Book Stores #7 – Van Piere Eindhoven

Like I mentioned in my previous book store post, social media can get you to know a lot of things you didn’t previously did. I probably would have never visited Eindhoven hadn’t I heard that the book store Van Piere was there and was fantastic.

I’m not going to lie. This is for sure a book store to visit.

I was lucky enough to find a parking garage that when we came out of it on foot had the book store right across from it. Husband rolled his eyes so hard. But that is pretty great for those of us that can’t walk that well.

Walking in this was the gorgeous view I got from the left side. I couldn’t even capure it all but it was a grand feeling to see so many book cases lined up from top to bottom with just books. I love that in stores. The below section was just Dutch with literary fiction, history, thriller and two small book cases of fantasy. I found that a bit of a let down. Until I went upstairs..

This is the view from upstairs. You can see that on the right side (or in this photo all the way in the back) is the register, notebooks and cards. There is also a lovely place to sit and chat.

But moving on to the important bit. This plus one more that I couldn’t fit in the picture was ALL English SFF and YA. I think my eye balls might have dropped out of my head when I realized that. Look at all these book cases. Look at all these beauties! I am sure you understand that I spend most of my time upstairs here during my visit. This was on the left wall (upstairs) when you can in. And on the back wall (upstairs) was more thriller/detective and literary books. All English too.

Near the English literary section there was this little table with books by Dutch authors in Dutch which was just very cool to see.

I have one complain about their upstairs and it is kind of a big one. You see on the left side of this picture is the elevator. This is as far up as it goes. And you can clearly see that little stairs there. If you are in a weelchair or can’t get up stairs this is not accessible to you at all.

When you go to the right side of the store and glance to your left you see a stairs go down (the elevator does go all the way down here) and you see more room. As you move towards the bar…

…there are even more books. The section on the right holds more non-fiction. Towards the left there is more travel guides.

However once you get through the travel section you find a bit of comis and the children’s section. There is a small bit of middle grade and younger young adult English there. This is where you will find harry potter and Rick Riordan as you can see. And then to the left of this picture there is a lot for the younger ages.

There is also a small area where you could sit and drink, or in some cases work.

All in all I think Van Piere is a great place to visit as a book lover. Whether you prefer English, Dutch, Fantasy, Literary or Non-Fiction, there is something to find here for everyone.  If you live in the area they also regurly host book presentations and events. They also have some reading groups.

When I bought my books (or rather husband gifted them to me) I got these two book marks that make a picture, It is so cute!

19 thoughts on “Book Stores #7 – Van Piere Eindhoven

  1. OMG, this bookstore is absolutely beautiful. I also love how full of people it is? This is going to sound weird but most bookstores in NYC are pretty much EMPTY, unless they’re in a really busy place. 😩 Kind of makes me wonder how books survive in a place as expensive in New York!

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    1. Oh really? That is so weird. Most of the book stores here in the Netherlands are pretty filled with people. Especially the two in churches. I guess they have to bank a lot on online orders?


  2. That bookstore looks amazing! Gonna visit it if I ever have the chance.
    The bookstores all around me really small and cramped, even ones that used to be big have scaled down significantly :/ Guess people in my city aren’t that into books.

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  3. Love this article! It’s great to see articles focused on bookstores. Whenever I’m in Eindhoven, I always pay a visit to this shop. I think they have a great selection of English books – going upstairs is always the first thing I’ll do haha – and I never walk out empty handed haha. And you weren’t lucky persé, it was fate that you parked right from across the bookstore haha! I really like it as well that they have a coffee bar downstairs and a toilet as well. Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite bookstores to visit. I think a lot of people would talk about the Dominican church in Maastricht but there’s just too many people there, ALL THE TIME, brr.. I’d rather sit down for a coffee at VanPiere 🙂

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    1. Haha true. It was fate. 😉 I like to visit that store but it is always so crowded and I can’t always find what I want there. So I can totally see why you would say VanPiere. Have you ever been to the church book store in Zwolle, Waanders in de Broeren. They’ve taken a different approach to it than Dominicanen.

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  4. Ik ben deze week nog bij VanPiere geweest en had er nog niet bij stilgestaan dat de lift daar geen oplossing vormt voor rolstoelgebruikers. Wel grappig dat je een parking had gekozen die vlak voor de winkel uitkomt. Heel handig ook wanneer je je daar een beetje laat gaan want dan moet je dat zware leesvoer niet ver dragen. 🙂

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    1. Ja als je zelf niet in een rolstoel zit dan valt het ook niet zo op. Nu met de kinderwagen heb ik vaak dezelfde problemen als rolstoelgebruikers met toegankelijkheid en dan valt het me wel snel op.


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