Book Shelf Tour 2018 – Intro – Decorations Shelves

While they are always a lot of work I am always excited to do a bookshelf tour each year. My shelves change quite a bit every year and I love to see the comparison. This will be already the 4th one I do on this blog. Can you believe that?

Now last year La La in the Library requested me to go into the little tidbits I have on my shelves so this year that is what this introduction post will focus on for the most part. I did take these photos well ahead before I took the photos for the book shelf tour. It might be that I’ve arranged the shelves completely again in between. But these posts take a lot of work so I have to do them well ahead of time. But at least this way you get to see my decorations still.

Infographic > Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 > Part 4 > Part 5 > Part 6

I will update these with links as they are published. If you want to see previous book shelf tours, I’ve made a page here that links to all of them.

The Basics

This book shelf tour will focus only on the book shelves downstairs and will leave out Merijn’s books. I have some shelves upstairs but they aren’t nearly as interesting and rarely change.

Downstairs I have 3 shelves. All three are the Billy shelves from Ikea. Two are of oak fineer and have two addition build on top. The third one is the blue limited edition. All three have glass doors in front of them. I would love to get more but at the moment we would have to get rid of some other cabinets to make room for them. And shelves are expensive, let us be real.

Since this year I also emptied my square glass cabinet and moved some pretty books and decorations there to create some more room. For myself I also moved some tbr books upstairs that are on the stack to be read before bed inbetween library books. Because these are officially from my shelves below I will show these in the first part too.

First,  before I head into the decorations on my shelves, I moved some of the decorations here as well. You can see my Scooby Funko and plushie. If you know me even a little you will know that I have loved Scooby-Doo since I was a kid. There is also a kitty tsum tsum I got from a friend for Christmas. Lots of little minions because I heart the minions. There is one of the dragons from GOT. My Harry Potter quidditch glass sphere that I got for Christmas from my husband. And two new funko’s from Civil War I found cheap.

In the back you can see some cards I got from friends. Two are from zwartraafje. There is also a picture of Merijn and I with Marieke Nijkamp from Bookstore Day 2017 and a picture of little Merijn reading a book.

It is bit messy and I change this one a lot of the times. But I still like it.

And in between the two large book shelves we have this space where we most keep our dvd’s as some of you from recent years will know. In the back there you can see some quote cards I finally put up somewhere. I really love the Percy and Annabeth print. And my harry Potter lights and some of my Letters and Lights candles that were taking too much space up on my shelves.

Decorations Glass Cabinet

So obviously I had glasses in here before but I moved some pretty classics here to make room for the illustrated harry potter books on the shelves. Those are so heavy and hard to put on top of a shelf as they easily fall as I have had happend last year. Unfortunately the corner is a bit dark and so the ones inside the cabinet are a bit grainy. Sorry.

It stars off with a lot of minions and hey, look, a butterfly! Next to that you can see Merijn’s birth card. So cute, right?

More minions. You also can see the little elephant that I have had for over 20 years I think. I have no idea how I got it. Probably a pass me down from my mother haha. Behind them you can see our invitation for our wedding and the notification card that we got married. We kept it very small and only invited immediate and close family back then. So we send out a lot of cards letting others know we got married.

The first shelf is a small glass shelf. These little shot glasses we bought a lot during our vacation through Austria and Luxembourg. But we also got gifted some. And hey, we have one of our own town.

Next to those you can find some mini got funko’s plus a big one of Ygritte. And my husband’s Marty pop who he insists must be kept in the box, haha.

Some mugs and funko’s. I already did a focus on them before so I am just going to leave it at the photo.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them funko’s! And look, a cute Baymax I found in the store for cheap. It is meant as a play thing for kids but couldn’t leave it.

Next to that I have a card I got from my close Canadian friend that I really loved. Totally my color too. And two tsum tsum’s  I got for Merijn cheap earlier this year. They are so cute and on here because otherwise Merijn would dump them everywhere haha.

Decorations Blue Shelf

On top of the blue shelf you can find my cheshire cat funko.

But also these very large dolls. I’ve been collecting these for a few years (and I have some others in other places) but I can’t find as many as before. Still they are so cute. They are on top of the shelf because when Merijn started crawling he had a fascination with them and I was scared he would hurt them ._. .

I have a lot of these little super heroes around my shelves and I love the print in the back. I think it was from a box though I can’t remember which ones. But I quite like it. It is the kind of humor and relationships I like seeing in bookx.

Many, many, many years ago I bought this little girl in a sailor outfit with her brother. I just liked the look of them. Her reading now really seems to fit amazingly well with my book shelves.

A little bottle that reminds me of The Whispering Skull.

I got these two pretty book marks from La La in the Library that I keep hanging here to display them. They are so pretty and cute. ❤

Decorations Shelf Left

This hangs from my other shelf as I wouldn’t actually ever use what it is meant for but thought it was a same not to display it. It is from the same as the Anne Bishop mug and all.

I’ve had this little witch for a while on various places on my shelves. If I remember correctly we (husband and I) got it in Salzburg. In Austria in any case. It is a lovely souvenir to have from our first vacation together in 2009.

Here you see a postcard of Nimona from Blossom Books that was in a goody bag. I got the little dishes for Sinterklaas last year and I am using them to keep my buttons and small things in. Most of those buttons are book related like the red one you can see. And ahead is the pretty purple mask I got year and a half or so ago. It is so pretty. I totally should use it more for bookstagram again.

Look I decided last year that for someone who loves dragons, I have very little actual dragons on my shelves. So I saw this at a market and had to have it.

Decorations Shelf Right

The last shelf starts with Harry Potter as it has done for a few years now and this funko of the hogwarts train with Harry I bought for my husband two Christmasses ago. I likes to keep his in the box so here it is, using up a lot of space on my shelves…

Some other tid bits I have near my harry potter books are these two owls. They are actually lip balm but I always forget and owls just seem so fitting for this series. And then you see a Harry Potter lego figure that came in a harry potter lego book we bought a few years ago. I don’t think we ever really looked too much into the book and mostly just bought it for this Harry haha.

This little tea cup I’ve had for a long time. Well over 15 years I think. I kept it near my Alice in Wonderland pink book but as that is up somewhere where the chance of this breaking is a bit too real, I’ve moved it to be near the other classics.

This is a card a friend made for Christmas a few years ago. ❤ I still keep it on my shelves.

We went to Germany one year for vacation and spend a morning in Hamelen where we got this figurine.

Some little animal statues we’ve been getting from Zoo’s in the Netherlands.

This is a bigger one of wolves. And as I am typing this I realize I didn’t take a big picture of my huge meerkat statue, though that isn’t really as a decoration on my book shelves. Also all gotten from zoo’s.

Though the watch necklace is from Harry Potter I don’t have it near those books. As I use it more often in photos it is just not realistic to keep them up all that high. The candle is from Letters and Lights.

And lastly on the bottom shelf there is a picture of Maarten and I in Egypt in 2009. The little dishes we also got from a zoo and again holds some tid bits and some various buttons. And the other mask I got along with the purple one. This one I can actually put on myself.

22 thoughts on “Book Shelf Tour 2018 – Intro – Decorations Shelves

  1. Yay! I love seeing everyone’s “stuff” and hearing stories! 🙌🙌🙌

    I don’t care for Funko Pops, but the Cheshire Cat is so cute. 😸 I love that some books have found their way into your glass cabinet, ha ha. I finally cleaned mine out, but after my last book haul and the books Baz keeps finding in the storage room I think I am going to need to put some books back in it. 😏

    Minions are the best, so you know I am appreciating them. I’m still thankful that you showed your bookmarks stored in mugs last time because I am doing it now, too, and I love the way it looks. I don’t have any buttons, but if I did I’d steal the little dish idea, too. 😁 Those masks are the perfect Bookstagram props, you are right. This must have taken some time to do, so thanks for sharing! 💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute shelves!
    I always try to keep mine free of stuff (apart from the books), cuz i really hate dusting and cleaning and all that 😀 Yea, I’m lazy.
    When i still had my tiny cat around, it was impossible to keep anything safe anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Haha. I have doors in front of mine since we got our mini-me. Helps against the dust too 😉
      My cat has broken a few elves in her younger years yeah. ._. When I redo my shelves she always takes the chance to go in the book shelf haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Zo fijn om enkele bekende kaartjes te herkennen. Ik kocht deze week de nieuwe Chip-beker toen ik met mijn schoonzusje en meetkindje bij Primark kwam. Er is er nu ook eentje waarin hij bellen blaast. Voor manlief nam ik een R2Tea2 beker mee.

    Ik hoop nog steeds om ooit de limited edition van de Newt Scamander Funko aan een betaalbare prijs te vinden. Die vind ik echt het leukste vermits hij daar een Hufflepuff sjaal draagt én zijn koffer bij heeft maar ondertussen begin ik te vrezen dat ik best gewoon een andere editie kan kopen. Gelukkig is Newt sowieso schattig.

    Er hoorde inderdaad een draak thuis in jouw boekenkast. Tof dat je er een leuke gevonden hebt. Wij zijn al een tijdje aan het rondkijken naar zo’n mooie fairy maar tot nu toe zijn we er nog geen toegekomen op F.A.C.T.S. die we echt super knap vinden. Misschien maar goed ook vermits er al veel Funko’s en Forever Friends beeldjes in mijn boekenkasten staan.

    Je hebt trouwens super leuke bekers in je kast staan. De Shut Up! I’m reading beker gebruik ik super vaak maar die van Anne Bishop staat bij de boeken in de kast. Ook de Accio Tea beker die beschadigd aankwam staat in de kast maar het vervangexemplaar gebruik ik dan weer wel regelmatig.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ondertussen is er ook alweer een nieuwe kaart bijgekomen. 😉
      Oh wat grappig. Die R2Tea2 beker was ook heel leuk ja.

      Ja die is inderdaad heel leuk maar lastig te vinden. 😦
      Maarten heeft voor mij twee fairies besteld online toen Mika die van mij had gebroken. Ze staan ondertussen ergens anders, veilig. Maar ooit stonden die ook nog in mijn boekenkast. Misschien kunnen jullie online ook eens kijken?

      Ja ze zijn echt leuk. Ik gebruik meestal maar een speciale beker dus dan hou ik de rest lekker daar (Nu dus de groene tijger beker van de hema omdat Merijn mijn blond Efteling beker heeft laten vallen en er een scheur in zit ._.)

      Liked by 2 people

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