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TTT #134 – Books That Take Place Outside of USA and Europe

The prompt for today’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted over on That Artsy Reader Girl) is officially books that take place in another country. As a Dutch person almost ALL books I read take place in another country so that isn’t very prompting for me to make a list at all.

I tweaked the topic a little to go for books that take place outside of USA and Europe as those two parts of the country get enough focus as is in books. So it is nice to use this topic to share some other books. If you know of some other books that fit this bill and that you think I would like, please share them below!




    1. Where the Stars Rise (various Asian countries)
    2. The Blazing Star (Egypt)
    3. Ink and Bone (Egypt)
    4. XXXHolic (Japan)
    5. The Ring of Solomon (Jerusalem)
    6. Chainbreaker (India)
    7. Flame in the Mist (Japan)



  1. The Three-Body Problem (China)
  2. The City of Brass (Cairo)
  3. Akata Witch (Nigeria)

30 thoughts on “TTT #134 – Books That Take Place Outside of USA and Europe

    1. Well it is the newer cover so it is not THAT bad yet haha. But yes you should totally pick it up because I’ve heard only good things about it.


    1. Me too though I think it won’t be until the Fall that I will read it haha.
      Yes. They both start in the UK but move away from that quickly. πŸ˜€


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