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TTT #145 – Series I Have Given Up On

As a reader it is almost impossible to escape the series these days. They spring forth in almost every genre and so go on and on. I love series and I am even committed to a lengthy one here and there. But sometimes you come across a series that don’t quite catch your attention.

Like with individual books I often have a hard time dnfing a series. I don’t like not finishing something even if I know that my opinion about a series won’t be swayed by that last book in the series. In some cases it even becomes worse. And yet, here I am still going on, intending to finish all those series I started.

On occasion however I have given up on some series. Some after the first book, others at the very end, others who I already had purchased completely. It happens, rarely, but it happens. I am trying to be better at this. I have to learn to let go a little earlier than I do now.

This topic was as always prompted by Top Ten Tuesday, hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl.

Read Only One

The Inheritance Cycle / Read 1 out of 4 / Ongoing / Just never picked up the second one

This already appeared on my unhaul pile a while ago so I am sure it is no surprise to see it here. Despite it having dragons it never could quite capture my attention. And yes there is a 5th coming out at some point.

Fallen / Read 1 out of 5 / Finished / Absolutely refused to pick up the second

Fallen is one of those few books I rated 1 star a few years ago. Even I didn’t want to torture myself more through a second book.

The Young Elites / Read 1 out of 3 / Finished / Disinterest

I wasn’t quite so taken with The Young Elites and while I had the second one I could not motivate myself to pick up the second one.

Rebel of the Sands / Read 1 out of 3 / Finished / Disinterest
The Winner’s Trilogy / Read 1 out of 3 / Finished / Disinterest

The above two I actually really enjoyed reading the first books of and rated both 4 stars and yet I never quite bothered to pick up the second one. It was enjoyable at the moment but out of sight is out of mind in this case.


Morganville Vampires / Read 1 out of 15 / Finished / DNF second book

I thought the first book was quite average. But I got a few scattered throughout the series quite cheap so I wanted to give it a try. But I could not get into that second book at all and after 30 pages I kept putting it back down. I kept telling myself that I would pick it back up at some point but I have officially marked the second book as dnf now.

Read Multiple

Vampire Academy / Read 5 out of 6 / Finished / Disinterest

Why not just finish this series when I read 5 already and I asked myself that many times. But everytime I even thought about picking up that big sixth one I could not get myself to actually do it. I quite enjoyed the first three books, was very dissapointed by the fourth one but thought the fifth one was a step up from that again. But I just lost interest in the characters.

The Maze Runner / Read 2 out of 5 / Finished / DNF third book

I honestly should have stopped reading book 2 but I pushed through and it became another 1 star read. I had such high hopes after the first book but nope.

Watersong / Read 2 out of 4 / Finished / Annoyance

I heard such good things about Amanda Hocking that when I saw the second book I on impulse bought it and later got the first book as an ebook deal. I should not have. The characters and romance annoyed me so much.

Lorien Legacies / Read 3 out of 7 / Finished / Annoyance

I saw the movie I Am Number Four long before I ever picked up the book but I was very curious after seeing it. It certainly wasn’t the best movie but the book could only be better. I’m not sure it was… I ended up reading the first three but it never truly picked up and I got annoyed with the characters and the lack of plot in places.

40 thoughts on “TTT #145 – Series I Have Given Up On

  1. I haven’r read any of the Maze Runner books, although I did see the first two movies. I did want to read them, but I just don’t know… same with Vampire Academy. h

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    1. In my honest opinion The Maze Runner isn’t worth it, especially with the revelations about the author earlier this year. As for Vampire Academy, I really did like the first three or so.


  2. I stopped reading The Inheritance Cycle after the second book and part of the third. They’re massive and I felt like the story stopped progressing. I had no idea there was a fourth book, or that there was going to be a fifth. The only other series I’ve read on your list is the VA series, which I loved. I remember working at a book store when the last one was released and sneak-reading it on my lunch break before it hit the shelves, lol.

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

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  3. Maze Runner is on my list as well… I agreed that I stopped after like the second book. I think the Inheritance cycle was just so overrated… people were playing it up as this *BIG NEW LOTR* and it just… wasn’t.

    I read and finished the Winner Trilogy and honestly it’s one of the best series I ever read. None of the trilogy got a rating below B from me… if there’s one series on this list I would recommend trying again it’s that one!

    Jade @ Ink Scratchers

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    1. Yeah it totally wasn’t. The writing needs to be scrubbed up quite a bit.

      If I could get it from the library I surely would but it hasn’t been translated so that isn’t an option. 😦


    1. I already heard some dissapointment about the second book so I decided it wasn’t going to be worth it. (Also it totally doubled in size from the first, like wow).


  4. Although I haven’t read any of the same series I like how you broke it down with how many in each series you read. Here is to hoping you find an addictive series soon!

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  5. I have a hard time to DNF series, too, but less than with books, luckily for me. I discovered that with “aging” it’s easier for me to let go of the series. And Morganville Vampire and Vampire Academy are on my list, too!

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    1. This is true. I am a bit easier with this as I am getting older. And for some reason it has been easier to let go now that I have a son. Maybe my mind is already preparing me for the day I have to let him go haha

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    1. I can imagine them being great for your daughter. πŸ™‚
      It is hard when you make it far into a series to realize it just isn’t doing it for you anymore.


  6. I haven’t read any of these. I’m actually really bad with series. I don’t read many, and there are some that I’ve started that I really do want to finish – and others I’ve never read at all but I want to finally check them out. I’m trying to make more room for that this year.


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    1. I tried her great library series but that wasn’t for me either. It sucks because I do like the ideas she has. Just not the execution. I did see one other by her that I liked that she wrote with someone else.

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  7. Ohhh I think I read like half of Eragon once-upon-a-time?!πŸ˜‚Like even pre-blogging! Oops. I kind of want to pick it up again but also those books are HUGE and I’m not sure I’m that interested. (I feel guilty though, because: dragons!) And totally with you on Fallen and the Young Elites. Just not feeling it.πŸ˜‚

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    1. Haha. I feel guilty too because dragons. But then the writing was just so not appealing that it just isn’t worth it and with the time spend on those books I could easily search out more entertaining dragon books. πŸ˜€


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