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TTT #157 – Books by Great Authors I Still Haven’t Read

Tuesday means Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) and today we are talking about books by some our favorite authors I still haven’t read.

…I mean, do you have a million years?

If there is one thing I am very bad at it is reading an author’s backlist. There is just so many books coming out and so many authors left to discover that I struggle making time to read author’s I’ve loved backlist books. The struggle to balance all the books is so hard.

I’m not listing all the books the authors have published that I haven’t read because this would be too long for that and I’m not as interested in all of them.

Reading Challenge(65)

Terry Pratchett


What haven’t I read: the majority of Discworld / Good Omens / The Long Earth / Johnny Maxwell / and everything else really
What do I own of that: 12 Unread Discworld books / Good Omens / First two Johnny Maxwell books

I mean the better question would be what have I read? He has written so many things that at this point it is just overwhelming in catching up and still read other books. I should just schedule in a Pratchett reading year at some point, haha. But the ones I listed are the ones I for sure still want to read by him.

Jonathan Stroud

What haven’t I read: Heroes of the Valley / Buried Fire / The Leap / The Last Siege / The Ghost of Shadow Vale
What do I own of that: None

Kind of sad, no? Seeing as I am such a Stroud fan. I don’t know I’ve just been prioritising other books and to be honest, these haven’t been getting the best reviews either…

Naomi Novik


What haven’t I read: Temeraire 1 to 9
What do I own of that: Temeraire 1 to 5

I love dragons so I don’t even know why I haven’t picked up Temeraire. I think it is the whole series thing and it only being translated up to part 5 which is annoying. Even so I hope next year will be the year.

Zen Cho

What haven’t I read: Spirits Abroad / The House of Aunts / The First Witch of Damansara / The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo
What do I own of that: None

I fell in love with her Sorcerer to the Crown and quickly bought one of her novella’s but I haven’t gotten around to picking up any of the others. I am not that great in buying novella’s to be honest.

N.K. Jemisin


What haven’t I read: Dreamblood / Inheritance
What do I own of that: Dreamblood book 2 / Inheritance book 2

I could get them both cheap, okay? But I totally need to pick up book 1 so I can read more Jemisin because I loved The Broken Earth.

Robin Hobb

What haven’t I read: Tawny Man / Rain Wild Chronicles / Fitz and the Fool
What do I own of that: Tawny Man

I am making my way through Tawny Man at the moment, so go me. πŸ˜€

Rick Riordan

What haven’t I read: The Kane Chronicles
What do I own of that: None

I am not as interested in The Kane Chronicles as I was with PJO. BUT I might pick them up from my library some day.

Victoria Schwab

What haven’t I read: Our Dark Duet / The Near Witch
What do I own of that: None

Kind of sad but Our Dark Duet doesn’t quite appeal to me as much as I didn’t love the first book. The Near Witch is hard to find and expensive as an ebook so we’ll see. Some day!

Leigh Bardugo


What haven’t I read: Wonder Woman: Warbringer
What do I own of that: Wonder Woman

I really like Bardugo’s writing, even more so after the SOC duology and I am super pumped for King of Scars but I’m not sure how much interest I really have in reading Wonder Woman just because she wrote it.

Intisar Khanani

What haven’t I read: Thorn
What do I own of that: None

I was going to buy the ebook of Thorn when it became unavailable. Bummer. BUT it is for a good reason. Thorn is getting a rerelease in 2019!

53 thoughts on “TTT #157 – Books by Great Authors I Still Haven’t Read

  1. I am so interested with Leigh Bardugo’s works these days. I can’t help but keep on noticing her books in every website that I visited. I really wished to read her books but it’s so hard to find her collections in my country!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I struggle with backlist at times too, with all the shiny NEW constantly coming out lol. I have read most of Hobb’s stuff though. I enjoyed the Tawny Man books. I really do need to read some Pratchett here at some point. Soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha I love that Discworld is also top of your list. xD TWINS! Oh, I thought about Jonathan Stroud, too! But I’ve read all of, like, one book of his, and the list was too long and depressing, so I’m just going to say all of them lol. I’ve also read no Victoria Schwab, but I really hope to rectify that soon, because I’m dying to read Vicious and City of Ghosts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I ordered City of Ghosts from BD, and assuming it comes in in time, my daughter and I will be reading it Halloween week together. xD I also grabbed a couple Schwab books from the library and put a hold for Vicious and Vengeful (whenever they get it in) so I am so ready to rectify never having read her! Woot woot! xD


  4. Look at it this way: the first 5 Temeraire books are the good ones, and honestly you’ll enjoy it better if you write your own ending from there (yes, I’m biased, and yes, the last 4 books just made me angry). But the first 5 really are awesome.

    I loved Zen Cho’s Sorcerer and Spirits Abroad (and The Terracotta Bride) too – she really should have been on my list (I’ve not read Jade Yeo / House of Aunts / Last Witch).

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  5. I definitely need to read Schwab and Hobb (they are both on my list this week, too, but in a cheater-y way). And I completely forgot about Novik. I haven’t read any of her books yet, but I really, really want to, especially with my obsession of dragons. So I’m right there with you.

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  6. Wait, Jonathan Stroud wrote something other than the Bartimaues and Lockwood series? I didn’t now that. Going to have to check them out. I’ve been meaning to get into the Sorcerer to the Crown, since Zen Cho is Malaysian (have to support our own!). Glad to know that you loved it!

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  7. I looked see if I could loan you Thorn, but it’s not shareable. 😒

    I keep seeing Robin Hobb on your blog, Talitha’s, and I think Elizabeth’s, too; as well as several other blogs I am only semi-regular with, and I have wanted to try her books. I followed her on Goodreads when she pointed out that The Black Witch wasn’t racist after it was mobbed, and every time I see a review of hers pop up on a book I’ve read, I read it and she always has similar things to say about them, so I’m thinking I should like her books. I looked on Hoopla and the only audiobooks they have of hers are the Wild Rain series, so I guess that’s where I’ll start. They have dragons on the covers. I hope they don’t take human form though. Ha ha. πŸ“šβœ¨

    Yes, the trials and tribulations of what Discworld arc to read next, and whether or not to read other series of his before finishing. πŸ˜‹

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    1. Ah boo. 😦

      They are so well written. I think you’d really like them. Most of her books are set in the Realm of the Elderlings and while you could start at Wild Rain I think I would advise starting with The Farseer trilogy > Liveship Traders tril > Tawny Man tril > Wild Rain series > Fitz and the Fool tril.
      Zips lips on dragons haha.



  8. Omg I think Terry Pratchett wrote like 39898 million books didn’t he?! I’ve read Good Omens which he only half wrote anyway BUT STILL. πŸ˜‚And I am behind on Riordan books! Like…omg all of them at this stage. And his extra ones which were more just about the gods? I haven’t even touched those whoops. I also want to read some Robin Hobb! SOMEDAY.

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  9. The Near Witch is going to be released in UK (Schwab announced it a few weeks ago), so I’m hoping to get a physical copy of the book. The ebook was expensive (but I needed it for my MA thesis). I’m so behind on Rick Riordan books. I only read the first five Percy Jackson books! I can’t believe how much I still have to read to catch up.

    Happy readings! πŸ˜‰
    TΓ’nia @MyLovelySecret

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