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TTT #154 – Bingeworthy TV Shows

We are in September and in most countries that is when the tv season starts. Especially in US this seems to be a big thing. So we often get a tv prompt for top ten tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) around this time of year. Last year I talked about sci-fi shows. I won’t be mentioning the same shows in this post but you can find the post here.

This year I’m sticking to the prompt and sharing some bingeworthy tv shows. I have to be honest and say that I rarely binge shows these days. Between Merijn, reading and the blog I really don’t have the time. But I do think the shows I listed down below are so worth a binge sit.


Agents of Shield
Amount of Seasons: 5 / How Far Have I Watched: 3,5 season

This has been what I try to binge some evenings when I make the time for it. I really like it and the characters though it certainly isn’t flawless.


Amount of Seasons: 13 / How Far Have I Watched: 11

You knew this was coming, right? Like Agents of Shield it isn’t without its flaws but I am just so attached to our brothers that I have to keep watching, haha.

Midsomer Murders
Amount of Seasons: 19 / How Far Have I Watched: 13 (and bits and pieces of later seasons)

Okay this is my favorite English detective. I just loved Barnaby so much. I have to be honest and say I haven’t been quite as invested in the newer seasons with his cousin but they don’t show it as much anymore either.


Avatar: The Last Airbender 
Amount of Seasons: 3 / How Far Have I Watched: 3

Look if you haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender than what are you doing with your life? It has one of the best redemptions arcs that there are, and this was my husband and mine’s life for a while. (See you don’t need to get yourself a bookworm as a partner, as long as you share other things.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Amount of Seasons: 7 / How Far Have I watched: 7

Buffy. I watched bits and pieces of this when it aired but it wasn’t until I got the box set that I binge watched this series. Twice actually.

Agent Carter
Amount of Seasons: 2 / How Far Have I Watched: 2

I binged watched this before I started Agents of Shield. I LOVED the first season but the second one was severly lacking and I kind of understand why it was cancelled. It still sucked though considering where it bloody well ended.

Gravity Falls
Amount of Seasons: 2 / How Far Have I watched: 2

Okay when I first saw the adds for this I rolled my eyes. Until I actually saw an episode and fell so hard in love with this show. It has so many great things. I am so sad they decided to end it after two seasons. I needed so much more. And I am even sadder I can’t seem to buy them on dvd. ._.

57 thoughts on “TTT #154 – Bingeworthy TV Shows

  1. I have been having a conversation with a fellow blogger about Supernatural for a while already… And I must confess that Supernatural gifts are the best!! I think that we are both almost on the same season I started 11th season but I didn’t finish it… I hope that you can keep watching it it was a really nice show … And I like the eye candy xD

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  2. Great list! Avatar made my list this week, too, and I love that a show like Midsomer Murders is being watched outside of the UK – it’s such a cosy Sunday afternoon drama, but it’s great fun. 😀

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    1. I have like the first 9 seasons and a few later ones on dvd. Love it. They just started showing season 20 here but I haven’t been keeping up with all the new seasons of the new barnaby as much.


    1. I saw the first 2 seasons when it aired but then lost track of it. I do want to go back to it some day but it isn’t high on my list at the moment. (I loved that it had cordelia though)


  3. 19 seasons for Midsomer Murders??? Bloody hell!
    I remember i used to watch it maybe like 15 years ago. Never thought it will go on for that long. I quite liked it though but i’m guessing a lot of characters have changed by now.

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    1. Apparently 20 now as I just saw that being aired this week X-X
      The old barnaby left around season 13 I think and his ‘cousin’ barnaby took over. He’s on his third or fourth helper now I think.

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  4. Yes, to many of these! I love Buffy. And Agent Carter was a great show. I wish they hadn’t cancelled it. Supernatural is awesome. I need to jump back into Agents of Shield. I am not sure where I left off with that one.

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  5. Agents of Shield isn’t my thing, but I have watched every episode with my husband. I hate to admit that it does grab my attention and I could see it being binge worthy…Just don’t tell him that! 😉

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    1. It was. I’m sad I can’t really get into the comics set afterwards.
      And yeah I didn’t get the same feeling with Korra either. It was just a different set up with shorter seasons. I still loved Tenzin and hsi family though.


    1. Oh yes it is, haha. The leading man was the same until season 13 I think. And after that there was another which is now still the same. Their helpers have had more changes though.


  6. So much yes here! Supernatural is one of my favorites, and about the only currently running TV show that I actually bother following. I LOVE Avatar, also. The redemption arc was on point, the world-building, and just the characters were SO easy to love. Also, Iroh. Iroh is everything, end of story. xD

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  7. Yes to Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter – still kind of bitter that it was cancelled, even though I can’t stand Chad Michael Murray and I got annoyed every time I saw his face haha.

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  8. Ik ben echt zo hard aan het wachten op het 13de seizoen van Supernatural. Normaal zou het op 23 september uitkomen dus ik heb deze week al meermaals gekeken op de webshop van Mediamarkt omdat ik het bij hen wil pre-orderen én het staat er nog steeds niet op. Dat rusten gaat me veel beter afgaan in het gezelschap van de broertjes.

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