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TTT#143 – Books I Should Have DNF-ed

For the most part I try and approach a lot of top ten tuesday posts as positive as I can twist a topic. But sometimes even I can’t avoid a more negative tint to a prompt. I don’t suppose we always have to either.

As I have mentioned before, I generally am someone who finishes the books she reads. As I read reasonably fast I can usually read through books quickly and power through books that aren’t quite capturing my attention. Sometimes I do put them down for a time if I think it is because of my mood to pick up at a later time (and a later time might end up being years). But DNF is something I do rarely.

However looking back on some books I realize that for my own sanity I really should have let some books go sooner.

The Scorch Trials

(The Maze Runner 2) by James Dashner – Rated 1 Stars
I did enjoy the first The Maze Runner book up to a point that I could see some potential. But this second book  just blew that all out of the water. I did not enjoy anything about this whole book and I don’t know why I powered through it. I ended up dnf-ing the third book.


(Fallen 1) by Lauren Kate – Rated 1 Stars
This was one of those books that drew my attention because of the cover. I saw it around a lot and when i found it somewhat cheap at the Boekenfestijn I went for it. But the dissapointment was real when I started reading it and I had to resist the urge to throw the book across the room. A lot of that had to do with Luce, the main character.


The Amber Spyglass

(His Dark Materials 3) by Philip Pullman – Rated 1 Stars
I guess this is one of those books that I finished to say I finished the trilogy but I hated every minute of it. It was pure torture to get through this book.


(Watersong 2) by Amanda Hocking – Rated 2 Stars
After hearing mostly good things about Amanda Hocking I really wanted to give this series a second chance. But the world building on the sirens lacked and I hated so much of the romance in this.

The False Prince

(The Ascendance Trilogy 1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen – Rated 2 Stars
This is a false narrative book and I did not like it for that. I saw the twist coming from a mile away and did not like the character for it. I know this is a loved one but for me it had very little going for it.

36 thoughts on “TTT#143 – Books I Should Have DNF-ed

  1. Agree with Fallen. I read it in high school because my friends like it and I ended up DNF-ing the book because it was boring and I didn’t like Luce.

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  2. I’m like you, I rarely don’t finish a book, even if I’m not enjoying it. Though, more and more, I am thinking it’s the wrong approach – all that time wasted when I could be reading something I enjoy!

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  3. I don’t DNF very much either but honestly I should.😂I mean I just finished a book today that I felt like I wasted 3 hours on and what’s the point of that?! Life is too short and our TBRs too long for this nonsense! I never read Fallen, but I read the author’s other book, Teardrop? 100% wish I hadn’t.😂

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    1. Right, Like when the reaction is, what the hell did I just read 😦 than we should have said goodbye earlier haha.
      I’ve heard that one is about similar to Fallen 😀


  4. Omg you know what. I bought all three parts of Fallen at the airport when I was 16, hoping to read them during my long flight. And guess what? I never read them cuz there were so off, and I still have them untouched, expensive as ever and in perfect condition. So much for impulse buying!

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  5. I hardly ever DNF as well–same as you, I read pretty quickly, so it’s not a huge struggle for time for me, but I totally agree with you for Fallen! What a terrible book. Luce is THE WORST.

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  6. I only read The Maze Runner and never continued the series and not planning to either. I did enjoy the movie version of The Scorch Trials though! I still have The False Prince on my TBR so sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it.

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  7. I’m reading the Fallen series right now and I honestly have no idea why because I find most of it to be insufferable and clearly enjoy the pain of it all. So, I feel you there! And of course with The Scorch Trials, I definitely can see why you might feel that way. Great list!

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  8. Ik had het vorige maand nog met Bloemen voor Bree. Op zich had ik een luchtig romantisch verhaal verwacht als afwisseling vermits ik vrij veel fantasy had gelezen. Uiteindelijk kon het boek me niet echt boeien en begreep ik het gedrag van de personages niet. In plaats van alle 400+ bladzijden uit te lezen had ik het wsl beter opgegeven en in een ander boek beginnen lezen.

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