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Unboxing – Spook-a-Swap 2018

I think over the course of a few months I might have dropped that I was taking part in a Halloween book swap hosted by Kwante in Wonderland. It was a lot of fun, helped by Kwante who put us all in a facebook group. Here we could share sneak peaks, tips on finding some cool halloween stuff and everything. We all had the same date to send the box (a week before Halloween) and we would all open it on Halloween.

Very exciting as you can imagine. And having to wait for a week while there is this big box staring at you…well that is hard.

First look into the box.

An overview with everything still wrapped! Aren’t you all curious yet?

So here are a few of the not wrapped things in the box. Two cards about two books, a bookmark of a Dutch anthology and a speark book mark. The orange one is a halloween card for me to send if I wish. And the blue one is the card where my swap revealed herself. ❤ Such a lovely card.

Some more things taht weren’t wrapped. Some blood syrup candy in a blood bag haha. Some halloween tattoos and a fake bat that is now on the window of one of my bookshelf doors.

One of the first things I opened was the big flat package that was on the top of the box when I opened it. Look at this. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is a big 3D print that I got because of my love of dragons. I think I am going to buy a frame for it.

A lovely trick or treat mug with a spider decoration in it. One more mug for the collection haha.

And then the books! First I got The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. As you guys know I already read the e arc but I really liked it and I am so pleased to have a physical copy now.

And the second book was One Dark Throne, the sequel to Three Dark Crowns. So now I can read on!

And the overview. Look at that filled package. Thank you so much again Anne-Merije!

14 thoughts on “Unboxing – Spook-a-Swap 2018

  1. Tof dat je ook een overzicht hebt samengesteld van wat je hebt gekregen én gegeven. Die print van Anne Stokes is wel echt iets voor een drakenfan hé. Eigenlijk doen we nooit veel met Halloween. Buiten dan het herbekijken van bepaalde films. Ik vond het echter super tof om aan een Halloween swap mee te doen en vermits ik na de verzenddatum nog geweldige stickers vond zal ik volgende jaar wel opnieuw ‘moeten’ meedoen. 🙂

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