International Bookworm Meme

IWBM #3 – My Dream Library

It is Saturday and today it is time for the international bookworm meme as hosted by Ayla from Books & Babbles that I am participating in.

This time we are going to be talking about our dream libraries. Libraries have been around for quite some time now and while I couldn’t imagine living in a city or town without one, a lot of libraries are struggling to keep things up and working in the Netherlands. Especially in smaller towns. In my hometown the actual library doesn’t exist anymore. You can only reserve books online and pick them up at the primary school.

Anyway, this is obviously sketching my dream library. A lot of this is just not realistic because libraries do not get the funding for any of this. And I’m just kind of rambling away below. Don’t mind me.


Building wise I think that a library should stand out. Something that can catch people’s attention and that makes them want to see what is inside. Libraries just aren’t quite as popular as they used to be so we need to do everything we can to make going to the library super appealing. And that can start with the wrapping.


I think old buildings can be quite interesting to have a library in. It certainly goes with that old feeling that people seem to associate with books. I think in most towns and cities it should be a trademark building. One that has been in that area for a long while and that maybe means something. Like how some bookstores have gone into churches. I have seen a lot of images of libraries that have beautiful wall and ceiling art but I think you should be careful with those kind of buildings. It can take away from the main focus that is the books.

However I do think there is something to say for designing an entire new building for a library, something modern. Reading and libraries don’t have to be stuck in the old times as some feel they are. They can (and some already are) become very modern and go along with the current demand of more technology. A modern building can really help with that. In that I can’t really choose between those two options. However I would love to see various floors in the building to be able to hold all that I would want to shove into a library. I would really want there to be spiral staircases as well (and obviously some amazing elevators).


One of the things I would really like to see is a HUGE collection of fantasy books. One of the things I see often in libraries is that this section is just incredibly tiny. It makes me sad because there is so much good fantasy out there. I guess here in the Netherlands it has to do with what has been translated which isn’t a huge amount, but even then, there is far more being translated than there are in actual libraries. Added on to that I would just love to have a floor or half a floor for every genre with a lot of subgenres being divided as well like historical fantasy.

I would also love to have a huge amount of lgbtq+ and poc books and give them a special place so they stand out. These books need to be boosted more. White cis have been boosted for so long, it is time for a bit of a change.


Depending on the building I would love to see either very light or dark brown shelves lining the walls. The shelves against the walls would go up all the way to the ceiling with very sturdy book ladders. In an ideal world then. As we aren’t technologically advanded enough yet to let this work for the elderly and disabled/handicapped I would have to figure something out. I would want my dream library to be accessible to all.


For easy access it is easiest to have books shelved in alphabetical order to the authors last name.

Reading Spots and a Cafe

Added to that I would like my dream library to take up a place in the community. I would love to see a few reading corners. Some with huge pillows to fall into with a book or couches and comfy chairs. There would be the possibility of having ear plugs of sorts so you can choose to black out the noise from others.

There would be a place to buy coffee, tea, chocolate milk or other non-alcoholic beverages. There would be comfy corners there too with books lining the wall. There would be kid chairs and a corner for them to play.

But to be a part of the community it would be good to have places where things can be organized. Authors talking about their own books, people meeting up and so fort.

Basically I want all the good things various libraries over the world already offer combined into one library.

10 thoughts on “IWBM #3 – My Dream Library

  1. Oh god, I would LOVE to work in a cafe-library! That would combine my favourite things, which are reading and making coffee šŸ˜€ And selling books to people. I haven’t done it yet, but imagine it would be a great job.

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  2. Our library has a snack room with vending machines, but a proper cafe would be wonderful! We have a kids’ area with toys in the children’s section with some bean bags and child-sized chairs, but the library a couple of towns over, near where we lived when Baz was small, has a big padded pit filled with pillows and big stuffed animals. I loved that place. šŸ’œ

    The idea of taking a photo with a library photograph in it was brilliant. šŸ‘

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  3. Je hebt twee foto’s uitgekozen die ik prachtig vind. Je omschrijving trouwens ook hoor. Leeshoekjes met comfortabele zetels zijn voor mij trouwens onmisbaar. Die lange tafels en stoelen nodigen eerder uit tot studeren dan tot lezen. šŸ˜‰

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    1. Ja he? Ik wist echt al gelijk dat ik die zou gebruiken op een of andere manier. šŸ˜€
      En ja dat heb ik ook wel. Daarin is onze bieb op zich wel goed. Bij de young adult sectie hebben ze wel wat zit plekjes enzo.

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