My Rekindled Love of the Library and the Library Love Challenge

When I was a lot younger, gosh 30 really feels old now, I would visit the library with my mom at least every two to three weeks. My mom was a big reader at the time and would take huge stacks of library books back with her. I was the same. And over time I had read everything that caught my interest in the children’s section (this included the 12+ section which would now be the young adult section) at least a few times. Living in a small town had its downsides. There just wasn’t that much available.

Fast forward to a few years ago where I had just moved here and where I decided not to take a library card again (the library is not free in the Netherlands). My expectations of the library here was that they did not have that much to offer me as I read mostly English and fantasy. I ended up buying mostly books and we all know how that ended up. A huge stack of unread books…

Last November I decided toΒ  take on a library card again though.

Merijn Loves the Library

Picture book section

One of the reasons for that was of course Merijn. I have shared before how through book start he got a library card. Up to the age of 18 he can use the library for free. Initially I did not go with him as I had a big stack of books from gifts at his birth. But as time passed on and his interest in books started growing, I decided to take him to the library and take out a few books every few weeks.

Merijn is very excited when we go to the library. When I take him out of the baby carriage he runs to all the picture books and doesn’t know which ones to pull from the shelves first in his excitement. It is endearing and exhausting at the same time. But this did trigger in me the want to share that with him. To make it an experience where the the both of us go to the library and take books with us. Like the memories I have of going to the library with my mom.

More Dutch and Less Book Buying

Some Young Adult

Another reason as to why I decided to get another library card is that I have been reading more in Dutch. Dutch authors and translated books. Unfortunately Dutch books do tend to be a bit more pricey than an English paperback.

Through the library I can still read these books in Dutch without having to pay the maximum price for them. It is a great way to also see what I like from Dutch authors or even those translated books where I am not sure if I will like them or not. If I buy them I have to rehome them if I don’t like them, but with the library I can just return them and be done with it.

And lastly I do really want to work on buying less books. I am really hoping that the library will help me with this itch that I sometimes have where I feel the need to buy a book. Maybe now I can go to the library instead. I already did this on January the second where I just wanted to sniff books and pick up a new book not already on my own shelves.

Nothing Unread

The English Section

I’ve been using the library for a good 3 months now and it certainly has rekindled my love. One of the things I love is how I can just search the catalogue of my own library and see what books they have. I can reserve a book or even request it from another nearby library. I can lengthen my borrow time online as well.

I have yet to return a book unread. The reason for that is that I do not take books out I don’t expect I’ll be able to read almost right away. And I made the pact with myself to never take out more than 3 books at a time. Because you know what, they are still going to be there the next time. And otherwise I can reserve the book.

The fantasy section isn’t huge but does house some backlist books I’ve been meaning to get to, like the Tad Williams books. There is a decent Young Adult section and a very tiny English section.

Books I’ve Borrowed So Far

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse // The Copper Promise // The Iron Ghost // The Casual Vacancy // The Dragonbone Chair // 1984 // The Cuckoo’s Calling // Animal Farm // The Silkworm

Library Love Challenge


And now onto the reason why I even started writing this post to begin with. As I was reading other people’s goals I came across the Library Love Challenge, hosted by Angela from Angel’s Guilty Pleasaure and Brooke from Brooke Blogs . This challenge is there to promote the love of the library byΒ  reading books from it.

The main goal is to read a minimum of 12 books from the library. But there are other levels for those that can and want to read more from the library. Personally I am going for Dewey Decimal which is a minimum of 12 books, the lowest level. I thought of going for the next level, minimum of 24 books but I don’t want to pressure myself too much. And I also need to read a lot of my own books.

Do you often go to your library?

24 thoughts on “My Rekindled Love of the Library and the Library Love Challenge

  1. Aw this is awesome and I’m so jealous! Our local libraries literally only have non-fiction/academic/historical books. 😦 Maybe there are a few fiction books in our local language, but I find those hard to read and/or are too deep for me. Really happy for you that you’re back to reading from the library! ❀

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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  2. No they’ve got one (1!) bookcase with English books and there’s nothing recent so no I’m not a member.. I have a feeling we’re so behind here.. In all the other countries you can lend an ecopy by logging in on Overdrive or other sites and downloading it on your device. Here they give you the actual ereader with 10 books in one genre on it and I don’t even know when they change the books on it. I used to go to the library when I was young though, lots of children’s books..

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  3. I don’t know what I would do without my library. I can still use my online library from back home, but I miss the physical library. I haven’t gotten a card here yet because having to pay for a library card goes against my beliefs as an American. πŸ˜‚

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    1. I was wondering about that! It is great you can still use the online library. Haha yea I can imagine that. How much would you have to pay for the german library. I pay 40+ euro or so for a year.


  4. Cool challenge! Our libraries are free, but they did charge Baz $5 for upgrading his Because he couldn’t find the old one. πŸ˜›

    I am hoping that the online ebooks and audiobooks will help me save money, too, because even $1.99 ebook specials add up. πŸ“š

    I never regretted the time spent taking Baz to the library. I also wanted him to have those great memories like I had. It is wonderful that you and Merijn are going. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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  5. Aw this is great! I love that Merijn enjoys the library & looking at books so much πŸ™‚ Hopefully something he will one day remember fondly πŸ˜‰

    I used to go to the library in Germany very often, when I was a teenager. Just because I didn’t have much money and it was a really pretty place with a cafe and lots of fantasy books. I remember getting most Pratchetts from the library.

    I stopped going after I earned money and have never been back. A shame, really. Especially since the local library is not far away now. I want to check it out one day.

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    1. Oh that sounds like a great library in Germany! There is a cafe in ours too now but the fantasy is a bit lacking to be honest haha.

      Maybe once you go once you never want to leave again. πŸ˜‰

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  6. I often go now and for the same reason as you!
    French books are more expensive than english books, and even the one I want to read end up being “meh” sometimes so I’d rather borrow them than buy them, except when I know I’ll love them! Plus I can read the english translation when they’re available (but those translation are often bad so….)
    Libraries are so good! I just wish we could have more english books haha

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      1. Yes English ebooks would be the best solution! There are some English books in mine (I know how rare it is in France!) but mostly bestsellers and classics, not a lot that I’m interested in or have read already πŸ˜…
        Hoping it’ll get better in the future!


  7. Oh libraries are so great!! Although I totally relate to the sadness of a small library with limited selection. I used to have a great library before I moved, and now the library is, legit, probably 1 shelf of YA. 😭😭I searched what they had on the computers and I’d basically read it all so I haven’t even bothered getting a card! But I still use overdrive libraries which is amazing 😍 and the actual feel of going into a library is ajfkdslad the BEST. I’m glad Merjin loves them too!! I used to take my preschooling nephew/nieces in and they always adored picking out books!!

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    1. It sucks about the small library but it is great that you can access the overdrive library. I don’t think we have something like that here. It is all on the library card, the ebooks too.

      It is great. Merijn can’t really pick books out yet (or he can just not something that he can keep his attention to story wise haha). But I can’t wait until he can really choose and look. Now he is just a tornado wanting to grab all the books and runt through the library haha.


  8. Oh, ik heb echt zo’n fijne herinneringen aan de bibliotheek. Mijn ouders zijn allebei geen grote lezers maar mijn vake nam ons wel elke zaterdag mee naar de bibliotheek zodat we nieuw leesvoer konden uitkiezen. Het lijkt me echt heerlijk om dat met je eigen kind te kunnen ervaren. Eigenlijk ben ik heel lang naar de bibliotheek blijven gaan ook al groeide mijn eigen collectie beetje bij beetje uit tot een mini-bieb. De laatste 3-4 jaren lijkt het echter stil gevallen te zijn. Momenteel is een bezoekje aan de bib echt een uitzondering voor me en dat komt doordat ik nog zoveel eigen boeken heb die ik gelezen wil krijgen. Ik hou echter wel een lijstje bij met boeken die ik later eens wil gaan lenen en ik weet nu al dat ik bij mijn eerstvolgende bezoekje sowieso weer vanalles ga zien dat ik ga zal willen lezen. Al een geluk dat jullie tot je 18de verjaardag wel gratis naar de bibliotheek mogen gaan. Hier is het lidgeld heel laag en in sommige provincies zelfs gratis maar ik weet ondertussen dat dat bij jullie anders is.

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    1. Oh wat fijn dat je vake je wel lekker meenam naar de bieb.
      Ja ik had in eerste instantie dus ook zoiets van beter van niet want mijn eigen boeken maar het bevalt me ook wel prima. Alleen jammer dat ik in januari dus alweer 6 bieb boeken las haha. Dat hadden ook eigen boeken kunnen zijn en dan zou mijn tbr zijn gezakt, maar ja.

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