TTT #144 – Books I Am Planning to Get From the Library

Most often I try and keep to the topic at hand when it comes to top ten tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) though I tweak it here and there to suit my own needs. Rarely do I do something different and still link up. But there has to be a first for everything.

The actual topic for this week is books to read by the pool or beach. After it said that it could serve as your Summer tbr. (I don’t think I read that last bit initially or this would have been my Summer tbr.) In any case I decided not to do anything with the beach or summer bits and decided instead to look at which books I still want to get from the library.

As you might have read in this post I have refound my love for the library. But I am trying to limit myself in how much I take out each month and each time I go or otherwise I would be tripping over all the unread books in my house. It is a problem. So I thought it would just be nice to share which books I’d still like to get from the library.


The Lost World

(Jurassic Park 2) by Michael Crighton – in English
Earlier this year I read Jurassic Park after delving into some sci-fi subgenres and I still want to read the next installment as well. While Jurassic Park was just okay for me to read I am curious to see how some of this is continued on in The Lost World.

The City of Mirrors

(The Passage 3) by Justin Cronin – in Dutch
Another series I’ve been reading from the library is The Passage. These are books I wouldn’t pick up to buy myself but I have been interested in a bit.

Six Heirs

(The Secret of Ji 1) by Pierre Grimbert – in Dutch
This is one of those fantasy books I’ve seen around and that has been translated quite a bit here in the Netherlands and yet I’ve only ever heard one person talk about it. So I am curious though it is more on the backburner than anything else.

Darkness Rising

(1-3) by Kelley Armstrong – in Dutch
I read The Darkest Powers books a while ago and wanted to read on with this continuation in the same world. However I never quite purchased them and the first book is really hard to get by physically in Dutch these days. So I kind of let it go. But the library has all three so yeay!

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

by Christopher Edge – in Dutch
When this came out in Dutch I heard great things. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase this middle grade book though but now I can read it from the library.

Zilveren Vleugels

(Vleugels Trilogy 2) by Vanessa Gerrits – Dutch
I read the first one last year I believe when she gave a book talk about the second one in one of my local book stores. I’ve been meaning to read the second but haven’t gotten around to it. It is in the library. It just is checked out pretty much every time haha.

Legends 2

Anthology by various authors. Edited by Robert Silverberg – In Dutch
This has short stories for various fantasy series or their authors I’ve read or am reading like Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin, Tad Williams so I am mostly just curious about those.

37 thoughts on “TTT #144 – Books I Am Planning to Get From the Library

  1. I love the library. I get most of my new reads from there and I find it SO hard to resist taking endless amounts of books out each time I go.
    I really need to get my hands on City of Mirrors, but it’s so long since I read the first book I think I’d have to start from the beginning to remind myself of the story.

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  2. Ooh The Lost World- I like the movie but have never read the book. I did read Jurassic Park a couple years ago but never went on to Lost world, but I should. I love that whole idea! 🙂

    Legends 2 looks great too. I might have read Legends I, not sure…

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    1. Yeah the idea is great. I’m curious to see how The Lost World holds up to the movie.
      I don’t think I have read the first Legends but this one sounds like it has some stories in it that I want to try.


  3. I have the first two, The Passage, books as audios. I need to get to them. 🎧

    I was surprised you read Jurassic Park. I loved the movies and dinosaurs, but for some reason I am still not drawn to read it. 📚

    That Dutch book must be super good if it is always out at the library! ☺

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    1. I’ve only read the trilogy that comes before Darkness Rising by her but I only hear good things about all her other books.
      My little isn’t quite ready for hours at the library (it would be me chasing him around all the time and not looking at books). 15 Minutes at the picture book section is enough at the moment haha.


  4. I encourage rule breaking because I do it all the time with Top Ten Tuesday! 😉

    I used to go to the library a lot as a kid (mainly because yay, internet and games and also because my mom wants little me there) so I basically grew up there. Fortunately my library has a limit so I’m VERY careful with what I borrow and staying within my limits or I would be drowning in books all the time.

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    1. Haha I should do it more often. 😉

      My limit is 15 so that isn’t much of a limit haha. Sounds like you have some good memories about the library though!


    1. That is so convenient. I have to say though that the selection for audiobooks and ebooks isn’t big for the fantasy readers in the Netherlands library wise. ._.


  5. Ik zat gisteren te glimlachen toen ik deze blogpost in mijn blogfeed zag verschijnen. Toen manlief vroeg wat er grappig was heb ik geantwoord dat één van mijn blogvriendinnen precies dezelfde inspiratielijst heeft liggen als ik. De laatste dagen zag ik immers heel wat leuke artikels op je blog verschijnen die ik zelf nog bij mijn uit te werken ideetjes heb staan. Boeken die ik bij de bibliotheek wil gaan ontlenen zijn daar één van, maar ook een nieuwe rondleiding in mijn boekenkast, foto’s van de spulletjes die in diezelfde kasten staan, series die ik wil (uit)lezen) én de series die ik niet meer wil verderlezen, boeken die ik misschien beter gewoon had opgegeven in plaats van ze koppig uit te lezen, … 🙂 Wij komen gewoon super goed overeen. xxx

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  6. I love my library too. I have 17 books that I want to read from there, but they’re not available yet, so I have to wait until the people ahead of me on the waiting list are done with them.

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    1. Ah that is always frustrating. My library doesn’t have everything so I had to reserve books from other libraries in my area to come in. That always takes a bit too.


  7. Library love forever! I don’t own a ton of physical books, I like to avoid acquiring books unless I know I will re-read them over and over again. So the library is my savior! I love that you have a list of both Dutch and English books. How much of your library is in English?

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    1. That is great. I can’t quite depend on my library since I read a lot of international new releases and we don’t get those. The English section is 4 shelves I think but rarely is there any fantasy (which is what I mostly read). I have to reserve a lot of books from other libraries like The Lost World. Even those in Dutch.


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