Book Review – Herding Cats


Book: Herding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles 3) by Sarah Andersen
Release Date: March 27th 2018
Tags: Graphic Novel / One Page Comics / Humor / Adulting



Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.


Sarah valiantly struggles with waking up in the morning, being productive, and dealing with social situations. Sarah’s Scribbles is the comic strip that follows her life, finding humor in living as an adulting introvert that is at times weird, awkward, and embarrassing. 



Last year I got the first book by Sarah Andersen, and while I haven’t gotten the second one just yet, when I saw this on Netgalley I could not resist to get it. And I am glad I did. I’ve followed Sarah on Facebook from before even the first book was announced.

Herding Cats is yet another laugh out loud collection of one page comics that I have come to know and love from Sarah. They are great ones to grab of the shelf on a bad day and just read a few. They can really lighten your mood.

But next to being funny a lot of them are also very relatable. As the synopsis says, Sarah herself sees herself as an adulating introvert. That is what I am too. In that I find a lot of things in her that I feel similar or that I do too. In this case of course for the comics it is exaggerated with a wink but it is great to see someone else have these things. Like the one about shaving legs and showcasing it to your partner.


Having said that, there were also a few comics that were really actual and in ways confronting. There were some that clearly referenced towards the Trump presidency. Without being too political she did show how she felt about it. There is also one about a woman giving a talk and being interrupted with a completely irrelevant question that wouldn’t be asked of a man. Things like that. I also could appreciate her guide to young creatives. It can be hard these days to share something that you created for it only to get burned down by the hellfire that is the internet. She was realistic of this but also supportive in a way to still share your things.

This collection did not seem quite as cohesive or as close to the actual title as the first one did. With a title and cover like that I was expecting a lot more cats. All the cats. And there were cats. But not that many. However a few days after finishing I realized that the title could possibly also be taken metaphorically.

12 thoughts on “Book Review – Herding Cats

  1. Totally loved it too and yup That exactly how i felt after I read it. They are funny but also so current and relevant and relatable. I had to smile with your review because did find them confronting after the elections! . I also felt the same about this book not being as cohesive as the first one.

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  2. I went to Netgalley right after you gave me the heads up on this one, but nothing came up in the search. I follow her Facebook page, but, you know… I don’t get anything in my feed from her anymore. I will have to check that out. I am going to look at the library for her books. I am pretty sure they should have them. Great review from more than one angle of her wit. Thanks for sharing your thoughs. 🙌🙌🙌

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    1. Ah it sucks it didn’t pop up on NG and that it isn’t available on Kindle. I have to say that her comics don’t pop up often enough on fb for me anymore either. I think that is fb’s fault. ._.

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  3. Haar eerste boek heb ik hier in de kast staan en dat is inderdaad perfect om jezelf op te monteren op een minder leuke dag. Misschien moet ik binnenkort maar eens op zoek gaan naar haar andere boekjes.

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