Book Review – Goblin Market – I Read Poetry!

Book: Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti
Release Date:  1862
Tags: Poetry / Fae / Goblins / Death / Life / Dreams / Classics / Collection
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars




Poetry. A form of literature that has existed a very long time. A form that I have never really tried and never really have given the chance. There is something about poetry that just has never appealed to me. Poetry was only briefly touched upon during Dutch literature from what I remember. I mean, it has been more than ten years. For so long to me it just seemed like some dreary, long winding, stuffy and ancient way to share your feelings. And secretly I also thought I would never get the meaning of it anyway. Man did I have to shove my prejudices to the side.

You might wonder what got me to pick up a piece of poetry. Last year I was able to read The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle for review and this story is inspired by Christina Rosetti’s Goblin Market. This sparked some curiosity in me. Obviously a poem titled Goblin Market cannot be so dreary or stuffy as I imagined poetry to be. When I saw Penguins Little Black Classic of the Goblin Market I decided to give it a go.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Goblin Market is a poem that tells the story of two sisters. One sister gets drawn into the goblin market. I could clearly see how The Goblins of Bellwater was inspired by this poem. Don’t think this is a short one either. The poem is a few pages long and really depicts a story and events that happen. It wasn’t abstract as I imagined it would be and I really enjoyed reading it.


The Little Black Classic of Goblin Market houses more than just Goblin Market though. It is a selection of Rossetti’s most famous poems in varying length. It was quite the experience to read. Another one that struck a cord with me was Dream Land that just felt very dreamy as well. While Queen of Hearts even got a small laugh out of me. I would love to see a story inspired by that particular poem.

Of course as this is a collection there were a few that didn’t quite work for me. Notably was An Old World Thicket which felt more like the poetry I was expecting and to boot was excruciating long.

Did I get everything? Probably not. Even so I quite enjoyed this foray into poetry and I wanted to share. I can see myself picking up this little black book a few times over the course of the next few years.

And maybe I have inspired you to give poetry a small chance as well.

9 thoughts on “Book Review – Goblin Market – I Read Poetry!

  1. I would read The Goblin Market, but probably not any of the others, ha ha. I lied when I said on Twitter that I don’t like poetry at all because I do love Lanston Hughes, but his poems read more like Jazz music lyrics and that is probably why. You were brave. 😉

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