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TTT #138 – Frequently Used Words in Fantasy Titles

I love fantasy. Surprise!

There is so much to discover in fantasy. Other worlds. Supernatural creatures. All kinds of different magic. So much creativity and (often) orginality that makes me want to wrap myself in all the fantasy of ever.

However when it comes to titles, not so much. Titles are hard, I understand. I do. When I still wrote I had the inability to title my stories. So I get it. But you’d think the publishing industries would at least try to get together with the author and figure out a stand out title. Because when I mix two books up because the title is so similar, that is just not on me. Nope…

Today, for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl), I am sharing with you some frequently used words in fantasy titles. These are just the ones that came to the top of my mind right away.




Examples of books I’ve read
A Dance with Dragons / The Dragonbone Chair / How to Train Your Dragon / The Ice Dragon / Dragon’s Green / Love in the Time of Dragons


Examples of books I’ve read
The Demon King / Demon Road


Examples of books I’ve read
The Witches / The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / A Discovery of Witches / Blood Witch / The Witch of Duva

Crown / Throne / Kingdom

Examples of books I’ve read
Throne of Glass / Crown of Midnight / The Crimson Crown / Sorcerer to the Crown / The Shepherd’s Crown / A Game of Thrones / The Gray Wolf Throne / Throne of the Crescent Moon / Fallen Kingdoms / Crooked Kingdom / The Kingdom

Heir / Queen / King / Prince(ss) / etc


Examples of books I’ve read
Heir of Fire / The Lost Heir / Red Queen / The Queen of the Tearling / The Iron Queen / The Exiled Queen / The Queen’s Army / The Graveyard Queen / The Return of the King / The Iron King / The Demon King / The Magician King / The Raven King / Clockwork Prince / Clockwork Princess / Prince Caspian / The False Prince / The Prince of Mist / Poison Princess

Girl / Lady

Examples of books I’ve read
The Girl of Fire and Thorns / The Girl from Everywhere / Lady Midnight

Last / Lost

Examples of books I’ve read
The Lost Heir / The Last Olympian / The Last Star / Eona: The Last Dragoneye / The Last Namsara / The Lost Hero / City of Lost Souls / Labyrinth Lost


Examples of books I’ve read
The Ship Beyond Time / Timekeeper / The Timemachine


Examples of books I’ve read
Shadow and Bone / City of Bones / Daughter of Smoke and Bone / The Bone Season / Ink and Bone / Etched in Bone



Examples of books I’ve read
Six of Crows / The Law of Nines / The 5th Wave / The Ninth Circle / Ten Thousand Skies Above You / A Million Worlds With You / 27 Hours

23 thoughts on “TTT #138 – Frequently Used Words in Fantasy Titles

  1. When I went to make my list for this week I was totally surprised by the fact that Demon/Witch/Vampire to make a huge appearance there but none of them made the cut! I felt like I was reading loads of these books for awhile there but I must have unhauled them or something because they didn’t appear enough to make the cut.

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  2. Ik moet binnenkort nog eens een nieuwe coverpost samenstellen. Zodra je je er op gaat focussen valt het echt op hoe vaak bepaalde elementen/woorden in covers/titels worden gebruikt hé. Nu moet ik ook wel eerlijk toegeven dat sommige van die woorden er voor zorgen dat ik benieuwd word naar het verhaal. (heksen, draken, … )

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    1. Ja soms worden er echt veel van hetzelfde soort titels samen gesteld. Maar inderdaad zijn er bepaalde dingen die ondanks dat toch gewoon altijd mijn aandacht trekken. 😀

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