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TTT #139 – Books I Own With My Favorite Color on the Cover – Surprise, It Is Yellow!

Well hello there, long title.

Cover love is one of those terms that people who are not bookworms do not seem to get. We, us booksworms I mean,  all know how pretty book covers can be. Some are quite frankly, a work of art. But do you know what a lot of covers lack?


In case you had not noticed, my favorite color is yellow. All my bedrooms at home have been yellow. Except my current one since I have a husband to keep happy as well. And he did allow all the yellow downstairs.

Anyhow, there needs to be more yellow. It is one of those colors that is often used as a side color but not often as a main color. And my own collection is missing a lot of yellow. It makes me sad. I tried very hard to find a few pretty ones for you all though and take nice pictures of them for this weeks top ten tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). Though I don’t know what is going on with the leaves of these tulips, seriously.

So here we go.


Replica (Replica 1) by Lauren Oliver / Read / My Review


End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days 3) by Susan Ee / Read /  My Review


Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer 1) by Laini Taylor / TBR


Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky 1) by Veronica Rossi / TBR


The Colour of Magic (Discworld 1, Rincewind 1) by Terry Pratchett / Read


Reaper Man (Discworld 11, Death 2) by Terry Pratchett / Read


Profeet van de Duivel (Duivel 1) by Adrian Stone / TBR


The Awakening (The Graveyard Queen 6) by Amanda Stevens / TBR


Vision of Silver (The Others 3) by Anne Bishop / Read / My Review


Not Your Sidekick (Sidekick Squad 1) by C.B. Lee / Read / My Review


Iron Cast by Destiny Soria / TBR

What are some of your favorite covers with yellow? Do you know of any naked hardcovers that are yellow?

41 thoughts on “TTT #139 – Books I Own With My Favorite Color on the Cover – Surprise, It Is Yellow!

  1. YES YES YES. I tried to do my post this week about yellow covers but I just couldn’t find enough of them that I had read. So sad! Yellow is such an underrated color ❤

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  2. Not only do you have some great choices on this list, but I *love* the photos! This must have taken you quite a while to put together– Don’t worry! Your hard work does not go unnoticed. I love this! Particularly with the tulips; hellooooo Spring!

    The only yellow hardcover without a dust jacket I know of is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but only the spine is yellow, really…Oh! All my old Nancy Drew books are yellow, too. Those are SUPER old, though. Why don’t we have more yellow, for serious?! It’s such a happy color!

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    1. Aaaw thank you. ❤ Yes as soon as it was Spring I needed tulips in the house haha.

      Yes though I guess that might be why. Not a lot of books are that happy. This is probably why we often get blue. 😛

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  3. You’re right, it does seem like there aren’t a lot of covers that prominently feature yellow. I’ve been trying to make a black, white, and yellow covers post but am struggling to find ten good ones, so I feel your pain lol. But you found some really pretty ones!

    The Carry On naked HC is yellow! From where I’m sitting and looking at my shelf, it looks like the HC for Instinct by Sherrilyn Kenyon is yellow too. And Roadside Magic by Lilith Saintcrow has a yellow spine and title.

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    1. Yes yellow always draws my eye, and I love the combo yellow with black but you hardly ever see it.
      Ah interesting. I still need to check out Sherrilyn Kenyon one day.


  4. Ik zie me hier al meteen terug bezig met mijn stapeltjes gekleurde boeken. Het leek me toen een heel fijn idee maar ik moest precies telkens de halve boekenkast uitladen en vervolgens weer vullen. Langs de andere kant vond ik het wel heel fascinerend want ik bleek vrijwel telkens meer boeken te hebben in een specifieke kleur dan ik had verwacht. Al maakte ik het mezelf wel wat makkelijker door gewoon de gele ruggen uit de kast te halen. Vrij vaak lijkt de cover zelf dan amper geel te zijn. Dief van de tijd van John Boyne heeft een mooie gele cover. Ook de laatste delen van de Southern Vampire Mysteries van Charlaine Harris en Jenna uit de Middernacht-serie van Lara Adrian hebben een mooie gele cover. Door het even na te kijken viel het me op dat ik ondertussen al heel wat gele boeken heb weggedaan. 🙂

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    1. Ja ik wil stiekem ook meer op kleur doen maar het is inderdaad zo’n gedoe haha.

      Oja ik ben geen fan van gele ruggen maar geen gele cover haha.


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