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Monthly Monday Book Shelfie #1

Since last year I have been seeing the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie by Kwante in Wonderland going around and I have always had the itch to do it. Basically every month there is a new topic where you have to find a book on your shelves for and you tell us a little about the book.

But for some reason I never really found the time or the place in my blogging schedule for it. Following Zwartraafje’s footsteps though I am going to lump a few of the topics together in one and publish them every few months. I kind of went back and forth on doing this also because I also do a book shelf tour every year where I go into my books. But this items does go into more detail than I have room in my book shelf tour so I figured I should give it a go anyway.

January / The Longest Book on Your Shelves


How did you acquire it?

I bought it a few years ago. It was in October 2015 so I probably bought it with some birthday money.

Have you read it?

No, not yet. Have you seen how massive it is?

What did you think or what are your expectations?

I am honestly expecting to love this book. As I mentioned in my predict 5 star read post in February of this year I think that this is one of those books that I will love and it is one of the reasons why I have been putting off reading this book. Such high expectations. That, and the length haha.

February / A Romantic Book, Cover or Story


This is about as romantic as it will get on my shelves…

How did you acquire it?

I bought it just after the release.

Have you read it?


What did you think or what are your expectations?

I’ve been hesitant because while I enjoyed the authors earlier series, I did have some issues with it and judging from this cover there is going to be romance, haha. But on the other hand I’ve heard mostly good things and it is sci-fi.

March / Spring is My Love


How did you acquire it?

I bought this during my ‘I need more Gollancz Discworld covers on my shelf’ period. I’ve been supressing it still. I got this (with Lords and Ladies, Witches Abroad and Maskerade) a bit cheaper from a second-hand seller so that was nice.

Have you read it?

No, not yet. I need to decide on which arc I’m going to read on within Discworld

What did you think or what are your expectations?

My expectations are high. I’ve heard great things about the witches arc of Discworld and so far I’ve liked almost everything I’ve read by Pratchett.

April / Royal Orange


How did you acquire it?

I bought it with a gift card this February.

Have you read it?

YES! I had the opportunity to read this as an e-arc through Netgalley last Summer.

What did you think or what are your expectations?

I loved it! It is so funny with great diverse characters. You can find my review here.

9 thoughts on “Monthly Monday Book Shelfie #1

  1. Is that Sanderson a paperback?!!!!!!! How do you even attempt to read that? 😱 Can you take a photo of the page edge side? I am so curious. 😳

    I was wish-washing about which Pratchett arc to read next, but seeing that Guards! Guards! is the first in its arc, and I have my nifty map to look at… I think I’ll go there next. 💜

    I love this feature. I think I will join in. 📚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooohhh this is such a nice idea! I might follow you here and make such a post too 🙂 Discworld is amazing, the witches will be my next arc too!

    Liked by 2 people

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