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Six Bloggers & One Bookstagrammer Share Their Christmas Reads

We are almost there. Christmas time. Like last year I asked other bloggers (and this time a bookstagrammer as well) to tell about their favorite Christmas reads. I loved that there were some different answers here and that people explained what is a christmas read for them. I hope you will enjoy reading these pieces as much as I did. And please give them all a seperate visit as well. They are all super amazing people.


Reading Challenge(65)

Destiny from Howling Libraries:

When I think of Christmas, I think of cozy reads—and while this may sound unusual, one of my favorite types of cozy reading is curling up with a good spooky read. Every winter, I find myself reaching for horror—bonus points if it’s a holiday horror read! This year, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few great seasonal reads: The Lights by Carrie Pack, a queer (f/f with a nonbinary side character) indie YA horror read; Hark! The Herald Angels Scream edited by Christopher Golden, a whole collection of Christmas-y horror shorts; and NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, a horror title featuring a villain whose evil residence is Christmasland. If you need a break from your other holiday reads, maybe give one of these a try!

Lindsey from Lindsey Reads:

To me, Christmas is a time to get comfortable and to be around loved ones. So a Christmas read for me is a book that gives me the same warm and cozy feeling. That’s why I will often re-read old favorites during Christmas time, books of which I know for sure that they invoke that feeling. I don’t have any specific books or go-to reads, but I’ll mostly go with fantasy books such as Harry Potter or feel-good contemporaries such as Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Books with meaningful relationships and deep friendships. Whatever book fits my mood at the time, but is also guaranteed to give me that warm, fuzzy feeling that I tend to equate with Christmas. Combine that with a nice hot chocolate, a cozy blanket, fluffy socks and a cheesy Christmas playlist and I could read all Christmas through!

Marieke from Marieke’s Books:

My absolute Christmas read is Far from the tree by Robin Benway. The book is quite new-ish, but I think it suits the Christmas season very well. It’s a beautiful story about family and finding out who you really are. It’s such a heartwarming and cute story and I think everyone should read it.

LibraryofDreaming on Instagram:

My favorite Christmas book is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I
reread it almost every year and it never fails to warm my heart and
give me that fuzzy holiday glow. I’m such a huge Dickens fan that I’ve
even been to the San Francisco Dickens Fair so it just perfectly fits
my style.

Classics can be a bit tough for some people to approach, but I think
this one has the humor and heart to make it truly timeless. My family
loves it too and it’s a big part of our holiday tradition. We watch
the 1984 movie adaption together every year and my mom never fails to
quote Tiny Tim during our Christmas dinner: “And God bless us, every

Annabel from Het Leven van een Boekenworm:

I think I’m going to sound really boring and cliché but my absolute favourite christmas read is Harry Potter. I just remember getting a new book every christmas and just locking myself up in my bedroom to read the book. It reminds me of the days I still had a christmas vacation haha.


let it snow jolene
Picture by Jolene

Jolene from Jo’s Book Blog:

This is the book (Let it Snow) I recommend to read during the holidays. First of all it features one of my favorite authors, John Green. The writing is witty, funny, and well planned out. Each story is its own story and they brilliantly intertwine and come together at the end. I also like it because it is three short stories so during this busy time of year I can sit down and read one story at a time without it taking up too much time.


Sammie from The Writerly Way:

My favorite Christmas read isn’t really a Christmas book, per se, but
one that takes place at Christmas. It’s “The Deal of a Lifetime” by
Fredrik Backman. Backman is one of my all-time favorite authors, because
his books are never exactly as they seem, and I just love the way his
stories unfold. I also never cease to fall in love with his characters,
regardless of how flawed they all are. This book is no different. It’s
really a novella and is a quick, cozy, beautiful read. “The Deal of a
Lifetime” asks what the worth of a life is and if some lives are worth
others. It’s the sort of introspective thing that I just love reading at
Christmas, and it’s short enough to get through in an evening. Plus, I’m
all for the chills it always leaves me with, no matter how many times I
read it!


Reading Challenge(65)

I won’t be posting until after Christmas so I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays in advance. May there be books, good company and food. ❤

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