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Book Haul #35 – The One Wherein I Confess My Sins

We are already hitting August today. Why is the time flying like that? Here I am with another book haul. Wait, a book haul you say? Weren’t you on a book buying ban? Yeah, about that…

About That Book Buying Ban…

Ontwerp zonder titel(3)

I failed. Epically.

It started with my husband ordering a book along with another order for me and he wasn’t allowed to buy me any books as you remember. And then we went to Deventer and I saw these gorgeous two classics that matched with some other editions I have. So I bought them. We hit another book store when there and I saw the pretty black chaos walking editions, and I was going to walk away. But husband asked me five times if I didn’t want them…and then, you know…things continued

So I have no self restraint. My husband is the worst enabler when it comes to book buying. What is new?

Onto the book haul!

+ = Read

Reading Challenge(64)


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
While I am familiar with the basic story of A Christmas Carol due to the various movies and tv episodes, I have never actually read the book. This seems like an awesome one to read in December


Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Similar to A Christmas Carol I bought Oliver Twist because I know the story but never have read the original. And look at this stunning edition. *.*


The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking 1) by Patrick Ness
The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking 2) by Patrick Ness
Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking 3) by Patrick Ness
But didn’t you already own this trilogy? Why yes, I did. But it was completely mix matched and as I said my husband is a terrible enabler when it comes to pretty editions. So I am getting rid of those and keeping these. At least that isn’t an extra 3 to my tbr count. Gotta keep positive. I am thinking about doing a readalong for these next year.


A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. Edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman.
Look at this pretty. I have been looking forward to this ever since I first heard of it last year and I couldn’t resist just adding in to my cart. It isn’t my fault the husband than proceeded to buy it for me.


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik +
Another gorgeous cover. I already was able to read this as an e-arc, but I had to pre order the physical copy. I have Uprooted in the same style but that was stopped printing after a while and is hard to come by these days. I got it just in time. So I was not going to wait with Spinning Silver!


The Chosen Ones (Worldquake Sequence 2) by Scarlett Thomas
I actually had reserved this from the library but then my mother bought it for me, haha. It is so weird though. The English titles and covers sound and look so different. You wouldn’t think they are the same book.


The Gathering (Darkness Rising 1) by Kelley Armstrong
Well and then the ban got discarded. We went to a fantasy fair and I found this for 3 Euro. I have been wanting to read this for a while and was planning on getting the books from my library. But having found this I can just read the first one without rush.


The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge +
I really, really loved this mg book when I borrowed it from the library so when I saw it for cheap on the Boekenkraam (a Dutch bargain site for damaged books) I went for it. And then other books sneaked their way inside, including one for Merijn’s birthday.


A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch (Worst Witch 3) by Jill Murphy
A while ago I got another Worst Witch book. I just love how soft these covers are with the silver. And they are just very cute reads. 


A Boy Called Christmas (Christmas 1) by Matt Haig
I’ve had my eye on Matt Haig for a while but never bought any of this books. But when I saw this for cheap with an extra discount of 35% it got very quickly added to my cart. Looks like a good read for December.


Half the World (Shattered Sea 2) by Joe Abercrombie
Anderwereld (the online fantasy book store where I got the second hand english mystery box from earlier this year) did a flash sale on their facebook page. They had gotten a bunch of American Library Hardcovers. They all looked in pretty decent shape. I decided to get this one. I have the first one in paperback so I read on once I start this series. I honestly have had my eye on reading Abercrombie for a while, and even own a series started on my ereader for a while now but just haven’t picked them up to read yet. I think I might need to arrange a buddy read for the first one some time.


Bright Ruin (Dark Gifts 3) by Vic James +
So then I took Merijn into Zwolle to get some harry potter stuff at Primark (no I did not get THAT much) and though we visited a book store I did not get the two books I had in my hand. I proudly told my husband that when he arrived home and I promptly got told to get them with them. Which are Bright Ruin and the one belowand then I also got the one below that when I saw it. I know. I’m trying so hard and husband is like #whatever.

Anyway I already read Bright Ruin as an e-arc but I needed it to complete my series.


Serafina and the Splintered Heart (Serafina 3) by Robert Beatty
I was so pleased when these got translated. Though I haven’t even read the first one. But now I have them all I am planning on binging them soon. I’ve been waiting…


Jade City (The Green Bone Saga 1) by Fonda Lee
I’ve only heard amazing things about Fonda Lee and this book for sure has captured my interest.


Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers 3) by Becky Chambers
My pre order came in and it is a beauty!


City of Blades (The Divine City 2) by Robert Jackson Bennett
So when you are an idiot, you are an idiot. I really enjoyed Foundryside in July and now really want to read his previous trilogy as well. So in my excitement I grabbed this book, only later realizing this is actually book 2. I’m a book fan girl. I can’t help it.


The Wizards of Once (The Wizards of Once 1) by Cressida Cowell
So Cowell wrote How to Train Your Dragon and while I found the first one entertaining, I never read on beyond that. This however sounds a lot more like it is up my alley. Wizards, okay. And look, a crow just for Zwartraafje.


Death and the Afterlife: A Chronical Journey, from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection by Clifford A. Pickover
Oh hey, a non-fiction book about death. Look it is pretty and I find this interesting and it seemed like the best read for Halloween haha.

Reading Challenge(63)

ebook haul july 2018


Foundryside (The Founders 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett +
I was invited for the blog tour and I am completely over excited about reading this. I was invited through netgalley.
City of Broken Magic by Mirah Bolender
This just sounds so good! Another one from Netgalley.
Seafire (Seafire 1) Nathalie C. Parker
Another invite through Netgalley and blog tour. ❤ I am so excited for this too.
Tempest and Slaughter (Numair Chronicles 1) by Tamora Pierce
I’ve never read anything by Tamora Pierce but I know she was a big writer in a lot of people’s childhoods. So I am curious.
Rejoice, a Knife to the Heart by Steven Erikson
I’ve been meaning to pick up his Malediction trilogy but rarely come across his books in the book store. Seeing this I had to request. It is actually a sci-fi and sounds really interesting.
Shadow Thief (Sunbolt Chronicles 0.5) by Intisar Khanani +
Thanks so much to Intisar for offering the opportunity to get a very early glance at this as she is still working on it to get it ready for public release. ❤

Reading Challenge(62)


These books Merijn got from my parents. Peppa Pig is always fairly cheap in the supermarket. I think it is this one in English but I’m not sure. It is always hard to find with picture books.

The other book is a counting book for him to learn the numbers slowly. He’s had a lot of interest in that lately. That one I can’t find at all on goodreads.


I got him this cute little book with short music samples from bed time songs with a few lines a long with it. I don’t know how to sing along the lines with the music because sometimes I’m too quick, other times too slow, haha. But Merijn enjoys it.

21 thoughts on “Book Haul #35 – The One Wherein I Confess My Sins

  1. It clearly wasn’t your fault! You were basically forced… bullied into buying those books!! 😀 😀

    Beautiful editions! You got some absolutely lovely stuff ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great haul!! I love the idea of a book buying ban but it’s so hard when the covers are as pretty as that… can’t wait to hear what you think of Bright Ruin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. I get the side-eye to when he comes home and there is an order of books I did myself. But then the next time he’ll just buy me more so I can’t keep up with that haha.


  3. I still need to read ‘Tempest and Slaughter’! A sample is sitting on my Kindle but I am actually pretty sure I’ll buy it^^

    Those classics in the start look beautiful! I am sure I couldn’t resist buying them either!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Those Ness are really REALLY nice! Is the Oliver Twist a Puffin? I want to get Baz some Dickens because he liked the one he had to read for IB English in high school, I don’t think he would like that cover style though, I’d have to but those for myself. 😂

    So many beautiful covers! Is that Worst Witch naked or does it come that way? I really like that. 💜

    Peppa Pig! I missed Peppa with Baz, but both the Munchkins loved the books and the show. 🐽

    Your hubby was extremely naughty. Ha ha. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes from the children puffin classic line I think. I also have the Matilda from that line and a few more.
      It comes that way! It is what drew me in the first place. 😀

      Haha Merijn doesn’t get the show as much but he is slowly looking more in these peppa floppy books. And before bed time we also have this cardboard book of Peppa going on the train.

      He was. He totally was. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha, ik ga je het niet aanrekenen hoor. Ik ga je alleen maar héél veel leesplezier toe wensen. Manlief zal hier niet zo snel boeken voor me kopen. Anders zou mijn tbr inderdaad alleen maar sneller stijgen. Misschien maar goed dat ik daar in mijn eentje verantwoordelijk ben. Zo gaat het immers al vlug genoeg. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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