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TTT #159 – Five Bookstores and Five Libraries I Want to Visit

I’ll admit that when I see people’s visit to certain book stores or libraries, I get book store envy a little. Multiple floors, pretty buildings, walls of books. You got me right there. Even so this week’s prompt, bookstores/libraries I’ve always wanted to visit (and as always hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl), I still struggled with a bit. I just don’t make a list of those places that make me drool. I guess the chance of me visiting these is just so tiny.

Even so I still managed to make a list of 5 book stores and 5 libraries I am for sure putting on my bucketlist.



Barnes & Noble
Location: Wherever as longs it is a B&N, USA

Shakespeare & Company
Location: Paris, France

Cook & Book
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Van Piere+
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Shakespeare and Sons
Location: Berlin, Germany

+ I have since making this list been able to visit this book store.
But I thought I’d leave it up anyway.



Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

London Library
Location: London, UK

The Old Library
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek
Location: Wenen, Austria


TU Delft Library
Location: Delft, the Netherlands

20 thoughts on “TTT #159 – Five Bookstores and Five Libraries I Want to Visit

  1. I also want to see The Old Library in Ireland. It looks so pretty! I have been to Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. It was a cool book store but they didn’t let you take photos inside which was kind of a bummer.

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  2. I want to go to the Trinity College library, too! And that Dutch library in the church that I showed you a photo of. I need to find the name of it again. Of course Shakespeare and Company is on my list, also. 📚

    They have started to close a lot of B&N stores, here. I think they need to start making them more community oriented with used books and a section of local history and local authors, state history, and gift items reflecting the surrounding area. Selling books and items people can easily order on the internet isn’t going to support large business much longer. 💲

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    1. We have two! One in Zwolle and one in Maastricht and both are worth the visit for sure.

      Yeah I saw on twitter B&N hasn’t been doing so well. They really need to go along with what people are asking for which I think are cozier stores with some of the things you mentioned. Also when book sellers make the effort to connect it is easier for a costumer to return.

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  3. Shakespeare & Company is such a gorgeous little corner. I had the chance to visit it last June (I only had a few hours in Paris before catching my flight and decided to visit it with a few bookworm friends) and it’s beautiful. It has such a great selection of books.

    I couldn’t resist getting myself something from Shakespeare – and Shakespeare related – and something from The Lost Generation (I regret not having bought more books written by the Lost Generation there).

    Happy readings! 😉
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

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  4. Haha, ik wilde al meteen reageren met ‘Ondertussen kan je er al eentje afvinken’ en toen zag ik je + staan. 🙂 Ik heb me ooit geamuseerd met een lijstje samen te stellen met fictieve bibliotheken en boekwinkels die ik wel zou willen bezoeken. Er zijn wereldwijd ook echt véél prachtige bibliotheken te vinden hé. Maar of ik er daar ooit daadwerkelijk van ga bezoeken is nog maar de vraag.

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