TTT #150 – Combined Topics I’d Like to Read More

Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl) is books you’d like to mash up together. I like to keep my books seperate thank you very much. In my head that is like the whole characters from two different books romance question some book tags have. I can’t quite mash that up in my head. And when I see a synopsis with this book is a combination of this and that, it rarely lives up to it.

So instead I am just going to share some topics together that I’d like to read more of in books. Do you have see certain combinations and just scream, yes I need more of this? Well I do. In my head anyway. Shouting wakes the toddler. You do not wake sleeping babies.

I couldn’t quite make this go to ten. Well not at all really but I am sure you all can help me fill up this list and go beyond ten.

Reading Challenge(65)


Time Travel + Pirates/Ships

Ever since I read The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig I have a desperate need for a ship that can travel through time. How cool is that?

PTSD + High Fantasy

Recently I read Witchmark which had veterans in a magical Britain who had PTSD. I’ve read so much high and epic fantasy over the years and yet rarely do you see those that have gone on the battle field display the after effects. Or it is downplayed or condemned.

Necromancer + Dragons

How cool would a necromancer riding on a brought back from the dead skeleton dragon be?

Double Agents + Romance

Now you might find this an odd something on my timeline but when a book has this it automatically will apeal to me I have discovered. Like with The Love Interest. I didn’t like the execution but was drawn in by that premise.

50 thoughts on “TTT #150 – Combined Topics I’d Like to Read More

  1. Double agents & romance has SO many possibilities! And yes I’ll take a necromancer on an undead dragon, thank you very much. šŸ™‚ And yes, time travel and pirates/ ships would go well together! I would read it.

    Good point about PTSD. I think everyone in Westeros would have it.

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  2. I’m not one for dragons, but I would definitely want to see big dragon skeletons flying around. And I am 100% with you on mental health being discussed more in fantasy. Not everyone comes back from war perfectly fine and that needs to be shown in more than just “realistic” fiction.

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  3. Like your twist on the topic this week. I also found it a bit tricky this week, even though I’m really enjoying the creativity of other bloggers. I tend to keep my books separate from each other as well. šŸ™‚

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  4. I love your ideas this week! I’m finding it difficult even to comment on some of these posts this week, even though I love all the crazy ideas, because so often there’s one book of every pairing that I haven’t read!

    I like the idea of time traveling pirate ships! After all, we couldn’t always have the Delorean!

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  5. A necromancer and dragons sounds like a perfect combination! That would be so cool. It kind of reminds me of The Bone Witch, because she brings back these monsters from the dead too. Love this list! I didn’t do this week’s topic because like you said, I just couldn’t mash up books and characters in my mind? It just didn’t work.

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    1. Oh now I need to read that one even more. šŸ˜€

      Right? I kept staring at this topic and somehow ended up with this but sticking with the original topic I could not have done.

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  6. I like your take on this! Finding actual books to mash together sure was a challenge. xD

    OH. MY. GOSH. Necromancers and dragons? YES. SO MUCH YES. Someone needs to go out and write that and throw it at me, please and thank you?

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  7. Your concept of PTSD in High Fantasy books really spoke to me. You’re right, the after effects of the brutal wars in those books are very rarely featured, or if they are, they don’t last for too long. It would really be interesting (and important) to have this feature more.

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