Unboxing – Letters and Lights Grisha Box

You might have heard me mention Letters and Lights before. It is a Dutch Bookish online store that sells mainly bookish candles and book marks. It is owned by Emmy from the Dutch book blog Zon en Maan. I’ve bought a few candles and book marks from her before. This year she has also started boxes filled with bookish goodies. It is the same concept as book boxes, just without the box. For August the theme was Grisha and I simply could not resist that!

So here is a quick view into the box when I opened it. The striped card with the crow on it is the spoiler card. I very quickly glanced at it but then put it aside. No need to spoil myself.

Below the spoiler card was this King of Scars chapter sampler. Emmy went to YALC last weekend and collected some swag to put into this box.

That is also the case with this card that shows the six of crows collector’s edition on the back of the card.

Now onto the real goodies! Since Emmy makes mostly bookish candles I already knew these were going to be in here. They are three of the different kinds of Grisha. Etherealki, Materialki and Corporalki.

And here is how the candle looks. Lots of glitter. All three smell good but I really love the Materialki one. It smels so good.

Now obviously Cinder wasn’t in this box but I wanted to show you the size difference between a normal sized candle from the store and one of these tiny candles that were in the box. I think I actually prefer the tiny ones. They take up less space and are so cute. ❤

Next up I found this decorative soap inspired by Sturmhond, one of my favorite characters of ever. It smells nice and it looks sparkly. The sparkles fit so well for King of Scars haha. Obviously as this is a decorative soap it can’t be used.

Then I got these cute stag earrings. I’ll be honest and say that this my least favorite item of the box. Not because I don’t think they look great but because I just don’t wear earrings anymore. As you can see they are created by Lisa from Proud Book Junk.

Next there was a quote card for a quote from Siege and Storm, the second Grisha box. Very pretty.

Six of Crows Coasters! Obviously I am unlikely to use these. But they are sure pretty for photos 😀

And last but certainly not least is this gorgeous Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom clock. Look at it! Its amazing. Even husband really liked it. And that is saying something.

Complete overview. I’m quite pleased with this box. My favorite items are the clock, the candles and the coasters.

Have you ever ordered a goodiebox of one of your favorite book series before?

23 thoughts on “Unboxing – Letters and Lights Grisha Box

  1. I was so absolutely in love with this box too! I really love the candles and the soap (you can use it, she just can’t sell it as usable because of the strict Dutch rules considering bath products), but most of all that clock! That clock is so so so amazing!

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    1. Ah I know she first talked about the soaps that was something she was struggling with so I just assumed they couldn’t be used haha. Thanks for telling me. That clock is so amazing!


  2. I’ve never ordered a pure goodie box so far. There was always a book in the box but I must say these candles are so pretty!!!

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  3. So pretty! That clock is stellar. I have never seen clock swag before. 🕘✨

    I put scented decorative soaps in my underwear and sock drawers. 💟

    I have never ordered a goodie box. I am too afraid I won’t like what’s in it and have buyer’s remorse that I could have spent it on a book, or two. 😊

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    1. Me neither. Pretty cool!

      Haha that is a good idea.

      Yeah that is usually what I have with boxes in general too but since I reguraly buy things from her I figured I’d get something nice.

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  4. Great unboxing post! I haven’t ordered a bookish box before… but I’m always so jealous when people have unboxing posts. 🙂 I just know if I start, I’ll never stop with these boxes– it’s all about self-control.

    I have only read Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom. It sounds like I’m in dire need to read other Grisha books. What would you recommend I read next?

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    1. Haha I can imagine that. I see so many people get multiple monthly boxes but see a lot of dissapointment too so I try and remember that.

      Oh either Language of Thorns (with the short lore stories of Grisha) or Smoke and Bone, the first book of the trilogy. In general Language of Thorns doesn’t hold much spoilers for the trilogy that Crooked Kingdom didn’t already have. 😉

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      1. Oooh. I wonder if there are spoilers that I will have not noticed reading Smoke and Bone? I know they spoke a little about the results of some war but I don’t recall who is leading whom. Brilliant! I’m looking forward to it more now– perhaps I can recall this memory somehow. 😉

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  5. Aha, ik was al benieuwd wat het item zou zien dat ze nog nooit in een andere box had zien verschijnen. Een klok is wel echt origineel. De kleine kaarsen zijn ook leuk. Ik denk dat mijn voorkeur daar ook naar uit gaat vermits ik mijn kaarsen echt niet ga aansteken en ze anders wel heel snel veel plaats gaan innemen.

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