Twenty of the Shortest Books on My TBR

Back at the end of May I saw this post on Howling Libraries about the shortest books on her tbr. And after reading the intitial post by Books and Munches that inspired her I decided I was going to jump on this bandwagon.

I’ve decided to share ten of the shortest tbr books on my physical shelves and ten of the shortest tbr books I have listed in my wishlist section of Goodreads (which is just want to read shelf to be honest). Thankfully Goodreads allows us to sort by number of pages as well.

I do have to say that i don’t think I have all of the classics listed on goodreads that I still have on my physical tbr. And let us be honest, some classics are pretty tiny. Like Destiny I have decided to leave out novella’s that are linked to series as well as comics.

Physical TBR


1   32pg   / Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans  / Greek Mythology
2   96pg   / Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffmann / Christmas Classic / Dutch Edition
3   136pg / Arabian Fairytales by Rodaan Al Galidi / Arabian Fairytales Retelling / Dutch
4   208pg / The Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve / Fairytale
5   209pg / Onder Mijn Huid by Marlies Slegers / Contemporary  / Dutch
  210pg / Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett / Sci-Fi
7   213pg / Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett / Sci-Fi
8   222pg / Astrophysics For People in a Hurry by Neil de Grasse Tyson / Non-Fiction, Science
9   224pg / The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin / Fantasy Classic
10 240pg / Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie / Mystery Classic

Goodreads Want To Read

shortest tbr books.png

1     27pg / Exodus by Jen Minkman / Sci-Fi
2     32pg / The Discworl Mapp by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs / Sci-Fi/Fantasy
3     35pg / There Are Monsters Here by Cameron Chaney / Horror
4     80pg / Best Left in the Shadows by Mark Gelineau and Joe King / Fantasy
5     80pg / Civil Blood by Mark Gelinaeu and Joe King / Fantasy
6   128pg / Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson / Children’s Fantasy
7   136pg / A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson / Fantasy
8   174pg / Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire / Portal Fantasy
9   176pg / 9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan / Norse Mythology
10 176pg / Bygone Badass Broads by Mackenzi Lee / Non-Fiction, History

Reading Challenge(65)

Please remember to vote on the poll which book I should read for the Make Me Read It read-a-thon in August here. I’ll be closing the poll on August 1st.

23 thoughts on “Twenty of the Shortest Books on My TBR

  1. It’s so nice to read a nice short book sometimes! I love those editions that are like your Beauty and the Beast one, they are stunning. 🙂 I’m really hoping to read The Nutcracker sometime also (actually, I’m hoping to read most of these, too, haha!). I hope you get to all of these because they all look awesome!

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  2. I love that your physical TBR goes all the way up to 240 pages! It must have gotten tedious to try and figure that out, particularly since page size and paper width change book to book. Well done!

    I really love Bridge to Terebithia, but be prepared for some feels! I also have The Wizard of Earthsea series on my TBR. I’ve heard amazing things. Do you hope to read any of these books any time soon? If so, which ones?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even with goodreads help it is always a struggle to figure out haha.

      Oh gosh yes I know. I’ve seen the mvoie. ._. Right in the feels that ending.
      Not sure. I know I want to read The Nutcracker this December. But the rest will probably be more along the lines of my mood whenever they strike my fancy haha.

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  3. Oh, nu ben ik zelf ook benieuwd naar mijn dunste boeken. Sowieso de drie gedichtenbundels die in mijn kasten staan maar als ik kookboeken niet meereken ga ik toch nog eens moeten zoeken.

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