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TTT #162 – Sci-Fi Backlist Books I Want to Read

When it comes down to it I have a staggering list of backlist books I’d like to get to. You all know this. I’m not even talking about the ones on my shelves… As it stands it is just hard to keep up with all the books being published by favorite authors, in favorite genres, with favorite topics.  So of course Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) has to get us to make a list on that.

As it is sci-fi month I am of course changing things around so it can fit for that, and so I am only focusing on backlist sci-fi books.

ttt 163 part 1

1 Binti by Nnedi Okorafor
I’ll be honest and saw I am going to wait here until the bind-up of these novella’s are going to release, which should be next year. I also own two of her other books and I really need to get on them.

2 Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
Overal I don’t very often see this book around or mentioned but what I have heard of it sounds pretty great!

3 Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
I’ve owned this trilogy for a while now and I swear, next year, I am totally reading it!

4 The City & the City by China Mieville
This is one of those books I tend to just toe around, knowing I’ll probably like it but that I am also just really intimidated by.

5 Blood Red Road by Moira Young
This is one of those dystopian YA series that doesn’t get mentioned that much. It kind of got delved under by all the other ya dystopian coming out arund the same time. But I’ve heard good things. About the first book anyway haha.

ttt 163 part 2

6 Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
I’ve obviously read Hitchhiker’s Guide. But I’ve had my eye on this one for a while too. I’m interested to see if I’d like this too.

7 Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman
I read Illuminae a while ago but haven’t picked up this one yet. I do want to read it though. Some day…

8 Unearthed by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
I really do need to read something by Amie Kaufman soon…

9 Avalon by Mindee Arnett
This one just sounds very interesting. Also that cover is epic.

10 The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland
When I was younger I wanted to write about deparments that tackled different kinds of supernatural bits and beings. That never happened of course but that is what draws me to this so much.

49 thoughts on “TTT #162 – Sci-Fi Backlist Books I Want to Read

  1. That’s an awesome list! I’m not familiar with all of them so that means my own tbr is going to expand I think, lol. Under the never sky has been on my tbr for years now – oops. Keep hearing only great things about it so I’m curious!
    Gemina was maybe even better as Illuminae I think. Curious to see what you’ll think about it! And Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner’s Starbound trilogy is also really awesome I think, have you read that one yet? Unearthed is still on my tbr as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. 😉
      Under the Never Sky has been on my tbr forever as well. I bought all the books on sale. And yet still not started it.
      No I haven’t read that yet. Unearthed appeals to me a bit more.

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  2. Great list! I need to check out the Illuminae books (this is the second list I’ve seen them on this week, so that must be a sign) and I hope you enjoy Blood Red Road when you get to it, I LOVED that one. 🙂 It feels more post-apocalyptic than dystopian to be honest, like a sci-fi western/Mad Max kind of vibe, but I had so much fun reading it.

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  3. Lovely list! I hope you’ll be able to read Gemina soon, I really liked it! 🙂 I read the first book in the Under The Never Sky series, but never got around to continuing haha. I hope you’ll like it! 🙂

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  4. I love your list!!! Binti completely captured my heart when I read it back in 2016. I am also waiting for the novella bind up before I continue the series. I know I’ll want to keep these books forever, as I loved the novella so much. It gives you quite a bit to think about!

    Ancillary Justice! I agree, I don’t see this book around often. I read it when it was first released, not realizing it was a series. I am looking forward to reading the whole series at some point. I had a lot to think about once I finished the first book! I look forward to your eventual review– this is a book which left me quite confused until literally 50%. Then I couldn’t stop.

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    1. Yeah I think I’m really going to like these books and there will be a good chance of binging them haha.

      Ah that is interesting. I’m hoping to reserve it at the library at the start of the year. Apparently they’ve even been translated to Dutch.


  5. I fell madly in love with Under the Never Sky because of how the romance was laced throughout the story. I was super invested in not only the both of their individual journeys, but the both of them together too. Have fun reading this series when you pick it up but keep in mind that it starts out slow, it took me a few chapters before I was fully immersed in the story.

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  6. Under the Never Sky and Blood Red Road were both fabulous. I enjoyed the whole UtNS series, and I absolutely devoured the first two Blood Red Road books, though I was kind of disappointed with the finale. Unearthed was really good too! Hope you enjoy these when you get to them!

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  7. I hope you enjoy Dirk Gently 🙂 I have read the first two books and I need to read the third one, sooner or later. I loved the tv series more, and I know that this sound like heresy, but the books and the tv series are completely different, so I think that’s okay!

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  8. I want to read the Binti books, too. I have the first two (or three?) of the Dirk Gently books on my Kindle and I am hoping to get to them next year. 📚

    I can’t remember, have you read the Paranormalcy books by Kiersten White? They are about a supernatural being regulation force. Of all the YA Paranormal books I read when Baz was sick, that series was my favorite. 👍✨

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    1. Oh I can’t wait to hear what you will think of Dirk Gently.
      I haven’t. I’ve had the first one in my hand once but paranormal and me are still so hit and miss. But that regulation force sounds so cool!

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