Unboxing – Letters & Lights Halloween Box

From time to time I enjoy ordering a goodie box from Letters and Lights. Emmy is a Dutch blogger who started up her own business and I want to support that. When she announced the Halloween box I was interested. When she said there was a Lockwood & Co. item in it I ordered it right away. There are so few fan items for Stroud books it makes me sad so I am happy to see there was an item in this book.

Unfortunately I do not have a glimpse into the box as I opened it as Merijn was near and he was not having it, haha.

The first thing I pulled from this box was this long print card Emmy created of Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch. So lovely and moody with Hogwarts at the back.

Next was this bookmark of Loki. I quite enjoy Loki as a character so yeay for having a bookmark from him. But I think I find this book mark a bit too dark in colors for me personally.

And here are the candles. The Power of Three is of course from Charmed, The Family Business from Supernatural and last but not least the pretty Lockwood & Co. candle. I’m so glad I have a great Lockwood item now.

How the candles look on the inside. I like the smell of the Power of Three the best.

This pretty necklace was created by the Dutch business Aardekracht. I love how the skull looks. So simple and yet so great.

A button of one of the Hocus Pocus sisters which was created by Loeff Bureau Creative. I love the art.

A pin which will look great on my bookish totebag.

And lastly a pumpkin king lip balm created by Oriandle. Smells nice and love it on my lips. Great for this coming Winter because my lips always dry so easily

And the overview. Overal I am pleased with this box. I can do something with all of these items so they won’t be covered in dust like you can have with other goodies.

What do you think? Would you like to receive a box like this?

16 thoughts on “Unboxing – Letters & Lights Halloween Box

  1. I really love the boxes from Emmy! They’re always unique and amazing! But, I’m glad I didn’t order this one as I really know NONE of the fandoms 😉 (Well, of course I KNOW them, I’m just not into them.) But, it’s once again a really amazing box!

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  2. Nice! I am always worried that I won’t like the books in subscription boxes, and lets face it, that’s the biggest amount of the price in those. That’s why I think these swag only boxes are nice. If you don’t like one of the items you can gift it, use it for a giveaway, or in a swag trading group. I think this box was really well put together. 👍✨

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  3. I love bookish candles! That’s awesome you got one for a series you love. It’s tough when you love books that don’t have many fandom items created for it. This looks like a really fun box though – love the Loki bookmark and the Hagrid’s Hut print.


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  4. Oh, jij had ook Winnie. De Charmed-kaars is mijn persoonlijke favoriet qua geur en ik vind de kaart van Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch ook echt heel tof. Maar ik vind het ook super tof dat ik nu een Supernatural kaars heb. Die lippenbalsem is goed hé. Ik moet hem eigenlijk in mijn handtas opbergen zodat ik hem steeds bij me heb want hij is echt wel beter dan de lippenbalsem die er momenteel in ligt.

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