be able to choose books that I feel like I will really love more 🙂

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    1. I thought it was okay. I think I might read on with the series and I might watch the show if it is ever shown here but I wasn’t wildly in love with it, mainly because of the first half.


  3. Oh ja, een boek van slechts 5 bladzijden haalt je gemiddelde natuurlijk snel omlaag. Ik had hetzelfde voor doordat ik vorig jaar meer graphic novels las. Maar ach, zolang we maar van het lezen kunnen genieten spelen die gemiddeldes eigenlijk geen rol hé. Ik hoop alleszins voor jou dat je ook dit jaar vaak kan wegduiken in een fantasywereld en even alle zorgen kan vergeten.

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