To Challenge One Self for the Summer

I have quite a few goals already going that I made at the start of the year. But it is always easier to create them than to actually complete them. Some things have take a backslide here and there so I was to make a post for the 2018 summer comment challenge anyway, I figured why not combine it.

2018 Summer Comment Challenge


The comment challenge is hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense and runs June through August. It focuses on helping bloggers to connect with one another through creating pairs  that visit each other for a set amount for a month long. You can read more about it here.

While I certainly haven’t needed the help to blog hop this year, I like the idea of having a partner for the month to focus on and getting to know someone new. I think I did this the first time it was done for one month but then I started work and didn’t have the time to commit.

This year however I hope to be able to participate all three months: June, July and August for at least 5 comments a month. I can’t wait to see who my partners will be.

Edit: Partners will be added here

June – Lili from Utopia State of Mind
July – Nicole from Erlebnisse

One or Two Series a Month

While I have been making progress on my reading challenge (already completed) and making a decent dent in my Top 15 tbr for 2018 (six of 15), I have been slacking on my goal to complete or catch-up to certain series. Instead I’ve been starting quite a few new ones. So for the Summer I at least want to focus on one or two series per month. In some cases I only have to read one book so…  If I can fit in more, I’ll fit in more but for now this is it. I also added in a few more series I still have to start but already own a few.


June – Copper Cat trilogy by Jen Williams (1 Book) / Death Arc by Terry Pratchett (1 Book) / Dracois Memoria by Anthony Ryan (2 books)
July – Wayfarers by Becky Chambers (2 Books) / The Summoner series by Taran Matharu (3 books)
August  – Nicholas Flamel (3 Books + 2 Novella’s)

Less Review Copies This Summer

I have finally fallen on the train of requesting two many books to be able to read review copies AND give enough attention to my own tbr. So I want to make sure I don’t end up with as many as I had in May to read. While I was excited, I also felt pressured to finish them all too quickly so that made me feel a bit rushed with everything. My own fault though.

I’ll keep my review requests open until the end of June. However I will be extremely picky.

Do you have any goals or challenges for the Summer specifically?

23 thoughts on “To Challenge One Self for the Summer

  1. There is something about summer which reinspires you to get back into those goals you had at the start of the year. I love the sound of the summer comment to challenge to get you blog hopping again. I wish I had the time for these things, but I barely have time to read, let alone blog and everything else. I may follow you in less ARCs for summer. I need to focus on what I already have, both review copies and my own books. I think it’s time for a summer of shelf love. Good luck with all your goals and challenges.

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  2. I think it’s a great idea to finish up series in the summer! I want to read nonfiction books set in ’70s-’80s New York City in June because every year when high school let out for the summer, the first thing we did was spend as much time in The City as we could, but we usually were tired of it and broke by mid-July. Ha ha. June weather always reminds me of NYC. You have reminded me that I need to sift through my ebooks and make my list. 😊

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  3. Eigenlijk zou ik gewoon voor mezelf af en toe een leesmarathon willen organiseren en dan twee dagen inplannen waar ik gewoon zoveel mogelijk lees. Eventjes offline blijven, geen extra uitdagingen die er vaak bij dit soort marathons komen kijken …. gewoon zoveel mogelijk lezen. Liefst ook zoveel mogelijk eigen boeken maar nu liggen er hier nog een paar recensieboeken die voorrang hebben. Misschien moet ik volgend jaar dat aantal nog wat meer laten zaken want ook al is het nog maar een derde van vroeger – in combinatie met concentratieproblemen en uitputting – lees ik toch wat minder als anders én dan kom ik nog steeds niet voldoende aan die eigen tbr toe.

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    1. Ja dat is toch wel lekker. Voor mij werkt dat niet want ik moet toch al om Merijn heen lezen en dat doe ik nu ook al haha.
      De recensie exemplaren zijn leuk maar ze brengen nu eenmaal ook wat druk met zich mee.

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