Long Series I Am Committed to And Those I Want to Start

As a fantasy reader series are a given. While there are some fantasy standalones, the amount of series far out number them. I suppose this has a lot to do with the epicness of the plots and the world building. There is so much that needs to happen to make it a believable story that they need more than one book. Even when book is already more than 900 pages.

And then there are the REALLY long series. The series that aren’t a trilogy but go past the six, sometimes even ten or more novels to tell the story of their world.

I am always hesitant towards these kind of works because they are such a big commitment and who even knows if a series will keep up the same quality. And you never know. And let us not even talk about all those other things like matching editions and covers or the long wait between books that is downright torture with some long series.

But sometimes it does pay off to dive into these kind of series. Because when I sometimes complain about a lack of depth, that is certainly not what I miss in these kind of books. There is all the room to explore and that is what happens.

I know some of you are as hesitant or even more so to start the very long series. But below I am sharing with you some of the ones I am working on and that I feel are very worth the effort so far. I am taking my time with some of them because a few are quite huge and I do not expect to finish those within the next two years. I am also sharing a few longer series I have my eye on. Because that just seemed fitting.

Long Series I Am Committed To


Gentleman Bastard

Status:  Ongoing / Published So Far:  3 / Predicted Length: 7 (without novella’s) / Read: 3

The first one on this list is one that I am up to date with. I was somewhat hesitant to start this series but I fell very hard in love with the characters, especially in the second book, Red Seas Under Red Skies. I am eagerly awaiting the fourth book but so far that has been pushed back a lot. I understand the author is having some mental healt related difficulties so I hope he is doing okay at the moment. ❤


A Song of Ice and Fire

Status: Ongoing / Published So Far: 5  / Predicted Length: 7 / Read: 5

Where I have understanding why the above series is taking long between books I do not have the same feelings towards this series. I am not as interested in the last two novels as I was when I had just finished the fifth one. And I don’t think I’ll pick the sixth one up right away when it releases. When it ever does. However there is still a lot of great detail and more interesting characters in these books than in the tv show I feel.


The Others

Status: Ongoing  / Published So Far:  6 / Predicted Length: Unknown but 7th has been announced  / Read: 6

I fell very hard in love with the characters, and especially the others, and this world around the second and third book. And while the first arc is done I am more than happy that Anne Bishop is going on in this world because we have so much more left to discover.



Status:  Ongoing / Published so Far: 10  / Predicted Length:  11 (that is known) / Read: 6

Committed is a bit of a strong word for me towards this series. I’ve been somewhat dissapointed by it. However after having read 6 books I feel I am a bit too invested in some characters to not continue on with them at some point. Just not right away.


Realm of the Elderlings

Status: Done (for now)  / Published: 16 (without novella’s) / Read: 6

This long series consists of various of its own arcs like the Farseers trilogy and the Liveship Traders trilogy with a variety of different characters within the same world. Robin Hobb is an amazing writer though and I especially fell hard in love with Fitz and the Liveship Trader trilogy. I can’t wait to keep on going with these books.



Status: Ongoing / Published so Far: 17 / Predicted Length: Unkown / Read: 1

This has been recced a few times to me. But it seems to be a bit more romance heavy so in a way it is a bit out of my comfort zone. That has been putting me of for a while. Now that I have read the first one though I am quite excited to read on though.



Status: Done / Published: 41 (without novella’s and companion books)  / Read: 13

I am sure it is no surprise to see this on here. You all know I have been slowly working myself through Discworld and hopefully all of Pratchett’s works. This is a long term reading project. I try and read a few each year. For some reason I can never manage one a month. I’d make more progress that way. But this series has a variety of places and character arcs to follow in its own fantasy world called Discworld. With a bit of satire there is so much there to love.


In Death

Status: Ongoing / Published So Far: 46   / Predicted Length: Unknown (47th coming out this September) / Read: 4

It is going to take me a lifetime to catch up to this series. She is releasing two books for this series this year alone! One that has already been released, the other one in September. I think it is amazing she still manages to find plots and things for Eve and Roark to deal with. I love the world that she created though. This future world with a twinge of sci-fi in the background.


Long Series I Want To Start


The Dark Tower

Status: Done  / Published: 8

I think one of the later Dark Tower books was the first book by King I actually held in my hands. I didn’t get it but it sparked my interest in this series and in Stephen King. I obviously know who he was before that but never had any interest in his work before that. Years later I only have one dnf-ed King novel under my belt. I hope The Dark Tower will please me better.



Status: Done  / Published:  9

I have had my eye on Temeraire for ages. Dragons of course. I own the first 5 in Dutch but am bummed out that they were not translated beyond that. I think that might keep me back from picking these up. Even so I have read a standalone by this author that she published nearing the end of this series so I know I like her writing.


Stormlight Archive

Status: Ongoing  / Published so Far:  3 / Predicted Length: 10

Oh Brandon Sanderson. Out of all his books The Way of Kings has always been the book that drew my attention the most. And yet I have not picked it up yet. I am just so intimidated by that book. But now that I own the second one and the novella as well I hope that this will be the year I will finally pick them up.


The Dresden Files

Status: Ongoing / Published so Far: 15  / Predicted Length: Unknown (16th and 17th were announced in 2015)

I have gone very back and forth on whether or not I want to read The Dresden Files. The length always put me of and while I’ve heard mostly good things there was a time where I wondered if these kind of supernatural-paranormal books were for me. Since then I have enjoyed a few and I ended up saving the second book from the unhaul pile earlier this year. I hope to pick up the first book from the library at some point this year.

Share with me your favorite long series!

29 thoughts on “Long Series I Am Committed to And Those I Want to Start

  1. I have been thinking of trying Pratchett’s stuff. And Song of Ice and Fire- man that wait is getting ridiculous! The Others series is on my list to try, and I loved the fitz and Fool books.

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    1. You should totally give his stuff a go. He has written quite a bit more than just Discworld too!
      Yeah the wait is just too much now, especially since he keeps doing so many other things.


  2. I’m committed to a Song Of Ice and Fire too though I have only read the first book yet. Will hopefully read the others someday 😀 I want to start the illuminae series and The Red Rising one–I’ve heard a lot about the two 🙂

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  3. I have decided not to continuing reading A Song of Ice and Fire for now (I have read the first 2) because I really do not think that Martin will ever finish writing the series… You never know, he might surprise me!

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  4. I’m committed to The Wheel of Time right now. I have 9 books plus the prequel to go and I’m loving it so far. I’m thinking about starting ASOIAF but I’m worried it might never be finished.

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  5. I feel the same way about ASOIAF, I’ve been waiting for Winds of Winter since 2012 and my interest is fading. And with the Outlander series I’m a bit conflicted. I loved the first and second book because of the Scottish setting, but the more recent books didn’t capture my heart the same way 😦

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    1. It is getting ridiculous really. I wish he was more up front about it.
      That is always difficult. But you don’t have to start right away. You can always give yourself a bit and see how you feel about picking up the next one.


  6. Those GoT books take forever to read. I spent a whole summer reading them all. I want to read the last book when it comes out, but I don’t. Such a commitment! I haven’t picked up the Outlander series because of that reason. Good luck with these!

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    1. Yeah I didn’t realize it at first either and I am very curious to see where he is going to take it all. I hope we can get the fourth one soon.
      Thanks! I’m not rushing with it haha.

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  7. The longest series I’ve read probably include the Percy Jackson books (plus the Heroes of Olympus), the Calloway Sisters, and Vampire Academy. You’ve gotten me curious about Naomi Novik’s series since I really enjoyed Uprooted by her. I also NEED to start A Song of Fire and Ice!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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  8. Oh, I totally understand! I am scared of series that are super long as well. I actually stay away from most of them now, as it is a big commitment, as you said.. And I already have a couple going. I prefer trilogies to series in general. I am more likely to start them than a series that has more than 6 books..

    But of course there are exceptions and if I come across a novel that sounds REALLY great, I will check it out anyways…

    Will always read anything set in the Realms of the Elderlings! I want this series to go on forever and ever. And I am glad there’s so many Discworld novels, it will take a while to catch up.

    The first part of ‘the Others’ is also still on my wishlist.

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    1. Yeah with these going I am likely going to wait a while before I start some of the othes on my list. (Unless I can still easily catch up like with the Stormlight Archive).
      Yes me too I still have some catching up to do though. And with Discworld too. I love that here it doesn’t matter if you have taken a while between books. They are easy to settle back into since they are standalones in itself.

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  9. I’m impressed by your commitment to these series! I tend to avoid books that lead to even just trilogies haha. This preference for standalones sometimes makes being a fantasy fan difficult. I am a bit curious about the Gentleman Bastard series, and I plan on trying the Tiffany Aching books from Discworld some day.

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    1. That I can understand. It is hard to find the true gems amogst the sea of series sometimes. The Gentleman Bastard books are truly worth it though and Tiffany Aching is just amazing and so easy to read.


  10. Enkele van mijn favoriete series staan al in jouw lijstje vermeld. De boeken van J.D.Robb maar ook de Anderen-serie van Anne Bishop. Ook de Faefever-reeks van Karen Marie Moning en de Psy/Changeling-serie van Nalini Singh zijn twee reeksen die ik nog wil verder lezen.

    Verder hou ik ook van de Alien-reeks van Gini Koch (SciFi), de Kate Daniels-boeken van Ilona Andrews, de Black Dagger Brotherhood verhalen van J.R.Ward inclusief de spinoff serie, de Stephenie Plum – boeken van Janet Evanovich, de Glazen Troon-serie van Sarah J.Maas, …

    Er staat echter ook een fantasy-serie in mijn kast waar ik tot nu toe nog steeds niet aan ben toegekomen doordat ze zo omvangrijk is. Eigenlijk moet ik die boeken van Het rad des tijds van Robert Jordan echt eens lezen zodat ik ze nadien kan wegdoen én een volledige extra plank vrij heb in mijn fantasykast(en).

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    1. Oja Ilona Andrews wil ik ook nog wel lezen! Zo jammer dat fonteijn niet meer verder gaat uitgeven. 😦

      Ja ik ben benieuwd wanneer je daar aan begint. Het zijn nogal wat pillen.

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  11. Discworld! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    How clueless am I about Stephen King? I had no idea The Dark Tower was a series. I thought it was one book. Ha ha. Is this the Fantasy one? I always think that I have only read one King book, It, but I always forget about Salem’s Lot. I mix that book up with Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon. I am learning more though because Metal musicians like their Horror and I have slowly started following some Adult Horror bloggers with my music account, and of course King is their King, ha ha. I want to read Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. Most people have told me that I’ll be okay reading it with only seeing The Shining movie, so I’m going to try. 📚

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    1. Haha he has written so much it is hard to keep track of. This is the fantasy one yeah.
      I didn’t realize Dr. Sleep is a sequel to the Shining. Hmm. Maybe someday I’ll give those a go too. Will be curious to see what you will think of it.

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  12. Interesting, the longest series I own and have read contained 15 books. It was the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine, which I loved and need to do a reread of at some point. Then it’d ebe Chicagoland Vampires which is 13 books I think, read and loved the, then the smaller (but still long series) would Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and I’m not totally caught up on that yet. Great post!

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      1. Ahhh Morganville was great. Yassss Chicagoland Vampires is amazing! Try the first book, I loved them as does my mum 🙂


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