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TTT #163 – Five Items from Sci-Fi Settings That I Need

Another Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) prompt I am twisting to fit my needs for Sci-Fi Month. Instead of sharing bookish merch I’d like to own (because really, I don’t need to search past links and add more to my wishlist) I am twisting this to items from sci-fi settings that I need.

Sci-Fi books, shows and movies can sometimes create the best things that we then strive to actually create. Some items from older sci-fi novels have already come to reality. So here is hoping these will too.

Reading Challenge(65)


If I can’t get floo powder, a port key or learn how to apparate than I at least want a transporter in my near future to visit Zwartraafje and my other blog friends. Can you imagine how much easier life would be if we could just transport to places instead of fly or drive? I’m trying not to think on how much it would cost though haha.


Maybe a hoverboard isn’t a NEED need item but it is just so darn cool. I would totally hover behind a hover baby carriage.


We could just use this so we can read those favorite books for the first time again…

Animal (or Baby) to Human (or Adult) Translator

Because hello, need. My cat likes to whine to me just because. It would be so much easier if I actually could tell me what she wanted or if she was just trying to chat with me. (And yes I totally need a baby translator. It would make the life of newborn moms so much easier #dreaming)

Sonic Screwdriver

And I can’t leave this out of course. I’m not the biggest Dr. Who fan but even i know about the sonic screwdriver. I mean we do have some multifuctional tools but not like this. This would make everyone’s life so much easier.

47 thoughts on “TTT #163 – Five Items from Sci-Fi Settings That I Need

  1. Listen, I feel like a transporter would be worth the money. Not just to visit anyone and everyone but also because you wouldn’t need a car anymore (saves money), and you could go anywhere in the world immediately. No 12-hour flights necessary! Those flights costs so much, so I feel like if you travel enough, it would be worth the cost.

    Why did I think about this so much? That’s also why I would always choose the teleportation superpower if I could pick.

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  2. YES to baby translator. I already know for sure I’ll be craving that in a couple of months, haha. My niece is pretty easy to understand since she has her different faces / sounds for whatever she needs [she’s six months old] but my nephew is a total riddle most of the time.. I can only hope my baby will be more like his niece, haha.

    Also yes to the transporter! To visit friends but.. imagine all the sight-seeing you could do without having to travel for hours and hours. Or just disappear to nowhere for a bit if you want to read in peace? Sounds like hea-ven.

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    1. Right? I could have used it. I thought I had a handle on it but then the dreaded 4 month nap regression happened and I realized, I knew nothing. Haha.

      Yes it would be so amazing ❀

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      1. True. If it isn’t the 4month regression it will be the 6 month regression or any of the others. Haha. I laugh but it wasn’t funny at the time. I hope you’ll make it through okay.

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  3. LOL at the animal/baby to human translator πŸ˜€ That would solve a LOT of problems!

    Transporter – yup! So you could visit me here in Australia and we talk books all day & we go book shopping.. and the other way round ❀

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  4. Dat zou ik dus echt zooooooooooo geweldig vinden hΓ©. Stel je voor dat we zo’n transporter konden gebruiken. Of door een spiegel heen konden stappen om elkaar te bezoeken. Enkele jaren terug heb ik een gelijkaardig lijstje samengesteld en toen wilde ik ook die Neutraliser. Wel gek dat ik jouw toepassing nog niet had bedacht. Ik wilde hem vooral om genante uitspraken of stomme stoten te kunnen wissen. Maar Harry Potter opnieuw kunnen ontdekken zou natuurlijk nog een pak fijner zijn.

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