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IBWM #1 – Local Publishers

At the end of last year there was a lot to do about international book blogger and bookworms. With Goodreads giveaways becoming US only and Netgalley turning on the wish only feature a lot more, there was a lot of discussion. Let us be real, the book blogging world does revolve a lot around the US releases.

Ayla from Books & Babbles has created the International Bookworms Meme, a meme for the international bookish people to play around with. It is every two weeks on the Saturday and you can find a list of prompts here. I missed the first one but I am here for the second prompt this month. It will depend on the prompts if I will post along every two weeks (and my blogging schedule can be fairly full). But I will try at least once a month.


Today the prompt for us is (favorite) local publishers. In the Netherlands we have a lot of big publishers who publish mystery, thriller, contemporary, some fantasy and so on. While a portion of that is by Dutch authors, another portion (especially in the young adult and fantasy section) are translated works.

Translations are always a little tricky. It has to be translated in the spirit of the book. Some jokes might not translate that well to Dutch. Added to that is if a series doesn’t sell they stop translating and there is a unfinished series. I will let you know that this initially happened to The Lunar Chronicles when they were first brought to the Dutch market.

While I am a fantasy lover I am not quite as drawn to the adult fantasy publishing sector of the Dutch publishers. Adult fantasy has big and thick books and are unfortunately very expensive. For that reason I tend to be more drawn to those that publish young adult.

I picked out a few pubishers to focus on. I wouldn’t nessecarily say any of these are a specifically a favorite as I care more about the books, but they do deserve some attention.

Blossom Books


Books they have published that you will recognize
The Lunar Chronicles / Six of Crows duology / The Grisha / The Sleeper and the Spindle / Unplugged / Furthermore / The 100 / The Last Namsara

Blossom Books initially was the YA imprint of a larger publisher but last year they were able to become a publisher on their own. While their focus is young adult they do also publish different kind of things like Neil Gaiman’s illustrated novel The Sleeper and the Spindle, The Nutcraker and various lifestyle books like most recently about structure.

One of the reasons why I have taken quite such a liking to this publisher is their social media presence. They are very active on instagram and twitter and a lot of their personality shines through. Their excitement and the love for the books they translate and publish. That is so important.

They also dared to take on The Lunar Chronicles last year where they took over the rights of the translation from another publisher and published the entire series in a few months in Dutch.

Best of YA Books


Books they have published that you will recognize
The Heroes of Olympus / Warcross / The Summoner / Divergent / Gone / Twilight / The Hunger Games

Best of YA is an imprint of a larger publisher and focuses on young adult as their name suggests. As you can see from the above mentioned books is that they have some of the bigger authors that they translate.

Dutch Venture Publishing


Authors you might recognize
Vannessa Gerrits / Jen Minkman / Colleen Cross / Debora Elisabeth

While a lot of the book DVP publishes aren’t entirely my cup of tea (paranormal romance) I did want to mention them in here. This smaller publisher was set up by Jen Minkman and focuses on the smaller authors, with a slightly more focus on Dutch authors. I think Jen Minkman is a great advocate for the smaller Dutch (fantasy/paranormal romance) authors.

Young & Awesome

young and awesome

Books they have published you might recognize
Library Kiss / The Glittering Court / The Diabolic / Titans / The Jewel

Young & Awesome is an imprint of a larger publisher. One of the things with which they stand out is that when you buy the physical book you can download the ebook for free. Since ebooks in the Netherlands, and especially newer ones, usually cost about 10 euro that is a great extra they offer.

15 thoughts on “IBWM #1 – Local Publishers

  1. What a great idea! I love hearing about the book industry in other countries. You know, I never realized that the Wish For Its on Netgalley were for US only. Blerg. Honestly I don’t know why Netgalley didn’t make the UK site for all of Europe.

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    1. I think the uk site isn’t for all of europe because publishers from other countries probably won’t go on it and uk publishers often can’t approve us either. I did a bunch of wish for it clicking to see how many I’d get. Well I got two haha. Nothing this year yet. And the few that are request I still get declined on 50% of the time. Oh well.

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  2. It’s a great idea but the local publishers in my country focus on local writers and so no books translated from English. They have excellent production but on a tiny and specific market. We do have the big French publishing houses then.

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  3. !!! I didn’t realize this meme existed! How cool! I’m so glad to see international book blogger rallying together after all the heartwrenching changes in GR and NetGalley at the end of 2018. It makes me so sad. But this is why I love the book blogger community! I cannot wait to see how these posts grow. I hope you’ll keep participating in them as your schedule allows. I cannot wait to learn more. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. It was more that I was having a block on writing what I had in my head (and it being perceived as wrong or weird) than the actual prompt. I’ve fixed that with myself now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. In Belgiรซ zijn er – bij mijn weten alleszins – minder uitgeverijen die boeken uitgeven die me ook echt aanspreken. De boeken van Nederlandse uitgeverijen worden uiteraard ook bij ons verspreid via bedrijven of uitgeverij-groepen maar dat is natuurlijk niet hetzelfde. Ik zou echt al research moeten doen denk ik mocht ik zo’n lijstje willen samenstellen.

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