Six Reasons Why I Loved the Seraphina Duology

With Tess of the Road coming out this month and it being set in the same world I thought it would be nice to do a point review as to why I liked the Seraphina duology so much when I binge read it three years ago. I am taking some things from my goodreads reviews from back then.


The World Building and Writing

What stands out to me about these books are the intricate culture that this society has. Religion, music, court, politics. I enjoyed that immensely though remembering all the names from things was a bit confusing at the start. It is good the back of the book has a glossary. This all starts in Seraphina but is carried over into Shadow Scale where we learn more about other countries and their customs.

The writing itself is intricate, detailed, lyrical but doesn’t shy away from the emotions. The plot is build up slowly in both the books but still manages to sweep you right up in it after a page or 50.


Seraphina took some getting into but once I did I really started liking her. She is a great character on her own, and despite her childhood where she was taught she shouldn’t stand out, impulsive and brave. She continues to grow into the role she got at the end of the first book. This almost leadership role

(Half) Dragons

Look you all know this point was coming. You have seen the covers. I love dragons. This duology has dragons and half dragons. Our main character is a half dragon and as such quite frowned upon. The dragons in these books can take on the form of humans and they have been living and have an alliance with the humans for four decades when Seraphina starts. There are still tensions going. The books focuses more on the half dragons of which there are more than one would automatically suspect.  It is interesting to see the part they have had in the word and the place that they get.


Relationship with  Orma

Next to Seraphina there was another character that stood out to me. Her uncle Orma, a full dragon but living as a human. His relationship with Seraphina is intricate. He clearly cares about her but struggles to understand her human emotions and conflict. Being a dragon he is pragmatic, suppose to be more detached from his niece than he is in reality. I loved seeing the little things in which he showed that he cared or how clumsy he is as a human.


While events take Seraphina from Goredd she meets Abdu in Shadow Scale. Oh my heart. Abdu is one of the most precious little ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. His growing relationship with Seraphina and some of the other half dragons is great and hart warming.


Love Triangle

Now you might be confused as to see me mention this here. But this duology does have a love triangle of sorts.  I will not go into it but the reason I mention it here is because of the ending to it that  I had not seen done before yet and that I loved. It was very realistic for the time frame and world.

Series: Seraphina duology by Rachel Hartman
Books: Seraphina (4,5 stars)
Shadow Scale (5 stars)
Tags: Fantasy / Young Adult / High Fantasy / Dragons / Half Dragons / Humanoid Dragons


13 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why I Loved the Seraphina Duology

  1. When the ARC of Shadow Scale was being offered on Netgalley they were also offering a review copy of Serphina, so between those gorgeous covers and so many of the bloggers I was following at that time raving about Serafina, I scooped them up. But… between the writing being so dense and needing to have solid blocks of quiet sit down time, and the fact that (as you know) humanoid dragons are not my thing, I set Serafina aside. I did like the writing though, and am still determined to read at least the first two books, enough so that I bought them as ebooks when they were on sale. 😇

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