Sharing With You the Survey Results – 2018


Way back in May I celebrated my third year of blogging. When I started I never did imagine that I would hitting 3 years. But some day I’d like to hit 10. That is totally my new goal.

At the end of my celebration post I also asked you to fill in a blog survey. I initially hesitated about this but then decided I should just go for it. It can be hard to hear critisism, but one can only learn from things. And hey, it is still my blog. I can take and leave what I want. I just wanted a slight insight on things. And I want to share that with you. It is always important to be transparent when you can be.

Looking back I might gone about some of the questions differently. I think that is a big take away from looking back at it. I got 18 responses. I’m not going to lie, I had hoped I’d get more. Maybe that was the open ended questions? Or maybe I didn’t shove the survey in your faces hard enough? Which by the way I hate doing haha.

On the up, the less responses means I can go a bit more into them than I would have been able to with a lot more. So lets keep it positive.

How Did You Find A Dance with Books?

survey graphic 1

The first question was open ended. I combines some answers in to the above sections for the pie chart. Other were the ones that had just one answer like sunday post, Christmas card exchange and livejournal. It is fairly spread out and I think that blog hopping through meme’s, mutual friends and such seem to bring the most people to my blog. Which is why we often do these kind of memes to begin with. It also shows that blog hopping is for sure something that pays out.

The reason this circle diagram looks different from the ones below is because I didn’t like how google forms summarized this one so I had to make my own.

How Long Have You Been Visiting A Dance with Books?

Survey graphic 2

It is nice to see that there are some regulars still visiting from the very start. It is much appreciated. But also the new visitors are much appreciated. Basically I appreciate you all. ANYWAY. I like how well divided between the four options the respondents were.

How Often Do You Visit A Dance with Books?

survey graphic 3

It is great to see that a big portion of you visit every week. Blog hopping and visiting blogs is a very time consuming task, even if it is fun at times so I am pleased that you give some of that time to me every week.

How Do You Follow A Dance with Books (to Get Blog Posts)?

survey graphic 4

First of all, thank you so much for wanting to follow me. I find it interesting that Facebook came out that high since I don’t actually pay that much attention to facebook. I let everything automatically post there. So I guess maybe I should post there more often besides the automated posts. It is always such a struggle to find the balance with that though.

I also see Feedly. Which is great because I started using Feedly a few months ago and find it much easier in use than Bloglovin’ is. The app as well. But not many book bloggers are over there I have noticed. I just wish my account could be linked to my blog.

Another interesting result I find Twitter. It isn’t very high but it is there. Which means my posts do reach people on there. That is always good to know.

Do You Have Any Feedback on the Layout of A Dance with Books?

I’d love for you to create a button for the sidebar so I can put it on my blog

This is of course something I can do. Which dimensions should it have?

I like the uniformity of it, but the fact that you use the same background picture for each post that is a “review”, a “tag”, etc, sometimes makes it hard to know in advance what you’re going to be reading and whether you’ve already read it (I work very visually, so…)

I think with the new lay out this is already a bit better. There are more changes in the background. While I can’t change more about it now I can take that into account when I redo the graphics in the future. Thank you for your view on this. ❤

Nope. It looks really clean, neat, and beautifully uses color.

I like nice clean, non fussy, layouts like yours

It’s really cute!

Love the new lay-out!

A few more feedback that I got on this question. Thank you so much. I am quite pleased with the new layout as well.

What Do You Like Best About A Dance with Books?

I did some cutting here in comments because I wanted to group certain things together. I didn’t change anything about anyone’s intention.

Your honesty in the reviews.

Love your reviews.

Sff book reviews

That you also review older books

…thoughtful, honest reviews (+ lots of fantasy recs 🙂 )

Interestingly enough my reviews came up quite a bit in this question. And you will see down below that reviews comes forward again. I found this very interesting to see because we always say that reviews aren’t much appreciated, but maybe we should rethink that. Maybe we don’t get the highest interaction with likes or comments on them but some reviews do keep getting hits. One of my most viewed posts is still my review of Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

I honestly like your personality and how you approach books with respect and gentleness. And, no, I am not just saying that because we’re friends.

Your posts show your personality

The mix between private life and bookish stuff.


De persoon achter de blog Ên het feit dat ik via jouw blog regelmatig nieuwe boeken leer kennen./ The person behind the blog and the fact that through your blog I keep finding new books.

Thank you very much. I’m glad that my personality shows in my posts. Sometimes I wonder if it does. My posts aren’t that outgoing but then again, they really don’t have to be to show your personality. Or what you find important.

Uniformity of style, colour scheme and regularness of posting

So many different topics!

Comment replies

Oh my gosh do you know how hard it is to come up with topics? So I’m glad that it isn’t entirely looking the same haha. I might gripe sometimes on twitter about not feeling like replying to comments (which has everthing to do with my mood and absolutely nothing to do with any of you) but I feel that replying to comments people leave on my posts are so important. I know it isn’t a requirement. But to me that is just the return to someone leaving a comment. And as long as it is managable to reply to all comments I will.

Which Blog Posts Are Your Favorite on A Dance with Books?

survey graphic 5

With this question you could check more than one option. I was quite amazed to see book reviews pop up so high. The highest. Top ten tuesday always does well because of the easiness of the lists. And I like that my monthly wrap ups scored so high as those do take quite a bit.

I’m not surprised to see book tags not getting so high up. They aren’t my favorite to read either but I still like to fill them in. It is why I try to limit them to 1 a month. I am surprised to see that book hauls didn’t go up that high. I love seeing other people’s book hauls, haha.

Which Blog Posts Are Your Least Favorite on A Dance with Books?

survey graphic 6.png

With this there were 15 responses and they could only choose one or write in.  I think for some reviews just aren’t that appealing. And for some it is. That will always be the case with a lot of things I suppose.

What Kind of Blog Post Would You Like to See on More on A Dance with Books?

I don’t know if you feel comfortable with this, but I’d love to see how Merijn is starting his reading journey with you. We get snippets of that on Instagram but I am curious to see how he’ll develop his own taste in books one day. Plus, I’d love to see more adventures around your town. It could honestly just relate to books–favorite bookstores, library sections, park benches. You take beautiful pictures!

I do have a few posts on Merijn nearing the end of Summer. But I always struggle a little to find what I want to say about it. He isn’t verbal and it is hard to see what he is really interested in sometimes. But whenever I have an idea with him I’ll try and work it out. 🙂

My town isn’t that exciting, haha. But I could do a more detailed show of our library here. When I am not being so awkward with taking pictures when other people are around haha. I did start a book store feature but haven’t continued that in a while. I still need to do Westerhof but I kind of want to do both stores (they have two in zwolle) in one post so it is a bit more effort.  And thank you for the compliment. ❤

Crossover with other blogs?

That is interesting. I would love to but I just generally never have any ideas for it haha. I am for sure doing the christmas post again like I did last year, because that was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy reading it. And maybe someday I’d like to host a readalong of a favorite book or series with someone else.  But it hasn’t been the right time for that for a while.

Ik vind het telkens heel leuk om thema-lijstjes te lezen. Boeken die je graag zou willen hebben, jouw favoriete boeken met draken, boeken die je niet hebt uitgelezen, boeken die je kocht omwille van de cover, …/ I love reading thematic lists. Books you would still like to have, your favorite books with dragons, books you did not finish, books you bought for the cover.

Top ten Tuesday! (Even though there’s already one every Tuesday, but I just really like such lists!)

I actually have a few reccommendation lists that I am working on but I don’t like making lists with just four things haha. So I am still compiling a few of those.


Discussion posts

Discussions and personal posts are always enjoyable

Yup I agree that there need to be more discussion posts. I always struggle with finding topics I really want to discuss though. I don’t want to force myself on a topic because that is hot when I think others already have said it better. And so on. So I’m still working on that. If there is ever anything you would like to see me discuss, feel free to drop me a message. I am always upen to suggestions and I can see if I can make it work for me.

Do You Have Any Suggestions for Content on A Dance with Books?

Not really. I think you post such a nice selection of posts. I don’t know if you want to ever discuss mental health and how you manage to read during difficult times. Maybe you can share more about your taste in movies some more? Shows?

I have thought about discussing my own mental health with reading and the little one. But at the same time that is also still hitting a little too close to certain feelings and I’m not sure if I am ready to discuss it in any kind of depth.  I can always show more about movies and shows. I try and show it a bit in my wrapping up posts but some shows do deserve a bit more attention.

Yes, maybe a Dutch themed post about food and customs. I love your book festival posts and holiday posts.

Good one. I’ll think on this. See if I can wrap it around books because that is what I prefer haha.

And Finally There Was the Option to Leave Other Things They/You Wanted to Say

I think you are such a wonderful friend, Annemieke, and I am so lucky to have met you. Your website is a sanctuary and I love being here. Keep up the awesome work.


You’re amazing!

Love your content!

Ik ben zo blij dat ik in jou een mede-tbr-slachtoffer heb gevonden. Onze stapeltjes blijven maar stijgen maar ooit gaan we die allemaal gelezen hebben. Echt waar! Verder vind ik het gewoon ook ontzettend fijn dat ik jou via het bloggen heb ontmoet. Zonder onze gemeenschappelijke liefde voor boeken Ên het feit dat we er allebei over bloggen hadden we elkaar waarschijnlijk nooit ontmoet.  / I am so happy that I found a fellow TBR victim in you. Our stacks keep on rising but one day we will have read them all. Truely! Further more I am so very pleased I met you through blogging. Without our mutal love of books and the fact that we both blog about it we would have probably never met.

Congrats on 3 years Annemieke! You have a great blog and deserve all the love!

Stop it you are all making me cry! I love you all.


Have you ever considered doing a blog survey? Did you do it? Or what held you back from doing it?

Thank you so much to the 18 people that filled in this blog survey. Reading all the comments made me feel so great about myself and my blog. And I will for sure be reading some of these responses over time still. ❤

Reading Challenge(65)

Please remember to vote on the poll which book I should read for the Make Me Read It read-a-thon in August here. I’ll be closing the poll on August 1st.

17 thoughts on “Sharing With You the Survey Results – 2018

  1. I do surveys as my job (as in writing them, consulting people who write them, etc), but i never thought of making my own one.
    Maybe when i’ll have my blogiversary or something 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting! You actually compiled a lot of information from the survey! Now I’m curious ha ha maybe I should do a survey! seriously though, love the charts. Feedly is interesting I don’t know much about it, although I’ve heard that it’s easier than Bloglovin. that’s good to know…

    Nice to see peoples’ comments too. I imagine it really helps to get feedback like that. We spend so much time on our blogs but we don’t always know what out readers really think, I suppose! Some of the suggestions you got are pretty good too- like doing features on your town or discussion posts. I often struggle with topics too

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah a lot of it was really interesting to read. It is always great to get a bit of feedback. 😀

      It is nice to get an outside look on your blog. Sometimes we can be so stuck in our own ways.


  3. What a cool survey idea! I never thought about trying one out, tying it in with an anniversary post. I wish I would have discovered your blog before. I would have totally filled it out. But I hope it was enlightening and it helped you, but that you always stay true to what *you* want to do with your blog. It is yours, after all. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. That I will always do. But it is always good to gain some outside perspective and see if maybe you can make some of those suggestions work in your style. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yay for book reviews!! book reviews are my favorite part of blogging by far. I know that discussion posts often get more comments, but I don’t think that matters. At least, not to me personally. I love reviews!

    I like the idea of a blog survey, but I don’t think I have a large enough readership to make it valuable. I’m so glad you got 18 responses! I build a lot of surveys at work, and I know that a 30% response rate is considered extremely high. I don’t know what your sample size could be, but this seems pretty good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think reviews are sometimes the slow popular posts you know. Like they slowly gain views and such. It is not something that happens right away. It is interesting.

      I think no matter how small the readership, as long as you have readers that will leave thoughtfull responses it can be very valuable regardless.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What insightful observations! I don’t really pay attention to my stats throughout the year, only annually at this point. I wonder if over time the Top 5 posts viewed on my blog change. I’d love to see more book reviews on there than anything else. 😀

        I love my readers. It’s a small but meaningful community. I bet they’d have some wonderful thoughts. Do you have ideas on what your next steps are with this data?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. How did I miss this post?! đŸ˜ŗ

    I have always been afraid to do a survey because when I first started blogging I joined the Armchair BEA blog hop and one of the post prompts was about what we wanted to do in the future on our blogs. I made the mistake of asking for suggestions at the bottom of the post and a majority of commenters were pretty cruel, like that Freda’s Voice blogger who told me my blog was suffering from “personality leakage” and to go and have a look at her blog if I wanted my blog to be successful. Ugh. I mean, I already know my reviews tank from looking at my stats, and that my general wrap-up posts are my most viewed. It was weird to me though, seeing my blog is a book blog, when I was doing the books and reading only monthly wrap-up that it was quite a bit less viewed than my general wrap-ups. 😝 I would love to ask people why, and why my giveaways tank, though. 😟

    I think your reviews are popular because you talk about the characters. I only talk about the author’s writing and the book as a whole. I never thought about it, but that would certainly make a review less interesting. 😆

    Well, I Iove your blog. I usually have very little time for commenting, so you know there was definitely a good reason I kept coming back in the first place. 💜✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol personality leakage. That is what most readers like. I think the community of bloggers in that has changed that personality and the person have become more important.
      I guess? I mean we both find characters more important than the overall plot so I can imagine people finding that important to read about in a review.

      ❤ ❤ ❤


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