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Book Haul #29 – An Oops I Did It Again Haul

While February already is the shortest month, it really should have been shorter for my wallet. I unfortunately had no stop. #sorrynotsorry

+ = Read

Untitled The Bone Witch (The Bone Witch 1) by Rin Chupeco
This is all La La in the Library’s fault. Just saying. Anyway I saw the hardcover cheaper and since La La has loved this one so much I figured I’d give it a chance. Also the cover is just the prettiest.


The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood 1) by Melissa Albert
This is also La La in the Libary’s fault! It is kind of the same except I decided to go for the paperback here. It is so nice and shiny.


Everless (Untitled 1) by Sara Holland
I won this book in the giveaway from Laurie’s Bookshelf. Thanks again!


Shadowsong (Wintersong 2) by S. Jae-Jones
I haven’t actually read Wintersong but the cover of Shadowsong is gorgeous and since I read Zwartraafje’s review on Wintersong I knew I wanted to read it this year. Might as well have the second one ready to read right after, right?

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Hart van Glas (GAIA 1) by Miranda Peters
The Blemished (The Blemished 1) by Sarah Dalton
On February 10th Dutch Venture Publishing held a book presentation for these two in the book store near me (Westerhof of course) and I got these two there. One of them is signed and the other I got a book plate with it. Sarah Dalton is English so she was there through a video chat.


Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed
The Extinction Trials (The Extinction Trials 1) by S.M. Wilson
For Valentine’s Day I got these two from the husband. I picked them out myself though. Love, Hate and Other Filters is obviously out of my comfort zone but since I’ve heard of it I’ve been strangely excited for it. I’m glad to have it. The Extinction Trails was sold on me because dino’s, okay.


The Epic Crush of Genie Lo (The Epic Crush of Genie Lo 1) by F.C. Yee +
I still had a gift card from Christmas from my parents. I couldn’t decide what I wanted because there were so many books coming out that were gettting such good reviews and yeah… I ended up deciding on using it on a book I already read and loved last year and that was Genie Lo. ❤


The Cruel Prince (Folk of the Air 1) by Holly Black
The day after I got better from the stomach flu we went into my local bookstore and they had this on the shelf and I did an ‘aaah’ and grabbed it so hubby knew that was sign enough to get it for me. What I’ve read of Holly Black so far I’ve liked so I’m hoping this is going to be another one.


Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor 1) by Mark Lawrence
This, this is all Jolien’s fault, just saying.


Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman +
Well you already knew I loved this but I had to have a physical copy! It is so pretty!

Tess of the Road is so massive compared to the rest, haha


feb haul ebooks.png

Herding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles 3) by Sarah Andersen +
White Sand volume 2 by Brandon Sanderson+
Fawkes by Nadine Brandes
The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One (Women Are Some Kind of Magic 2) by Amanda Lovelace +
The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer
The Hummingbird (The Order of the Bell 3) by Jacob Devlin
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card volume 1 by CLAMP +
All Netgalley. How did that happen?

feb ebook haul 2.png

The Ninth Rain (The Winnowing Flame trilogy 1) by Jen Williams
This was a freebie on kindle and since I have been enjoying the copper cat books and I’ve heard good things about this one I thought there was no shame in trying.
Fell Beasts and Fair. Edited by C.J. Brightley +
I was able to get an arc for this through author Intisar Khanani ❤

21 thoughts on “Book Haul #29 – An Oops I Did It Again Haul

  1. Look at that haul! It’s gorgeous. I’m actually sort of impressed by how the Everless cover looks in hardback and now I want it because it’s so pretty compared to what it looks like on the computer. I loved Shadowsong and The Cruel Prince, so I’ll be interested to see what you think of them. 😀 Pretty much most of these books are on my TBR, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the Everless one does look kind of nice though this is a hardback without dustcover as most Dutch editions are.

      I am so curious about those two, especially as i hear such conflicting things about them haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! This is quite the impressive haul. I haven’t read any of the books that you added but I do have the audiobook of Red Sister ready to go soon. I hope you enjoy all of these beauties!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh, it looks like you got so many good books! The Hazel Wood, Love, Hate and Other Filters, The Cruel Prince & Red Sister all sound amazing! I hope you enjoy all your new books!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ik was heel braaf in februari. Je herinnert je misschien nog wel de gecontroleerde bookhaul van die maand. Deze maand ben ik ‘ietsje’ minder braaf. Ik kocht een boek in Eindhoven, kreeg twee recensieboeken, ruilde een boek met Annelies, kocht twee boeken tijdens de Boekenweek (waaronder Shadowsong), mocht een besteld boek afhalen in de boekwinkel en kreeg een bestelling van TBD toegestuurd met zes boeken. Ik ben benieuwd op welk aantal ik aan het einde van de maand ga eindigen. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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