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TTT #135 – Characters I Liked That Were in Non-Favorite or Disliked Books

Do you ever read a book that you are not feeling at all and yet there are those characters that make the whole bearable enough to want to know what happens to them? Yeah, me too.Β  It always makes me wonder if I should read on with series just to see what happens to them. In some cases I actually do.

So for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl, I am sharing characters that I liked in books that I did not. This was actually the prompt I submitted. πŸ˜€ Most of these were 2-3 stars.


Gabriel from Half Bad

This year I read Half Bad. The book did not quite do it for me. But meeting Gabriel in the second half of the book made up for a lot of that. Nathan did too, just in lesser form. Their interactions made the book a whole lot better. Still not enough for me to really like it though. Sorry Cait.

Merik from The Witchlands

I had high hopes for Truthwitch and the series as a whole. Unfortunately it and the sequel let me down. Merik is the only character that I even remotely care about and the reason I MIGHT read the third one. MIGHT. Somewhere down the road… He is just what I like to see in a character. A charming prince but oh so flawed in ways.

Sevro from Red Rising

Red Rising was not for me but seeing glimpses of Sevro throughout the book gave me joy. That boy was just so strong and I do not understand why everyone else seemed to think him weird or disliked him. ._. He was amazing.


August from This Savage Song

This Savage Song is so far the one Schwab book that has not been able to sway me much. I have yet to finish Vicious but that might be the second. Anyway August was such a precious character in that book though. I really enjoyed getting his perspective.

Khalila from Ink and Bone

Despite the series being called The Great Library this was just not the book for me. Khalila however was just such a great and likeable character and I wish we could have gotten her point of view.

Caspida from The Forbidden Wish

Caspida was more of a side story but I wish her story had been the main one. It was far more interesting.

Baz from Carry On

Baz basically saved Carry on from a DNF for me. His point of view and interactions with Simon were amazing. I could have done without all the rest, haha. He was clearly the grumpy bad boy but I like those.

Newt and Min Ho from The Maze Runner

I ended up dnf-ing the third book of the trilogy so I do not know what happens to these two. But their personalities really shined through, even if they were just side characters. I do think the movie helped with this somewhat, haha.

46 thoughts on “TTT #135 – Characters I Liked That Were in Non-Favorite or Disliked Books

  1. I liked Newt and Min Ho too (have only seen the movies). And bummer about Witchlands- I kinda wanted to read those, but if I do at least I know Merik doesn’t suck. πŸ™‚

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  2. I did like This Savage Song, but I thought it was very different from her other books I read. My least favourite Schwab book is the last one from the Shades of Magic series, I don’t know if you’ve read them. ☺️
    I wasn’t able to finish Half Bad maybe I’ll give that one another try on the near future great TTT 😊

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  3. Yay, I found the mystery submitter! Girl, this topic was HARD! Congratulations on totally stumping me (and a bunch of other participants!)! lol. Usually my reading experiences are character-driven, so I tend to give up on a book if I don’t like them. I did end up finding 10, though, so thank you for the challenge! πŸ™‚

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    1. I didn’t realize how hard this was going to be haha. I had written it down as a topic for myself and when I saw ttt was taking topics I just submitted it without thinking. But sometimes we do need to be challenged. πŸ˜‰


  4. Wow, this is a really hard topic, but I agree with a bunch of these! Though it hurts me to see that you DNFed The Death Cure. πŸ˜‰ But I really loved Sevro too despite Red Rising in general not being too impressive. I don’t even remember Caspida…? To be honest, I don’t really remember much of The Forbidden Wish. Who was she?

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  5. Ohh I agree with you on Newt and Min Ho! I did enjoy The Maze Runner at the time, but Thomas doesn’t have much of a personality in the books, so that did make me enjoy the books less. Newt and Min Ho were so much more interesting haha

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    1. August was for sure the cutest. I hear so little people talking about Our Dark Duet since it came out last year so I don’t think you are alone in that.


  6. De meeste van deze boeken heb ik (nog) niet gelezen maar in Sevro kan ik mezelf wel terugvinden. Hem vond ik echt een pluspunt aan dit boek. Nu vond ik Rood sowieso nog wel ok, maar na Gouden Zoon heb ik het opgegeven.

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    1. Ja Sevro was echt super. Ja ik heb het na Rood al opgegeven. Ik zag mij zelf niet nog graag het vervolg oppakken, al zegt Marcia dat het einde van het tweede boek het dan wel weer waard is.

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  7. Baz and Gabriel definitely were the highlights of those books, even if I did enjoy them overall. I only read the first Maze Runner but wasn’t a fan, but I really enjoy Newt and Min Ho in the movies as well! Hope to watch the last movie soon.

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  8. Oooh nice list! I agree wholeheartedly about Gabriel. Did you finish the series? I have many questions for you if you did. (Also, I am so glad that I am not the only one who had trouble with a few of these books/series- you have made me feel like much less of a black sheep hahha.) OH and if it helps, I finished The Maze Runner, but was so underwhelmed that I haven’t a clue what happened to anyone either, oops?

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